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Apr 1, 21

This Week in Fascism #102: Chud Along Home

cover photo: @danielvmedia

Welcome fellow antifascists!

As usual, we have a lot of ground to cover. From a report on the recent antifascist mobilization in Salem, Oregon, to an analysis on how neo-Nazis and Proud Boys are attempting to get ‘White Lives Matter’ rallies together across the US, Matt Gaetz gets investigated for sex trafficking, and Joe Biggs says he’s been working with the FBI for years against antifa. Plus, feast your eyes on a neo-Nazi probation officer, witness the former Republican candidate who continues to go on white nationalists podcasts, and behold the neo-Nazi group which keeps bragging about it’s role in the pro-Trump attempted coup. Plus! A call to action against the KKK in Indiana on April 3rd.

With so much to cover, let’s get started!


“White Lives Matter” Protests Planned Around the Country

The Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights has been tracking Telegram channels attempting to plan “White Lives Matter” protests around the country. These protests are attracting all flavors of the far-Right including white nationalists, Proud Boys, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites. As the SPLC noted, “White Lives Matter” has been a banner for neo-Nazis to organize under since 2015 as a reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement. Telegram is known for being a hotbed for fascist organizing and certainly these “White Lives Matter” rallies would not be the first event planned using Telegram’s platform. The IREHR reports that the event flyers (which features artwork lifted from the neo-Nazi group Vanguard America, an early version of Patriot Front), popped up on Telegram on March 25th and the events themselves are set for April 11th in “city centers” and so far there are 16 Telegram groups representing different cities. At the time of this writing, many of the online groups have few members and few cities seem to have set plans to demonstrate. The IREHR article states:

In organizing these marches, White Lives Matter – 04/11 is stressing a dominant theme of modern white nationalism – that whites are facing systematic dispossession, and even extinction, in American and around the world. One announcement for the event declared, “It’s time to take a stand – against the anti-white mob – against the anti-white media – against the anti-white government – against the anti-white education system. “This is a grassroot (sic), worldwide movement for White People,” the main page declared.

Popular themes that have come up on the event pages include the myth of white genocide, Islamophobia, voter integrity that was the primary motivator behind the “Stop the Steal” protests, opposing Black Lives Matter, and unabashed anti-Semitism. Many of the channels are filled with videos featuring neo-Nazi leaders like George Lincoln Rockwell and references to various groups, ranging from Patriot Front and the Proud Boys.

This has led to concerns of growing cross-over between Trumpian nationalist groups like the Proud Boys and more outright white nationalist and neo-Nazi organizations. These events are certainly worth antifascists paying attention to and keeping an eye on, regardless of if these marches never materialize. For a full updated list of potential events and how to find them on Telegram, please head to IREHR’s updated article for the most recent info.

Joe Biggs of the Proud Boys Worked With FBI Against Antifascists for Years, Lawyer Claims

Proud Boy leader Joe Biggs, who currently is facing conspiracy charges for his role in the pro-Trump attempted coup on January 6th, is now alleging that for years he worked directly with the FBI against antifascists, giving them information, meeting and talking with agents, and even going over event plans and march routes with the FBI. According to Politico:

Biggs, via his court filing, suggested he had maintained a relationship with the bureau since 2018, when he began organizing Proud Boys events and touting their efforts on social media and radio. He “personally planned” two Proud Boys events in Portland, Ore., meant to counter antifa.

“As part of the planning, Biggs would regularly speak with by phone and in person to both local and federal law enforcement personnel stationed in Portland, including the FBI’s Portland Field Office,” Hull indicated. “These talks were intended both to inform law enforcement about Proud Boy activities in Portland on a courtesy basis but also to ask for advice on planned marches or demonstrations, i.e., what march routes to take on Portland streets, where to go, where not to go. Similar conversations were held regularly with local police and FBI personnel for less major events in other cities.”

By late 2018, Hull wrote, the FBI began proactively contacting Biggs to inquire about his provocative commentary, often issued through the pro-Trump Right Side Broadcasting Network or InfoWars. And Biggs stayed in touch with multiple FBI agents since that time, he said.

In fall of 2019, Joe Biggs claims that he was contacted by the FBI after he made numerous threats about murdering and injuring antifascist demonstrators in the lead up to a Proud Boys rally in Portland. It appears that both his threats of violence and the Proud Boy’s long history of engaging in it did not stop the FBI from working directly with him. Such a relationship, which mirrors that of Joey Gibson and former police top brass in Portland, hows how the State is more than willing to work with the far-Right in order to attack autonomous social movements from below.

Matt Gaetz Being Investigated for Sexual Relationship with 17-Year Old Girl

One of Trump’s biggest allies and friend to the far-Right, Florida Rep Matt Gaetz, is in full on panic mode after it became public that he is being investigated for a possible sexual relationship with a 17-year old – a relationship which may have broken child sex-trafficking laws. According to Yahoo News:

On Tuesday night, The New York Times reported that in the waning days of the Trump administration, the DOJ launched an investigation into whether Gaetz had a possible sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her to travel out of state. Gaetz, who denied any wrongdoing and has not been charged with any crimes, released a statement saying his family had been targeted by extortionists, and his father wore a wire at the insistence of the FBI.

In the past, Gaetz has been directly linked to far-Right trolls and the Proud Boys, even using tax-payer money to funnel cash to the LLC of a white nationalist who was fired by the Trump administration, after it was revealed that he had spoken alongside Richard Spencer at an Alt-Right conference.

Media Matters Tracks TikTok’s Algorithm That Recommends Far-Right Accounts

In a dismal review of TikToks recommendation algorithm, Media Matters has been able to identify just how easy it is for TikTok’s users to find themselves being recommended QAnon accounts, III% Militia accounts, Patriot Prayer accounts, and Oath Keepers accounts. Media Matters mapped the algorithm by tracking how the far-Right recommendations are linked to initial follows of QAnon accounts. The report shows that based on following a single QAnon account, TikTok’s algorithm then recommends III% Militia accounts. From there the recommendations move further and further to the right. This is especially problematic as TikTok’s primary demographic are young people, users age 14 and younger. Media Matters reports:

This accelerated pattern of recommendations is alarming and has the potential to push TikTok users down a far-right rabbit hole, further populating user feeds with the sort of extremist movements behind the Capitol attack.

Check out the article and the graphic at the bottom for a more comprehensive report of how this algorithm puts TikTok’s users at risk for far-right radicalization.

North Carolina Continues to Employ Neo-Nazi Son’s of Confederate Veteran’s Leader as a Probation Officer

An article from the Daily Beast outlines another racist partnership between the so-called state of North Carolina, and Kevin Stone, head of the Northern Virginia’s Son’s of Confederate Veterans (SCV). SCV have ties to neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, and other white supremacist groups. Stone is also the co-founder of their SCV’s motorcycle gang.

Stone is employed by the state as a Probation Officer, which is even more concerning. Of course, the state has been notified multiple times of this racist conflict of interest, with a strong probability of continued injustice in our Prison Industrial Complex. The state’s response back in 2019 is that they are “aware.”

Stone still has his badge, is still a Probation Officer, is still paid by tax dollars, and absolutely still the head of a group noted by the SPLC as “dominated by racial extremists.” This is another intentional, callous, and continuous act by the State with very real consequences for Black and Brown people who are trapped and tangled in our criminal justice system.

Far-Right Groups Continue The Spread of COVID-19 Disinformation and Anti-Vaccination Propaganda

The New York Times reports that the cross-pollination between far-Right organizers from the “Stop the Steal” rallies, the January 6 White Riot, anti-government militias, and QAnon followers has led to an uptick in anti-vaccination rhetoric that is showing up in far-Right spaces like Telegram. Since J6, the same people who leaned hard into myths of voter fraud and the hope that Trump would somehow manage to overthrow the election results, have shifted their focus to anti-vaccination propaganda. As the COVID-19 vaccine has rolled out, these same far-Right ghouls have ramped up their conspiracy theories related to COVID and steeped in other far-Right ideology.

According to the New York Times:

One third of Republicans surveyed in a CBS News poll said that they would avoid getting vaccinated — compared with 10 percent of Democrats — and another 20 percent of Republicans said they were unsure. Other polls found similar trends.

Disinformation and anti-vaccination propaganda isn’t relegated specifically to QAnon channels, but is also showing up in channels run by Proud Boys as well. The New York Times identifies that these groups are using certain vaccination-death data used primarily by doctors, but has been consumed by the far-Right and used to promote anti-vaccination sentiment and mistrust in the government.

Also worth noting is that in Idaho, legislation pushed by Ammon Bundy and the Ammon Army has led to a proposed statewide ban on mandatory vaccinations. The crossover and overlap between far-Right Libertarian groups, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists and QAnon followers seems to have a perfect storm effect and it remains to be seen how this will continue to impact vaccination efforts and attempts to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Former Republican Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke Solidifies Ties to White Supremacists

Eyes on the Right is reporting that Lauren Witzke of Delaware has continued to rub elbows with Nazis following her failed Senate candidacy in her home state of Delaware. During the race, she hired a monarchist anti-Semite named Michael Sisco to manage her campaign and spewed racist hate on a VDARE livestream with white nationalist Peter Brimelow. Since the election, she has appeared on several white supremacist shows and podcasts, most notably, The Realist Report hosted by John Friend.

Friend is a neo-Nazi based in Long Beach, CA who openly praises Adolf Hitler, refers to the Holocaust as the “holohoax,” and blames Jewish people for the September 11th attacks. He is a contributor to antisemitic websites and once called the Nazis “the greatest thing that’s ever happened to western civilization.” He alleges that Jews control the U.S. government, and claims that mass shootings, 9/11, and the COVID-19 pandemic are hoaxes.

In her interview with Friend, Witzke spread fear of a “white genocide,” blaming immigrants for the economic troubles of white people and accusing them of wanting white Americans dead. She stated, “Openly calling for the execution of white people or calling us racists because we were born with white skin, it’s dangerous.” Witzke then went on to defend the January 6th rioters, claiming that the Biden administration is using the deadly event to persecute and silence “conservatives.”

Small MAGA Caravan Outnumbered by Antifascists in Salem, OR

Right wingers and antifascists clashed in Salem, OR on Sunday, as a small caravan of Proud Boys and Trump supporters were met by roughly 200 counter-demonstrators at the state capitol. The right wing “Freedom Rally” planned for that day was a car caravan that began in Sandy, OR and ended at the capitol. Comrades from Portland and the surrounding areas stood in solidarity with the antifascist and antiracist protesters of Salem, resulting in an impressive turnout against the insurgent far-Right.

The fascists arrived late, hours after the first counter-protesters gathered at the capitol, and their numbers were much thinner than expected. As the right-wingers drove by the crowd of antifascists, their car windows were smashed, tires were damaged, and balloons filled with paint were thrown at the vehicles. Police blocked off Court St. where the demonstrators were gathered, and attempted to reroute the drivers away from the area.

At one point, a right-wing demonstrator drew a handgun on a group of antifascists after his car was damaged. The man was arrested and later released. Police have said that the man was defending himself after being hit with pepper spray, and deny that he pointed the gun directly at any protesters. However, the video below shows him drawing the firearm and pointing it in the direction where antifascist demonstrators were seen standing seconds prior.

There was a heavy police response. Law enforcement declared an unlawful assembly after several cars were attacked. Four individuals were arrested. One attendee who was filming said that the police violently rushed and tackled the antifascists. Two of the arrested protesters were bailed out with the help of the Salem Bail Fund.


Far-Right grifters and news outlets have since demonized and sensationalized antifascists’ actions on Sunday, which IGD discusses in the thread below.

Nevertheless, the event was a success. Two fascists were identified by Emerald Valley ARA: Cory Fredrickson of Stayton, OR and Nathan Cisneros. Rose City Antifa identified Timothy Ryerson, a Cops NW member. Overall there were glowing messages of support and solidarity from within the antifascist community.


White Riot Updates

Many Trump Coup Participants Won’t Face Any Jail Time

Many of those arrested and facing charges stemming from the attempted pro-Trump coup on January 6th will most likely never see jail time or harsh fines. According to Politico:

A POLITICO analysis of the Capitol riot-related cases shows that almost a quarter of the more than 230 defendants formally and publicly charged so far face only misdemeanors. Dozens of those arrested are awaiting formal charges, even as new cases are being unsealed nearly every day. In recent days, judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys have all indicated that they expect few of these “MAGA tourists” to face harsh sentences.

There are two main reasons: Although prosecutors have loaded up their charging documents with language about the existential threat of the insurrection to the republic, the actions of many of the individual rioters often boiled down to trespassing. And judges have wrestled with how aggressively to lump those cases in with those of the more sinister suspects.

This comes as Republicans push for harsher bills criminalizing acts such as blocking roads and freeways, protesting pipelines, and even attempting to label ‘antifa’ as a domestic terrorism threat.

“Zip Tie Guy” and Mom Pose No Threat to Public, Says Federal Court

On Friday, a federal appeals court ruled that Capitol rioters Lisa Eisenhart and Eric Munchel may be eligible for pretrial release, finding that the mother and son duo “do not pose a continued danger to the public.” The pair face charges including conspiracy and disorderly conduct. Munchel was photographed inside the capitol building during the January 6th riot wearing tactical gear and holding zip cuffs. In late January, Justice Department lawyers asked a Tennessee judge to detain Munchel while he awaited trial, arguing that he is a danger and a flight risk, and noting that he brought weapons to the rally and stashed them outside before storming the building.

Oregon Brothers with Ties to Proud Boys Arrested for Role in Capitol Siege

Two Oregon brothers have been arrested for their involvement in the January 6th riot. Jonathanpeter Klein, 21, is a member of the Proud Boys, and both brothers were involved in anti-BLM counter-protests in Salem and Portland in the fall of 2020. The Kleins were among the first to enter the Capitol building. Matthew was seen helping rioters climb police barricades to get inside, and the brothers helped break through a locked door, resulting in a clash between Capitol Police and a mob of protesters outside.

Nazis Boast Online About Attendance at Pro-Trump Riot

VICE is reporting that members of the National Socialist Club (NSC-131) have continued to brag about their involvement in the J6 siege in recent months. Despite being one of the most explicit neo-Nazi groups present at the Capitol riot and posing a clear threat to public safety (founder Chris Hood is a former member of neo-Nazi paramilitary group, the Base), no members of the group have been charged for their role in the siege and it is unknown whether any NSC-131 members entered the Capitol building. On January 5th, Chris Hood took to Telegram to post “NSC New England is in Washington to ensure white safety,” with a picture of the Capitol. One of Hood’s companions, referred to as Amerikan Wereworlf, was identified by Antifa Garfield this week (see below).


Matthew Ryan McInnis a.k.a. “Ryan Landry,” Prominent Neo-Reactionary Figure From Cicero, IN

White Rose AFA has identified Matthew Ryan McInnis as the alt-right figure known as “Ryan Landry.” McInnis, who is 41 years old and lives in Indiana, was a notable alt-right figure in the years prior to the deadly Unite the Right Rally. He has contributed to Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller, Social Matter, Richard Spencer’s Radix Journal, and the paleoconservative publication Taki’s Magazine. He has been interviewed by Richard Spencer, for Red Ice TV, the podcast “This Alt-Right Life,” and  for “Rebel Yell,” the podcast of neo-Confederate hate group Identity Dixie. His writing and social media posts were blatantly racist, anti-Semetic, Islamophobic, and transphobic. McInnis is responsible for coining the term “Weimerica,” a word popular among neo-Nazis to indicate that American culture has become “degenerate” similar to the Weimar Republic in Germany. In 2017, he penned a piece for The Daily Caller titled “Welcome to Weimerica,” whose closing sentence ominously reads, “Weimerica will come to an end, and when it does, someone must be there to restore order.”

White Rose AFA was able to identify McInnis based on personal information revealed in his blog posts and comments, including past addresses, education history, and his legal first name. McInnis formerly worked as an insurance underwriter, and there’s a chance he still has the same job. On this old Twitter handle, @SOLB1, he was friends with open neo-Nazis and used triple parenthesis to express antisemitism. On his new account, @NewAtlantisSun, his posts are also predictably bigoted and hateful.

Please check out White Rose AFA’s Twitter threads on McInnis, and spread the word.

Liam McNeil, NSC-131 Member From Waltham, MA

Antifa Garfield has exposed Liam Elias McNeil, a neo-Nazi from Massachussets who is responsible for leaving fascist graffiti in cities around the northeastern U.S. McNeil was in attendance at the January 6th Capitol riot, alongside a contingent of National Socialist Club members.

This article, which discusses NSC-131’s presence at the J6 coup-attempt, referenced a Telegram user called “Amerikan Werewolf” who boasted about his attendence at the D.C. event. Claiming to be a 21-year-old from the Boston area, this individual was later confirmed to be McNeil. According to the article, “Amerikan Werewolf,” Chris Hood (NSC-131 founder and former member of the Base), and another NSC member traveled to the Capitol in January and were responsible for stealing a Capitol Police officer’s helmet.

McNeil is one of NSC’s most prolific vandals, posting openly about his crimes on Telegram and taking responsibility for neo-Nazi graffiti in Providence, RI and various Massachussets towns. He is a graduate of Waltham High School, and attended MassBay Community College and UMass Lowell. He is hateful and potentially violent, and the community should be alerted to his presence. Antifa Garfield asks that readers spread the word, especially to comrades in Massachussetts, and reach out to UMass Lowell to inform them that Liam McNeil poses a threat to fellow students.

Marc Anthony Bru, Proud Boy from Vancouver, WA, Identified as Capitol Rioter

Originally doxxed Death Cab for Scooby in February of 2020, Marc Bru of Vancouver, WA has been identified by PBDoxxer as an attendee at the January 6th Capitol siege. A video of Bru’s 2nd degree Proud Boys initiation was posted to Twitter by PBDoxxer in January of 2020. Marc is a QAnon adherent, a self-professed Three Percenter, and a member of the Washington State Militia. For more information, give Death Cab for Scooby’s archived thread here, and check out the post below.

Call to Action

People are mobilizing to oppose the KKK in Auburn, Indiana on April 3rd. Check out more details from the Indiana Mutual Aid Coalition.

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