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Jun 10, 21

This Week in Fascism #112: Bundy Moves Against Tribal Water Rights; Proud Boys Attack Brianna Taylor Memorial; Neo-Nazis Take Leading Role in Asatru

Welcome fellow antifascists!

We have so much to cover in this issue, from Ammon Bundy mobilizing against tribal water rights in southern Oregon, former neo-Nazis taking a leading role in the Asatru Folk Assembly, Proud Boys attacking a memorial for Brianna Taylor in Sacramento, and antifascists denouncing the so-called Boogaloo Boys. Plus, prisoner updates, calls to action, doxxes, and much more!

Let’s dive right in!


Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights Network Sets Up Camp in Southern Oregon in Effort to Attack Tribal Water Rights

As David Neiwert wrote on Daily Kos:

Over the past few weeks, a cluster of Patriot-movement “constitutionalists” angered by federal water use decisions that will deprive farmers in the basin of their annual allotments from Upper Klamath Lake—all the result of severe drought conditions that have threatened to destroy both fish populations in the lakes and rivers and the abundant wildlife that depend on their presence for food—have been gathering their forces at the mouth of the lake, near the floodgates that manage water flow into the Klamath River from which they irrigate, and threatening to open them. Once again, the local residents actually affected are not just unimpressed with the Patriots’ posturing, but fearful of the ugly consequences that always follow their extremist endeavors.

The Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights has pointed out that this fight is largely centered around a push (by Bundy and allied ranchers) to overturn Indigenous water rights in the area:

The appearance of Debbie Bacigalupi [far-Right conspiracy theorist] at the behest of People’s Rights on the day of the KID meeting highlights the lateral alliances with the group has built with far-right figures alongside its growth in Oregon, including an overall jump in membership of 162% to 5,377 members statewide in the last seven months. Knoll’s alliance with Bundy highlights that these relationships were constructed even as the far-right paramilitary group forged a relationship with a board member of the quasi-municipal irrigation body and attracted local mayors and law enforcement officers to their meetings.

It also illustrates another undeniable feature of People’s Rights efforts – the deeply anti-Indian content of its political ideas, goals, and alliances – including allying its cause with the Citizens Equal Right Alliance, an organization dedicated to terminating tribal governments and abrogating all treaty rights with Indian Nations.

Bundy himself has dismissed tribal water rights, claiming:

Those are liberal talking points that are there, designed to literally strip the people of their rights and to put the power in the government’s hands.

For a bigger dive into the Klamath Basin water conflict, go here.

Antifascist Groups Publish Reports Denouncing the ‘Boogaloo’ Movement and It’s Attempts to Cozy Up to Anti-Racist and Anti-Police Struggles

Following an attempt by ‘progressive’ YouTuber Jimmy Dore (who interviewed Magnus Prividya, a prominent Boogaloo Boy) and others to present the far-Right Libertarian ‘Boogaloo’ movement, which pines for a Turner Diaries type civil war with the State, as representative of the pro-Trump white working-class; arguing that the Left should build bridges with the much media hyped movement, several antifascist and anarchist groups have made statements condemning the Boogaloo boys.

A post on the antifascist website Idavox writes:

Magnus Prividya (real name Zackary Dougherty [aka Zakk], born August 1992 of the Detroit suburbs) is a highly visible Boogaloo Boi. He has received media attention from podcasters such as Jimmy Dore. His stated goals are a cross unity anti-police movement. However, he has shown time and time again that his real interest isn’t in helping Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements but self aggrandizement and infiltration into liberation spaces. Much of what is cited here is data collected from antifascists, boog interactions on social media, and primary source reports from organizers in Lansing, MI and Detroit, MI. We will be referring to Magnus/Zackary as “Zakk” for the remainder of this notice as that is how we have observed him be referred to by his collaborators. We will also detail Zakk’s close friend and something of a “lieutenant,” Tim Teagan, as well as a few lesser known individuals.

Zakk’s current message is left-right unity against the state. However his leanings and agenda indicate that he sides with the right and that the unity he hopes to foster would be for the left to make allowances for the right.

More recently, as a part of the post Trump pivot to “bottom unity”, i.e. subjugation of the left by the right. The boog as a whole leading up to Trump’s electoral defeat found themselves more at home in the armed protests at Lansing in protest of the Covid-19 orders (where they organized with some of the Wolverine Watchmen.) Now with Trump defeated, and discovering how easy it is to infiltrate the left via podcasters, they have pivoted to pandering to and infiltrating the left.

Anti-Boogaloo Boy Flyer from Solidarity and Defense

A report from the autonomous anti-capitalist and antifascist group Solidarity and Defense details their dealings with Boogaloo attempts to gain access to left-wing organizing spaces and campaigns:

The Boogaloo are actively trying to insert themselves in Black Lives Matter and other Defund/Abolish the police organizing. This usually is presented as offering security but we see it as infiltration and a dishonest attempt to use these movements for their own aims. This past week, we had our own experience with this. The boogaloo needs to be opposed. More importantly their motivations, lies and manipulation need to be talked about. The Boogaloo rely on people wanting to get along and not having the facts. We need to combat that with information and with our own politics. Our ideas need to clarify why they aren’t really with us and why the left/right unity some of them rep, is a mistake or worse. They are going to keep trying to co-opt actual movements for justice, so we need to stop it. Ain’t no one else gonna do it.

It was made clear that the event that did take place, did not want them there. There are open racists in the Boogaloo movement. That alone is enough of an argument against working with them.  But it is more than that. They tried to force themselves in as security, they wouldn’t respect sponsoring organizers or their wishes and they wouldn’t respect the family’s wishes. They were dishonest about why they were there and what they planned to do. It was clear they weren’t welcome. They came anyway and tried to make a day that was about Anthony Hulon, about themselves.  That alone speaks to what kind of people they are and what kind of ideas they represent. It isn’t what we want or need.

Arizona to Execute Death Row Inmates Using Same Gas Deployed at Auschwitz

According to Ed Pilkerton, writing for The Guardian, Arizona’s department of corrections has spent over $2,000 on ingredients to manufacture cyanide gas, which will be used to execute people on death row. The department has purchased a brick of potassium cyanide, sodium hydroxide pellets, and sulfuric acid, and the gas chamber, which has been out of use for the past 22 years, has been refurbished. Hydgrogen cyanide (Zyklon B) is the same type of gas used in the Holocaust. The article states:

Despite Arizona’s best efforts to present its gas chamber as a reputable institution, the horrors of the past hang heavily over it. The Nazis used hydrogen cyanide under the trade name Zyklon B to kill more than 1 million people in gas chambers in Auschwitz and other extermination camps.

Robert Dunham, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, said: “You have to wonder what Arizona was thinking in believing that in 2021 it is acceptable to execute people in a gas chamber with cyanide gas. Did they have anybody study the history of the Holocaust?”

Arizona’s death penalty has been suspended since 2014, following the botched killing of Joseph Wood. Wood was injected fifteen times with an experimental drug combination, and took nearly two hours to die. Now, the state is putting considerable effort into resuming the executions, with The Guardian reporting in April that it recently spend $1.5 million on phenobarbital for use in lethal injections. These most recent documents obtained by The Guardian also reveal that a series of tests were performed to ensure that the gas chamber was “operationally ready,” including using candle flames to detect gas leaks.

Arizona has chosen two death row inmates to be executed first: Frank Atwood and Clarence Dixon. One of Atwood’s lawyers states that the corrections department is rushing to set an execution date although an investigation into the inmate’s possible innocence has been hindered by the pandemic.

Chicago Cop in Hot Water for Ties to Proud Boys; Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Chicago Police officer Robert Bakker faces several investigation, including links to the far-Right street gang the Proud Boys and sexual abuse, according to the Chicago Sun Times:

A Chicago cop has been issued a five-day suspension amid an investigation into his ties to the far-right Proud Boys and is now facing a second internal probe into allegations of sexual abuse, the Sun-Times has learned.

Officer Robert Bakker is the subject of four internal investigations that were all opened last year, according to records obtained by the Sun-Times.

Though the inquiry into Bakker’s cozy relationship with the Proud Boys initially resulted in the suspension, he hasn’t yet served it because the case was later reopened at the request of Inspector General Joseph Ferguson’s office, according to a source with knowledge of the investigation. The inspector general’s office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Ald. Andre Vazquez (40th) previously raised alarms about Bakker to Police Supt. David Brown and Mayor Lori Lightfoot that he said fell on deaf ears. In an interview Wednesday, Vazquez said Bakker’s interactions with the controversial group should have resulted in “an immediate dismissal or some kind of punitive action.”

Amazon US Customers Have a Week to Opt-Out of Mass Wireless Sharing

On June 1st, The Guardian published an article indicating US Amazon customers had one week to opt-out of a shared wireless network through Echo and Amazon Ring surveillance technology. The move to a shared network, also called a ‘mesh network,’ is part of Amazon’s latest initiative to streamline devices and connectivity, called Amazon Sidewalk. The Guardian reports:

But Sidewalk has come under fire for the apparent lack of transparency with which Amazon has rolled out the feature, as well as the limited time available for users to complete the tricky process required to opt-out. Other critics have expressed concerns that failing to turn the setting off could leave customers in breach of their internet service provider’s terms and conditions.

The move to mesh networks is designed to help smart devices like appliances, keys, and security systems stay connected even if their WIFI connection is dropped. According to The Guardian, however, this could put internet service customers in violation of their contracts due to clauses that prohibit this kind of re-sharing. Ashkan Soltani, former chief technology officer of the US Federal Trade Commission told Ars Technica:

In addition to capturing everyone’s shopping habits (from and their internet activity (as AWS is one of the most dominant web hosting services) … now they are also effectively becoming a global ISP with a flick of a switch, all without even having to lay a single foot of fiber.

For the full story, click the link above.

Orange Country Sheriff’s Department “Extremism Awareness” Training Criticized by Experts

According to The Guardian, the Orange County Sherrif’s Department held an “extremism awareness” training for officers in February. The article states:

The Orange county sheriff’s department’s “extremism awareness” training document from February instructed officers not to share disinformation and to avoid associating with militias, QAnon, rightwing platforms like Gab and 4chan, as well as second-amendment groups or law enforcement “clubs” that could be “avenues for exploitation.”

Experts say that the lengthy Powerpoint presentation’s emphasis on far-Right extremism shows that the sherrif’s department was aware that officers may be drawn toward fascist groups. However, as with most “counter-extremism” efforts, the training also warned about left-wing groups and ideologies, absurdly cautioning officers on the influence of Karl Marx, the Black Panthers, antifascism, and animal liberation and antiwar activism. As we’ve mentioned countless times, these false equivalencies between right and left-wing “extremism” do not hold up to scrutiny. Far-Right, white nationalist, and militia organizations and individuals pose an enormous threat of violence to the public, and fascist infiltration into police departments, the GOP, and the military is on the rise.

Brian Levin, the director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, was brought in as an expert to assist with the training. He stated that he focused on the threat of the far-Right in his meetings with the department, and did not recall discussing antifa or the Black Panthers. Pete Simi, a Chapman University professor also consulted by the department, was also “surprised” to learn that the training emphasized left-wing threats, stating “I’m very concerned about the both-sidesism…There is no equivalency.”

Former FBI whistleblower Mike German criticized the ahistorical nature of the presentation, stating, “We tend to treat white supremacy as some fringe ideology, rather than recognizing its foundational impact on the establishment of our country and laws and policies and government.”

Proud Boys Desecrate Breonna Taylor Memorial in Sacramento

Fascists clashed with anti-racists in Sacramento on Saturday, as a “Justice for Ashli Babbit” protest coincided with a memorial for Breonna Taylor, who would have turned 28 that day had she not been murdered by Louisville Police Department in March of 2020 as she lay sleeping in her bed.

The turnout for the Ashli Babbit event was smaller than expected, but that didn’t stop far-Right demonstrators, which included various Proud Boys chapters and members of the white nationalist group, the American Guard, from assaulting antifascists in bloc repeatedly. One Proud Boy on the scene attacked other protesters three times, and attempted to destroy a memorial display activists had set up in tribute to Breonna Taylor. Also in attendance was Lindsay Grathwohl, known for organizing far-Right rallies across the west coast and associating with Proud Boys and the American Guard.

Steven Carillo’s Boogaloo Militia Plotted to Disguise Themselves as ‘Antifa’ during Protests

Recent court filings by federal prosecutors reveal new details in the case of Steven Carillo, who allegedly killed Federal Protective Service Officer Dave Patrick Underwood in Oakland and Santa Cruz Sheriff Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller in two separate shootings during the late spring of 2020. The documents shed light on the Grizzly Scouts, a small, Northern California based far-Right group associated with the Boogaloo movement, of which Carillo was a member.

In April, four members of the group (Jessie Alexander Rush, Robert Jesus Blancas, Simon Sage Ybarra, and Kenny Matthew Miksch) were indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiracy to obstruct justice and destroy records to impede the investigation into Castillo’s killings. These individuals had deleted messages proving that they had plotted with Castillo to kill police. Three of the defendants were released from jail pending trial, deemed not to pose a threat to the community. Blancas, the lone member still behind bars, is also facing charges for having sexual conversations with an underage teenage girl.

The court filings reveal that the militia conducted firearms trainings, talked about killing cops, and discussed other plans for violence in a WhatsApp group called “209 Goon HQ.” After killing Underwood in Oakland by firing at a security booth, Castillo stated on WhatsApp, “Dudes i offed a fed.” A week later, he ambushed Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller and several other cops, shooting and throwing pipe bombs at them. Also:

On June 3, the group also allegedly discussed ways to stir up violence between Antifa groups and police. Blancas allegedly wrote that he was “totally down” to disguise himself as an Antifa member and spark a violent conflict. “It’s the tactically sound option,” Blancas told other militia members, according to prosecutors. “Them f—ing each other up only helps us.”

The four defendants face up to 20 years in federal prison and hefty fines. Carillo and Justus, responsible for the killing of Officer Undersood, face the death penalty, and Carrillo faces possible death penalty charges for the ambush of Gutzwiller.

Michael “Myers” Adam Sessumes, Golden State Skinheads Co-Founder and former Identity Evropa Organizer Lucas “Chad Turner” Huston, Now Active In Asatru Folk Assembly

Michael “Myers” Sessumes, former leader of the Golden State Skinheads (GSS), is now one of the leaders of the Asatru Folk Assembly, appearing on stage with several other Folkish fascists at the March 27th dedication of their Minnesota “church.” Folkish Facts on Twitter notes that Sessumes has ties to Marc Macleod, leader of the Asatru Folk Assembly. They also discovered that he recently relocated to Harrison, Arkansas. For more information, see Folkish Facts‘ Twitter.

Also in the Asatru mix is Lucas Huston, who used to go by “Chad Turner” (a reference to the main character in the Turner Diaries), while playing a key role in the white nationalist/Alt-Right group, Identity Evropa. Huston eventually left Identity Evropa as it morphed into the American Identity Movement (AmIM), and turned went on to work closely with Patrick Little, a neo-Nazi who openly advocated mass murder and genocide against Jews.

Far-Right Round Up: Arrests, Repression & Beyond

  • Far-Right militia members in the Three Percenters face conspiracy charges. “U.S. prosecutors have obtained a conspiracy indictment against six California men associated with the Three Percenters right-wing militia, the latest in a series of such charges arising from the Jan. 6 riot by former President Donald Trump’s supporters.”
  • Former Identity Evropa white nationalist still in the military after being outed. “A prominent white nationalist joined the U.S. Air Force and recently graduated from boot camp, a HuffPost investigation has found, only weeks after Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a military-wide stand-down order to address the problem of extremism in the ranks.”
  • New Documents Show that Police Used Facebook to Go After Line 3 Protesters. “The records, which include thousands of emails and documents from Enbridge, local law enforcement, and state authorities spanning from 2019 to 2021, show that sheriff’s officers in one Minnesota county at the epicenter of the fight over the pipeline have used social media activity on at least one occasion to target key protesters weeks or months after protests take place with trumped up charges.”


Jesse Daniel Ogden aka Borzoi Boskovic, Neo-Nazi Propagandist and Podcaster of Michigan

Anonymous Comrades Collective, in collaboration with Utah161 and Partisan161 bring to us the identity of neo-Nazi podcaster, propagandist and content creator Jesse Daniel Ogden of Michigan. Ogden, under the pseudonym Borzoi Boskovic (but also  uses dozens of aliases for various social media site) hosts the neo-Nazi podcast “People’s Square” with Eric Stryker aka Joseph Jordan on The Right Stuff network. Ogden posts content that is virulently antisemitic and racist. He got his start in racist podcasting by interning for the neo-Nazi podcast “Fatherland” which focuses on neo-Nazi parenting. Fatherland was hosted on the “The Right Stuff” network along with other podcasts of the antisemitic variety. He’s also appeared on The Daily Shoah. Ogden has also published under the pseudonym John Chapman through the Pennsylvania neo-Nazi publishing house Antelope Press. Ogden seems to have his hands in all types of neo-Nazi and far-right media. Click the link for all the details and the full dox!

Tyler L. Moody, National Socialist Club Member of Pawtucket, RI

Garfield but Antifascist has identified Tyler Moody of Pawtucket, a new member of the National Socialist Club (NSC). Moody was recruited in March, when a lot of Nazi graffiti started to appear in Providence. He was spotted at the April 11th White Lives Matter protest in Wakefield, and the NSC rally at the Boston Holocaust Memorial. His social media posts celebrate violence against marginalized people, particularly people of color and Jewish people. In one post, he proudly states that the Boogaloo movement turned him into a fascist. He previously served as an admin for the chatroom of notorious neo-Nazi livestreamer Paul Miller.

Moody has terrible operational security, posting personal information on his “anonymous” Telegram, and fascist content on his personal Facebook, where he uses his real name. Tyler is armed, potentially violent, and likely responsible for a large amount of fascist graffiti in Rhode Island. Read and share Antifa Garfield’s thread below.

Christopher James “C.J.” Click, Oklahoma City Police Department Neo-Nazi Cop of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

South Dallas AFA came through swinging with the identity of a neo-Nazi cop working out the Oklahoma City Police Department. Christopher James (C.J.) Click, in addition to being a cop, is also a collector of swastika covered military relics. Our comrades captured a photo of one such relic placed on C.J.’s desk at work. It was only removed after complaints were made and no disciplinary action was taken. For the full dox and more details about neo-Nazi’s in police departments, head over to the thread.

Kyle Allen Danilson, Fascist Propagandist of Tacoma, Washington

The comrade KarmaOneSixOne has uncovered the identity of fascist propagandist and meme-creator Kyle Allen Danilson of Tacoma, Washington. Danilson operated the recently self-suspended twitter handle @/2drinksnbisket as the main channel for his content. Danilson is part of a larger group of propagandists who aggregate content, and also dox and harass leftists. The larger group is connected to noted fascist Chandler Pappas, the wider Patriot Prayer network, and also Haley Adams.

Outside of meme-creation, Danilson uses his network to amplify harassment and smear campaigns against leftists, many of whom are located in the Pacific Northwest. As this archived link shows, their purpose is to disrupt leftist organizing by spreading mis/disinformation and harassing leftists out of digital spaces. He’s known to use fascist dogwhistles and misogyny among other problematic and harmful messaging. Other members of this fascist troll network include Roberto Pedone (@/zerosum24), Josh Dellay (@/PrimeTimePatriot), Brian Christopher Haner (@/LaptopZen), Shane B. Murphy (@/shanermurph), and Eric Blankenbeckley (@/fizzy_purp).

For the full dox and more details head to the thread and stay tuned for more ID’s connected to this group from Karma.

Jonathan Reed Hansen, Deseret Nationalist of Pleasant Grove, UT

DezNat exposed has identified Jonathan Hansen, an original member of the Deseret Nationalism Discord server. Hanses uses the online handle “bobdaduck,” which led researchers to his since-deleted Facebook profile and an old blog.

He served as a missionary in Jackson, Mississippi from 2014-16, and later took to social media to share his racist opinions about the Black residents there. On his blog, which served as a journal for his missions, he shared that he had purshased a “Nazi flight jacket” and that it might “make all the ghetto folks way more interested in learning the gospel from us.” He also tweeted “Slavery isn’t evil and black happiness has gone way, way, WAY down the less racist society has become.” Unsurprisingly, his posts also reveal that he is queerphobic and a misogynist, a concerning fact considering that, according to a photo of his leadership certificate, he was appointed to train and care for women missionaries.

Please read and share the Twitter thread below, and check out Expose DezNat’s blog for more information on Deseret Nationalism.

Call to Action

  • Stand against the Proud Boys in Oregon City, OR, June 18th.

  • Call-in campaign to cancel event featuring Qanon and anti-Muslim activists in New Jersey.

  • Protest the white nationalist American Renaissance conference, November 12th – 14th in Burns, Tennessee.

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