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Feb 3, 22

This Is America #159: Building Tenant Power in the PNW and Prisoner Hunger Strikes in the Bay Area

Welcome, to This Is America, February 2nd, 2022.

On this episode, first we speak with two organizers from the Puget Sound Tenant’s Union. We talk about how the group formed, organizing around issues of mold and against slumlords, and how a fight in one building over repairs, spread quickly into another one.

We then speak with Brooke from Oakland Liberation and Solidarity about the recent hunger strike at the Santa Rita jail in Dublin, California, the potential power of hunger strikes, and how they do (or don’t) show collective prisoner power.

We then turn towards our discussion, where we are joined by a special guest, @butchanarchy, who runs a Twitter account presenting anarchist perspectives and theory to a mass audience. We talk about recent polls that show mass dissatisfaction with both political parties, how Biden has built upon his legacy of mass incarceration and neoliberalism, what this means for the midterms, and what anarchists should do in this rapidly shifting political terrain.

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