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Oct 31, 22

This Is America #176: Omni Commons Fights to Survive in the Bay Area; Report from ICE Watch NYC

Welcome, to This Is America, October 31st, 2022.

On this episode, first we speak with two organizers involved in the long-running autonomous space the Omni Commons in Oakland. Growing out of Occupy Oakland about ten years ago, the Omni has grown into a large-scale community mutual aid hub and organizing space in Oakland, California. Sadly however, the space is threatened by foreclosure at the end of the year, and needs help to raise money to hold onto the space. Go here to donate and support.

We then speak with an organizer from ICE Watch NYC about how mutual aid and abolitionist groups are responding to migrants being bused into New York City.

We then switch to our discussion, were we cover a new study that found that many police killings are not being reported, the recent crisis that rocked the LA City Council following the leak of racist remarks, and much more. On this episode, we are also once again joined by Marcela who you can support here.

photo: @protest_nyc

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