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Jun 8, 18

This Is America #6: Updates on Hellbender & #ChingaLaMigra

Welcome to This Is America, June 8th, 2018.

In this episode we were lucky enough to catch up to both a member of Appalachians Against Pipelines for an update on the Hellbender Autonomous Zone as well as Maru Villalpando about the #ChingaLaMigra tour, ongoing actions against a private immigrant detention facility in Tacoma, Washington, and ICE’s own attempts to deport her for being a “Latino advocate.”

But first, here’s our roundup of resistance and repression news.

Living and Fighting

  • In big J20 news, the remaining three other people from the current J20 trial block all were acquitted or had remaining charges declared a mistrial by the judge. While the State could still come back to retry them in 30 days, this represents yet another blow to Kerkhoff’s attempt to enact a draconian crackdown on protest. Moreover, these defendants, called “breakers,” were supposed to be a slam dunk for the State, and Kerkhoff and friends claimed they would easily show that they were guilty. Things turned out the complete opposite. One juror that spoke to Unicorn Riot after the trial stated that they were afraid that the State would use the trials to set a precedent of attacking public protest. Many articles in both mainstream and center-Liberal outlets noted that continued failure of the State to enact guilty verdicts, as it continues to waste massive amounts of tax-payer dollars. It remains unclear what will now happen to the remaining 40 or so defendants, but many predict that more charges are expected to be dropped. The IWW has also called for a day of action and protest outside of DOJ officers on June 25th.

  • Over 250,000 UPS workers are set to go on strike over a new contact. One report wrote that the “devastating strike…may disrupt the nation’s economy.” We can only hope that workers take control of the strike on their own terms, and realize the power they hold in their hards when the shut everything down.
  • Protests began in Quebec City at the G-7 summit, as heavily armed riot police were out in force. One report wrote that protests “erupted” on Friday morning and that “Protesters said they achieved their goals of shutting down Québec City after the legislature was closed down on Friday and many businesses decided to shut their doors.” Meanwhile in the halls of power, tensions remained high between G-7 leaders over Trump’s proposals for tariffs and “America First” policies.

  • In Charlottesville, Virginia, as people rallied outside of the courthouse, Corrie Long was sadly found guilty of disorderly conduct and now will do about 20 days in jail. More updates on that expected soon, as well as info on how to support Corey. After the verdict, people took to the streets in protest.

  • In other Charlottesville news, walking Alt-Right embarrassment Jason Kessler keeps putting out mixed messages to if he will hold his “Unite the Right 2” in Charlottesville or outside the White House, or opt for both. Currently it appears he has filed for a permit in DC.
  • We missed this early this week, but big ups to the Eagles for taking as massive bird poop on Trump’s comb over, everyone that booed Trump at this short lived rally in front of the White House, and the brave individual that took a knee during the National Anthem.

  • In Brooklyn, people rallied to support a pizza delivery man that was kidnapped by ICE and now faces deportation.
  • In LA, home demos continued to take place against slumlords by tenants on rent strike. Meanwhile, the “F- Your Flips” campaign continues to trend on social media.
  • In Atlanta, antifascists put up posters linking “Incel” violence to far-Right blowhard and all around creepy man, Jordan Peterson.

  • In Chicago, members of the Autonomous Tenants Union organized protests against gentrifying real estate capitalists holding an “event to teach rich ppl to use AirBnB—a service intended to help rent spare rooms for short periods—to finance buying multi-family buildings. Of course, they’ll have to kick out existing tenants first.”

  • In Colorado Springs, antifa made quick work of trust-fund fascist group Identity Evropa’s stickers, and made sure to put up some of their own.

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