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Jun 6, 18

This Is America #5: Chinga La Migra, ‘Patriots’ in the Desert

Welcome to This Is America, June 6th, 2018.

Chinga La Migra Tour Kicks Off

In the face the ramping up of both repression, raids across the US, (such as the recent mass raid that rounded up over 100 people at two Ohio garden nurseries), and racist rhetoric dehumanizing so-called migrant working-class people, Northwest Detention Center Resistance has launched the #ChingaLaMigra tour, which calls to abolish ICE within the United States. The tour kicked off Monday with a noise demonstration outside of the detention facility in Tacoma, Washington, the site of numerous hunger strikes and ongoing demonstrations.

Chinga La Migra tour is kicking off tonight at the Northwest Detention Center! Bring your whistles, jaranas, y cazuelas pa decirles #ChingaLaMigra! #FuckICE

La Resistencia 发布于 2018年6月4日周一

The next day in Seattle, people blocked streets and locked down “outside of 1000 2nd Avenue in downtown Seattle, Washington, calling attention to the building’s role as Washington State’s deportation epicenter.”

Dia 2 de la Chinga La Migra tour! We're here downtown at the ICE building on 2nd ave. Join us and say, #FuckICE!

La Resistencia 发布于 2018年6月5日周二

Northwest Detention Center Resistance wrote of the first two days of the #ChingaLaMigra tour:

This morning’s shutdown action follows last night’s sundown noise and light demonstration at the now infamous Northwest Detention Center that drew attention to the unrelenting struggle against detention in Washington state under the leadership of those detained. With over a dozen hunger strikes in the past three years and increasing retaliation by ICE and GEO Group (who jointly run the facility) against people detained, the resistance has nevertheless continued. Washington State is only the first stop in the national Chinga la Migra tour, which heads from here to Chicago, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Mora-Villalpando concluded, “More than ever, it’s important for us to stand against an agency that has become Trump’s police force. Until this detention center shuts down, until deportations end, and until ICE is abolished, our work will continue.”

Trump that Regime

A new report from the UN confirms what most of us already know, that poverty under Trump is deepening as safety nets, health care, and meager benefit programs are eroded and taxes on the wealthy are slashed. As one article on the report stated:

Almost 41 million people live in poverty, 18.5 million of them in extreme poverty, and children account for one in three poor, he said. The United States has the highest youth poverty rate among industrialized countries.

Several stories from The Intercept deserve wide attention. The first details how:

Over the past month, federal courthouses along the US-Mexico border have become the sites of daily mass trials of immigrants charged with the crime of “illegal entry.” These trials are a direct consequence of the new “zero tolerance” policy. What this has meant is that even parents who make the dangerous border crossing in order to escape violence, and so to protect their children, are treated as “smugglers.” The mass trials of the detainees have become yet another step in the policy of criminalizing migrants regardless of whether or not they are seeking asylum, while continuing the vicious federal policy of tearing apart migrant families.

In Puerto Rico, in the wake of student protests over tuition increases last year:

Students received citations ordering them to appear in court. When they did, they were handcuffed and paraded before TV cameras in the middle of the night, then booked and, finally, released on bail.

The looming trials are a sign of Puerto Rico’s growing criminalization of dissent — a message that was reinforced by the violent police response to May Day. “I think it’s a prelude,” Gabriel Díaz Rivera, one of the students facing prosecution, told The Intercept. “It doesn’t matter for them if, at the end of the road, all the charges are dropped. The important thing for them is to create the chilling effect.”

Lastly, after Chelsea Manning posted two now deleted tweets that seemed to imply suicidal thoughts, police showed up at her home and knocked on her door:

When no one respond[ed], the officer pops the lock, and three officers enter the home with their guns drawn, while a fourth points a Taser. The Intercept is publishing this video with Manning’s permission.

“This is what a police state looks like,” Manning said. “Guns drawn during a ‘wellness’ check.”

Patrick Little, a neo-Nazi that attended Unite the Right in Charlottesville, has lost the Republican primary for Senate in California. Meanwhile, Republicans in the Pacific Northwest claim they will try and unseat neo-Nazi James Allsup, who also attended Unite the Right and is a part of Identity Evropa. Allsup recently signed up for an uncontested low-level position within the party. In response to Allsup, GOP officials stated that Republicans “reject all identity politics,” which is hilarious considering Donald Trump ran on just that, and the fact that far-Right and even Alt-Right and white nationalist figures have found a home within the Trump administration. Just yesterday and Jared Holt reported:

Thomas Homan, Deputy Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), spoke with the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) today, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified as an anti-immigrant hate group.

Neo-Nazis, Alt-Right trolls, and pro-Trump lie-lords such as Jack Posobiec have also led a charge against Luke O’Brien at The Huffington Post, after O’Brien wrote an article exposing a popular horrifically anti-Muslim Twitter account followed by many mainstream conservatives and at times shared by Trump, to be a real person. O’Brien then faced a barrage of death threats against himself and his family.

Finally, far-Right “Patriot” and militia type group, ‘Veterans on Patrol’ have descended on Tucson at the site of a former homeless camp. They claim that the site shows evidence of a former child sex ring and must be investigated and “taken seriously” by the State. Police and ICE have both been to the area and found nothing other than the remains of a homeless encampment.

According to so-called ‘extremism’ experts that track the Patriot movement, one of the main people behind what is now an armed occupation of a small amount of land and a tower, has made similar calls in the past at the same site. Far-Right supporters are also using the hashtag on social media, #WhereAretheChildren, in an attempt to deflect the conversation away from ICE breaking up families in detention centers.

One researcher wrote on Twitter:

In a fit of Pizzagate-conspiracy-theory-level research, the group has announced that this was actual a super secret sex camp where countless little children have been tortured and killed.

When local cops took a look at the abandoned camp and shrugged, the non-veteran leader climbed a local tower and issued his demands for the govt to bring in cadaver dogs to look for dead kids or else he wouldn’t come down from the tower. He came down that night. This is the third time this guy has climbed a tower looking for attention.

The conspiracy theory floating around this abandoned camp involves George Soros, a cement company, a local mayor whose last names is (da da da) Rothschild, the QAnon hoax, secret underground tunnels, John McCain, rape trees, and so on.

Living and Fighting

  • In J20 news, the major update today was that one of the three people in the current trial, according to Think Progress, was found by jurors to be “not guilty on eight separate charges of malicious destruction of property. [Seth] Cadman stood hand in hand with his two co-defendants, the trio giving each other little squeezes each time the foreperson answered “not guilty” to the judge’s reading off of charges. But the panel was deadlocked on a ninth charge, “engaging in a riot,” after several days of deliberations. Judge Kimberly Knowles declared a mistrial on that ninth charge, which prosecutors may still pursue if they choose later this summer. Wednesday’s defeat is a more significant setback for the prosecution than prior acquittals. This trio of defendants are the first who the government said it could prove individually broke windows or scrapped with police on the day. The jury did not believe the government’s evidence…”
  • A comrade with a Redneck Revolt chapter was stopped at the airport after returning from Greece. They wrote:

“I was given the SSSS flight designation by the state. On my way there I was treated like a terrorist and was groped, had my hands tested on each flight in the US for explosive material and was literally groped by the state.

At JFK airport border patrol and DHS attempted to interrogate me and then detained me when they realized I wasn’t going to tell them anything that already was public about myself and that they would have to speak to my lawyer. Then my luggage which had been swabbed multiple times by TSA and just before my transatlantic flight back by Airport and Airline Security in the EU “tested positive” for explosive material. I was immediately escorted to DHS explosive experts who then tested it again only to come up negative. This naturally made me miss my flight and I was even told by Delta that I wasn’t allowed to stay in the airport over night because I was too high of a security risk. I naturally decided to leave and was able to make it home today via buses and cars due to amazing comrades.”

  • Local news in the Virginias reports that police departments are training on how to deal with anti-pipeline protests and blockades on much wider scale. In response, No ACP wrote on Facebook:

The state has realized they can use their complete ineptitude last summer to get massive amounts of resources to train. Every. Single. State. Agency. to prepare to embattle the anti pipeline movement that is growing across the state like wildfire. This is a far more likely scenario and they know it. They are gearing up to try and annihilate the Virginians that are banding together to fiercely protect as much of the water, mountains and air that they can.

This was planned, purposeful and we would venture to guess heavily supported by the pipeline companies.

If you’re not involved yet now would the time to get in it. The fire is catching.

  • In Florida, prisons are rolling out “for-profit” services such as pay per view face time, while rolling back in real life visitation. Gainesville IWOC wrote, “These visitation cuts aren’t just about money, they are a way to further control and marginalize people.”
  • Camp Cloud Water Protectors state that they will continue to fight the Kinder Morgan pipeline to “the bitter end.”
  • In Griswold, Connecticut, people are protesting a proposed State police gun range.
  • In rural Iowa, anti-abortion signs were vandalized with pro-choice messaging.
  • If you are attending the Fight Toxic Prisons conference later this week, more info has been released as to location details.
  • University students in Syracuse, New York have launched a rent strike against “uninhabitable” conditions such as lack of heat and pest infestation.
  • Hunger strikers fighting displacement by their former landlord in New York are claiming victory and have ended their strike. They state that the landlord is now in negotiations. As one article stated: “According to the alleged deal points, the parties set a deadline of August 31 for tenants to move back with monetary compensation .” Actions like this show that not only are rent strikes growing in popularity and tenant organizing is increasing, but that these struggles can win.
  • New footage from last weekend’s “Patriot Prayer” rally has surfaced, showing a member of the Proud Boys throwing a rock at a random car in Portland. Joey Gibson has also announced another march and rally in Portland later this month. Be sure to watch IGD and Rose City Antifa for updates.

  • The East Hamilton rent strike enters its second month.
  • People continue to find and tear down neo-Nazis posters across the US. Don’t forget to send us your before and after shots.

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