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Jun 30, 18

This Is America #15: DHS Retakes ICE, RCA on Patriot Prayer

Welcome, to This Is America, June 29th, 2018.

#OccupyICE Hit By the State, But Still Strong

In Portland, DHS agents aided by Portland police gained access again to their facility yesterday morning, made several arrests, removed a group of veterans that were blocking an exit, and standoffs commenced between occupiers and and heavily armed DHS agents. Despite agents now having access to the building, the occupation continues and grows stronger.

  • In Tacoma, “camp was taken down last night, without incident by protesters…Solidarity noise rallies will continue at 9am and 9pm until Sunday July 1st, at which point there is already a scheduled protest taking place in front of the jail.” Be sure to check out @Occupy_NWDC.

In LA, the occupation continues with events and workshops happening daily.

In New York, the occupation happening in Foley Square is growing. One poster on Twitter wrote: “We are currently and officially set up in FOLEY SQUARE to assist immigrants with any medical, food, and legal needs and questions they might have and to give them our full support. We are open 24 hours. Join us!”

In the working-class neighborhood of Pilsen in Chicago, an anti-ICE demonstration took place. In New York, an anti-ICE demonstration was organized.

Anti-ICE rallies this weekend are planned across the country. If there’s not a group to link up with around you, here are some materials you could pass out:

Against the Concentration Camp And Its World

Against Trump’s Dreams of Race War

Deport the Politicians

Designed to Kill

Good luck! Be sure to send IGD action reports and tag us on social media. We’re now going to play our interview with someone from #Occupy ICE PDX about the recent police action in Portland.

Kessler Falters As New Unicorn Riot ‘Unite the Right’ Log Drop, Meanwhile Joey Gibson’s Big Tent Circus Continues

Neo-Nazi organizer Jason Kessler didn’t have a good week – despite winning a whole $5 in a lawsuit in Charlottesville where he claimed that someone called him a mean name and hurt his feelings. First the media collective Unicorn Riot released a series of Facebook chat logs between himself and a host of other neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Then, a video went viral of Kessler’s father screaming at him during an Alt-Right podcast. As Think Progress wrote:

More than anything, they show Kessler’s anxieties about rally attendance, his lack of popularity with other fringe racist group, the dwindling size of his own online platform, and his waning influence in far-right media.

But moreover, the logs also show Kessler looking to improve his image by inviting token people of color or even Jews to speak at his rallies, in order to help white wash the very real fascist politics behind him and his associates. Not surprisingly, Kessler points to the format used by Patriot Prayer, which relies heavily around “Free Speech” rhetoric and uses token people of color to distract from the much larger appearance of white nationalist and Alt-Right figures.

Not to be out done, several days ago while Kessler was livestreaming with neo-Nazi California electoral failure, Patrick Little, Kessler’s father came into the room – yelling and interrupting his show, clearly angry at his son’s politics. While Kessler attempted to take the video down, too many people have already re-shared it and placed it up for the world to see.

Speaking of Patriot Prayer, this Saturday will see a large showdown between Joey Gibson and his Proud Boys and locals looking to keep such bigotry out of the city. In this episode, we caught up with someone from Rose City Antifa, who gave us a rundown on what what should expect from Gibson and why we should come out and support resistance to him.

Living and Fighting

  • Members of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) organized and carried out a teach in via skype in Greece, on the upcoming national prison strike starting on August 21st.

  • Flyers in the neighborhood lived in by Proud Boy Russel Schultz were put up, informing neighbors of his connection violent far-Right and Alt-Right groups.

  • Active rent strikes continue in Hamilton, Ontario, where renters are carrying out a phone-zap campaign. Other rent strikes are happening in the DC area and across Los Angeles.

  • Banners dropped in Athens, Ohio.

  • In Florida, banners were dropped against ICE.

  • In Chicago, flyers from the neo-Nazi groups Identity Evropa were torn down and destroyed.

  • In New York, there was a anarchist organized solidarity rally with Anna Chambers, a young woman who was rapped by the police and is currently fighting them in court.

  • Lastly, judges have ruled to allow the Line 3 pipeline to continue. As Unicorn Riot reported:

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has given an official stamp of approval to Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement oil pipeline despite massive public opposition. The PUC today granted Enbridge the “certificate of need” which is required before beginning pipeline construction in the state of Minnesota (construction is already near complete in Wisconsin). The certificate of need, however, does not indicate the final route the pipeline will be permitted to take.

Until next time! Have an amazing and eventful weekend!

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