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Jun 1, 18

This is America #3: #J20 Trial, PNW Antifa Events, Repression Wave

On today’s show we are joined by two guests, the first is Dylan, one of the J20 defendants who yesterday had their charges dropped. Despite not even being at the J20 protests, Dylan was charged with conspiracy based largely on the State’s use of far-Right media such as Project Veritas. However, after it came to light that the State lied and hid evidence from the defense, this caused much of their case to call apart and led to several people getting their charges completely dismissed. Currently it remains uncertain the future of the case – and if there even is one, but more updates are expected soon.

Our next guest is an anonymous antifascist in the Pacific Northwest who discusses two upcoming mobilizations against “Patriot Prayer,” a big tent far-Right group which includes open white nationalists, neo-Nazis, Proud Boys, and members of the Alt-Right. The group is planning to rally on Sunday, June 3rd in Portland, and then outside of a Planned Parenthood on June 9th in Kent, Washington to call for its defunding.

But first, here are some repression and resistance updates.

The Frontlines Are Everywhere:

  • People in Vancouver are promising to keep fighting the Kinder Morgan pipeline despite it being now nationalized and bought by the government. At a demonstration this week one Native leader stated: “This concerns a lot of people so we are absolutely going to ramp up our demonstrations and our movement.”
  • FBI visits continue in Michigan. The Michigan Anti-Repression Committee details a third and possible fourth visit by the FBI. The third visit surrounded a member of Redneck Revolt, with FBI agents conducting a series of visits before calling the individual on their cell phone. FBI agents stated they wanted to talk about messages posted on Facebook that were months old. All people approached by the FBI have refused to cooperate and referred the FBI to lawyers, such as in the National Lawyers Guild. If you, or your family, roommates, and friends are approached by the FBI remember: they are attempted to find nuts that they can crack; people that will talk to them and give them information that they can base investigations on. Do not talk to the FBI, only refer them to an attorney or the National Lawyer’s Guild.
  • In Hamilton, Ontario today, police announced at a press conference that they had identified 7 suspects but were looking for 23 more, in relation to an anti-gentrification march that took place in March in which windows were broken. Police today stated 3 people had been arrested and three more had warrants. At the press conference today, police shared photos of individuals they sought to arrest.
  • Unicorn Riot writes: “Micheal “Little Feather” Giron was sentenced by Chief Judge Daniel Hovland to thirty six months for Civil Disorder charges stemming from the October 27th, 2016 defense of the Oceti Sakowin treaty camp during the #NoDAPL movement.”…According to the Water Protector Legal Collective website, “as of May 2 2018, there have been 835 state criminal cases connected to the #NoDAPL movement, of those: 328 have been dismissed, 24 acquitted at trial, 115 received a pretrial diversion, 127 have reached plea agreement and 16 have been convicted at trial.”
  • Anti-gentrification actions and struggles continue in the Bay Area of California. Currently, the ‘One Fam’ building in West Oakland, a collection of radical and Black liberation spaces, is fighting their eviction. Anti-authoritarian POC owned and worker controlled coffee shop Hasta Muerte is attempting to buy the building in the face of their landlord trying to evict them. And in San Francisco, another round of Google bus blockades led to at least one bus being vandalized with spray painted slogans.

  • Protests continue at Waffle House to demand justice for Chikesia Clemons, who was brutalized by police while in the restaurant. On June 15th, people are calling for a march on Waffle House’s headquarters.
  • The wildcat strike wave is spreadingL, as workers across 5 states are participating in a strike that was not called for by the union. One Detriot based news website wrote: “AT&T workers in Michigan joined thousands of employees across five states participating in an unfair labor practice strike, according to officials with the CWA Communications labor union. The strike is member-driven, not called for by the union, officials said. Workers in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin joined the strike.”

  • In Chicago: “powerful young folks and supporters of just disrupted Rahm’s Iftar to reject policing, militarization, and occupation!”

  • Tenants at the West-lake District of Los Angles remain on rent strike, as do tenants in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Another former Daily Caller (publication of Tucker Carlson) author has been found to be a neo-Nazi. As the SPLC wrote, “David Hilton, contributed over 20 articles to the website between August 2016 and April 2017…[W]ritings for The Daily Caller focused on antifa, George Soros, “identity politics” and “cultural Marxism.” Elsewhere on the internet, Hilton published anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi images and articles. This is only the latest in a string of Alt-Right figures to be tied to Carlson of Fox News’ website. Back in May of last year, the Daily Caller was forced to fire a young white nationalists for attended a white power rally he was reporting on in Charlotteville: his name was Jason Kessler, and he would go on to organize Unite the Right.
  • Speaking of Kessler, he has recently released the URL for a Unite the Right #2 website, “,” where he is encouraging people to come to Charlottesville August 11th and 12th. Just a reminder that there is already a call by locals to mobilize against the neo-Nazis.
  • In Houston, Texas, people wrote graffiti messages remembering Heather Heyer, as well as

  • In Portland, members of Demand Utopia and the North American Kurdish Alliance dropped some bad ass banners together in solidarity with Rojava.

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