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Aug 14, 18

This Is America #25: Setting the Record Straight on Cville

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Welcome, to This Is America, August 14th, 2018.

In today’s episode, we’re going to tackle the headlines, look at struggles popping off across North America, and we’re also going to speak to someone that was on the streets of Charlottesville on Saturday. This will prove to be an important interview, as since the massive turnout against Unite the Right on Sunday, the Centrist press has been in an uproar predictably against antifascists, claiming that they mindlessly attacked journalists and the police.

But first, let’s get to the news.

Trump That Regime

Ex-aide to the President who was in charge of “outreach” to the African-American community Omarosa, has released a new tell all book in which she claims that there is a tape recording of Trump saying the “n-word,” and produced a different tape in which various campaign officials in 2016 discuss how to “spin” the tape if it eventually comes to light.

The Turkish economy has fallen by another 10 percent, as other markets in Europe, Asia, and the US dipped for fear of being “contaminated” by Turkey. As one report wrote, the lira currency:

…has lost 45 percent of its value over the course of this year, driving up the cost of imports and feeding an inflation rate that has topped 15 percent, steadily eroding the living standards of the Turkish working class.

According to Think Progress, ICE agents have begun setting up ‘fake’ meetings with migrants in order to entrap them. Meanwhile, top aide Stephen Miller, who attended university alongside Richard Spencer where the two organized events for a variety of far-Right figures on campus, is currently pushing even more immigration “reforms.” A long with two Senators, Miller is attempt to slash the number of immigrants allowed into the country from 1,00,000 to 500,000 in the next ten years.


“[B]ased on a recent draft seen last week and described to NBC News, immigrants living legally in the U.S. who have ever used or whose household members have ever used Obamacare, children’s health insurance, food stamps and other benefits could be hindered from obtaining legal status in the U.S.”

Meanwhile, Unicorn Riot, has released another collection of leaked Discord logs, this one featuring a server that was formed post-Unite the Right. In other Alt-Right news, Richard Spencer has moved out of Alexandria in Virginia, and presumably moved back in with his parents.

Bayou Bridge Pipeline Protests Escalate

In Louisiana, Water Protectors on the front lines fighting the Bayou Bridge pipeline are in need of support. Recently, two people have been arrested and now face felonies under a newly passed bill designed to protect the pipeline industry from protest, and which went into effect August 1st. It makes it a felony just to “trespass” in areas where pipelines are under construction.


#EnergyTransferPartners’ propaganda machine is pumping out endless fake and distracting information about the #NoBayouBridge resistance – including L’eau Est La Vie Camp.

Local South Louisiana community members are pushing back by posting these “Fact Vs Fiction” flyers across the Atchafalaya Basin in hopes to counter some of this false narrative.

Updates from the front, please share!Overview of camp life, intimidation, legal issues, and ways you can support the struggle. Account of recent arrests that resulted in the first charges under Act 692 – a new anti-protest law that went into effect August 1. #NoBayouBridge #WaterIsLife#StopETP#ProtectWhatYouLove

L'eau Est La Vie Camp 发布于 2018年8月13日周一


Mass demonstrations took place in Charlottesville and in Washington DC to mark the one year anniversary of Unite the Right. In Charlottesville, people rallied at the spot where Heather Heyer was murdered and many more were injured, and later a radical student group held a demonstration on campus at the site of the tiki march, before marching across town. See our guest interview later in the program for more info. The next morning, a large crowd gathered at 9 AM, and then marched to listen to several speakers, including Heyer’s mother; there were several arrests.

Meanwhile in Washington DC, over three thousand people converged against what ended up being only around 30 or so Alt-Right supporters, in a variety of rallies and marches that saw a large black bloc.



Living and Fighting

  • In Sacramento, graffiti was written in remembrance of Nia Wilson.

  • Across the country, people are taking action to build towards the #PrisonStrike set to kick off on #August21. People are dropping banners, writing graffiti, and putting up stickers. Many groups, such as RAM, are also sending in massive amounts of letters into prisons to spread the word.

  • The #OccupyICE camp in San Antonio is back! Check their Twitter for more updates.
  • In Sacramento, people held a noise demonstration outside of the hotel of Kristjen Neilsen of DHS.

  • Southern California residents traveled to the bay area to keep the heat on their landlords they are on rent strike against. They were joined by local residents who demonstrated alongside them.

  • Also in southern California, the SGV Mutual Aid Society held a large teach-in on what is capitalism and building autonomous resistance to it.

  • In Ferguson, people marked the four year anniversary of the murder of Mike Brown, Jr.

  • The Hamilton rent strike continues, with rent strikers continuing to organize pickets and demonstrations.

  • In Toronto, a recent antifascist mobilization was a great success, with antifascists and antiracists reclaiming a public square from fascists who had planned a rally.

  • In Chicago the Autonomous Tenants Union held a block party.

  • Earth and animal liberation prisoner Joseph Dibee was arrested after 12 years of being on the run, handed over by the Cuban authorities to the US. For more info on the arrest, see the Earth First! Journal. Dibee is accused of taking part in Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and Animal Liberation Front (ALF) actions over 10 years ago that injured no one, but attacked corporate and government property, namely buildings that were used in slaughtering wild horses. Dibee is being painted as an “eco-terrorist,” to which the Civil Liberties Defense Center wrote:

“As usual, the State is using terrorism rhetoric to attempt to bias the judicial process against individuals accused of property damage crimes that were not intended and did not cause harm to any humans or animals. The fact that the government is attempting to inflame hate and ignorance about the fact that this former American animal rights activist is of middle eastern background is appalling and racist.”

  • Lastly, the Black Rose Anarchist Federation recently held a gathering in LA, which was well attended.

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