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Nov 17, 18

This Is America #41: “If They Go Underground, We’ll Get Shovels,” Discussion on ‘Civility’

Welcome, to This Is America, November 17th, 2018.

In this discussion episode of TIA, we are joined with Daryl Lamont Jenkins once again from One People’s Project. In our talk with Daryle we discuss the free fall of the Alt-Right, as it deals with the fall out of mass shootings, internal denunciations, court cases, and rising public sentiment against it. At the same time, we talk about the mainstreaming of white nationalist talking points and the entrance and acceptance of far-Right groups by the GOP in various instances. Daryle argues that: “If they go underground, we’ll get shovels,” and speaks on the importance of the upcoming mobilizations in Portland and Philadelphia happening this weekend.

We then speak at length with Tom Nomad, largely on the Centrist concept of “civility,” analyzing it both from the standpoint of how it hides the very real social war of the State’s violence, but also as a means in which to critique liberal “activism.” We also dive into the various links between Tucker Carlson and white nationalists, as well as a talk on what pundits like Carlson represent in wider society. We end by talking about some of the articles brought up in the last TIA, including various pieces on climate change, automation, and the growth of AI, as well as their possible impacts on the working-class and the living planet.

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