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Jul 7, 21

This Week in Fascism #115: Patriot Front Driven Out of Philly; Students Protest Neo-Nazi Student Liam MacNeil at UMass; LA Shuts Down Transphobes

Welcome fellow antifascists!

We got a summer offensive against fascism to cover! Just this past week, Patriot Front was driven out of Philly, antifascists stood up against anti-trans Proud Boys and hate-preachers in Los Angeles, and students organized against a neo-Nazi on campus in Massachusetts! We also have all the reports and news updates you have come to depend on as well as doxxes and more!

With so much to report, let’s dive right in!


Antifascists and Militant Queers Beat Back Violent, Armed Transphobes in Los Angeles

Around 50 anarchists, antifascists, and militant queers rallied in defense of a local trans friendly spa that became the center of a far-Right disinformation campaign after a video was uploaded claiming (without evidence), that a trans woman exposed themselves in the spa’s changing room to children (there is no such woman in the video, only a person claiming this happened). This claim was then amplified across far-Right social media before being picked up by Tucker Carlson as a story on Fox News. Despite the major amplification, a large far-Right crowd failed to materialize in protest of the spa outside of a handful of Proud Boys, Trump and Qanon supporters, and a group of “Homo Sex Is Sin” sign carrying boomer hate preachers.

Antifascists pushed the far-Right back and away from the spa and held their ground against heavily armed bigots who flashed handguns, hit people across the head with pipes, and attempted to stab counter-protesters. We expect a full report back from locals soon, but be sure to check out this thread from IGD here.

Patriot Front Run Out of Town by Multi-Racial Crowd in Philadelphia

Neo-Nazi group Patriot Front, best known for recently vandalizing George Floyd statues and Black Lives Matter murals across the US, attempted to march through Philadelphia on July 4th, but were shouted down and confronted by locals in the area who drove the marchers off the streets and into their rental vans.

Attempting to save face on their Telegram under a barrage of bad press, Patriot Front referred to those who confronted them as “anti-white hordes,” however in reality, youth of all colors took part in confronting the neo-Nazis and beating them back, including many working-class whites. Despite this latest setback, Patriot Front remains one of the most active white nationalist groups still operating in the United States. We must continue to combat, expose, and educate the public about the threat that these groups pose. Obviously we’re doing something right if they are forced to slink in the shadows, afraid of even the general public confronting them.

Nick Fuentes Continues “White Boy Summer” with Infrequent Stops

White nationalist Nick Fuentes has continued his largely failed, “White Boy Summer” tour, despite GOP Rep Paul Gosar pulling out from an attempted fundraiser last Friday and Fuentes getting the boot from a mall in Phoenix. About 50 or so groypers gathered in by the beach in Southern California, however, so please, help us ID these people?

Nick Fuentes, fourth from Right, in SoCal

UMass Lowell Students Protest NSC-131 Member Liam MacNeil

The UMass Lowell community gathered last Thursday to protest Liam MacNeil, a neo-Nazi student who was exposed as a member of NSC-131 earlier this year. Thanks to Antifa Garfield’s research, news of MacNeil’s record of fascist organizing has spread widely and a petition demanding his expulsion has gathered nearly 12,000 signatures. The Lowell Sun writes:

The petition and ensuing protest appear to be a result of numerous comments MacNeil made on a livestream in May, which originally appeared on the online platform Telegram. The full video and offensive highlights were subsequently shared to Twitter by several accounts, including Waltham Night’s Watch.

During the livestream video, MacNeil is seen sitting next to Chris Hood, who is widely believed to be the hate group’s leader and founder. In the video, MacNeil brags about a lack of consequences for his actions. As Hood encourages like-minded individuals to intimidate and harass students who “race mix” at parties on their college campuses, MacNeil smiles and offers what could be construed as an endorsement. “We’re pretty much like a frat, but racist,” MacNeil said.

“We’ve been told legality comes before the student code of conduct and this is the reason why no action has been taken,” one graduate student who spoke to the assembled protesters said. “This is not acceptable. It shouldn’t come to the point of requiring an arrest to take action against a hateful person and somebody with an ideology whose sole purpose is to eliminate other groups of people.”

Following the short speeches, protesters broke out in several chats including “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Nazi scum has got to go,” and “[Expletive] all Nazi scum” outside the building, which houses the school’s administrative offices. A man beat on a snare drum as the chants grew louder. “We’re paying to go to this school,” yelled one student over a megaphone to several people watching from the third floor. Protesters entered the building in hopes of speaking with Chancellor Jacquie Moloney but were told she was not present. From there, they continued their chants as they carried signs across the Richard P. Howe Bridge across University Avenue.

NSC is short for National Socialist Club, and 131 is the alphanumeric code for anti-communist action. The hate group participated in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, something its founder has bragged about.

The livestreamed video in question shows MacNeil sitting next to NSC-131 founder Chris Hood, making racist jokes, sieg-heiling, and laughing as Hood encourages viewers to bully kids who “race mix.” MacNeal can be seen bragging about the lack of consequences he’s faced for his genocidal ideology. Clips of the video can be viewed in Waltham Night’s Watch’s thread here.

Local antifascists also report that MacNeil has been fired from his job at Staples and NSC-131 graffiti continues to be covered up.

Far-Right Militia Moves to Takeover Washington Town

The Daily Beast reports that the Three Percenters are moving to flex their power in rural Washington towns outside of Seattle:

So last fall, when members and supporters of The Washington III Percent militia took control of the nearly 100-year-old local Grange association and began rejecting applications for those not aligned with them, it caught a lot of locals off-guard. The Grange, and its turn-of-the-century lakeside building, serves as a gathering place for the community. Think quilting classes and slideshows of neighbors’ trips abroad.

So last fall, when members and supporters of The Washington III Percent militia took control of the nearly 100-year-old local Grange association and began rejecting applications for those not aligned with them, it caught a lot of locals off-guard. The Grange, and its turn-of-the-century lakeside building, serves as a gathering place for the community. Think quilting classes and slideshows of neighbors’ trips abroad.

The Grange takeover calcified a political divide that had been slowly coming into the open on Whidbey Island. The Washington III Percent held an anti-lockdown rally on the island in October in defiance of the state’s mask mandate, attracting GOP congressional candidates, and reportedly using the Grange as a launching pad.

The battle over the direction of South Whidbey Island started to come to a head on June 11, when more than 100 demonstrators came out to protest a student-led effort to get South Whidbey High School to teach a more LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum and to recognize the Black Lives Matter movement. The protesters were met by a student-led counterprotest of more than 300 people.

Shortly after, a Black Lives Matter sign was stolen from the school and a Class of 2021 sign was vandalized with a hammer and sickle and “Fuck Commies.”

Leaked Chats from Three Percenters in Georgia Show Far-Right Militia Itching for Violence

Unicorn Riot has released a new collection of chat logs from the far-Right militia group, the Three Percenters, They write:

Those making up the III% Security Force often fantasize about violence, either in targeted individual acts or in a large-scale eruption of armed political conflict. While some of their chatter may be dismissed as posturing, it may also show genuine intent and should be taken seriously, as Three Percenter affiliates have repeatedly been tied to plots to carry out bombings and assassinations. This year, some in the III% Security Force Discord chat expressed an impatience and a desire to accelerate political conflict to the point of violence. “I’m getting concerned because things are not happening fast enough…”, ‘Traveller HISF III%wrote in February. “I have no problem being the spark…”

Also in February, Ohio Security Force member ‘WNDWLKR III%DEMON‘ shared a list of heroes to be celebrated, entitled “Blood of Patriots”. The list included members of the Aryan Nations-supporting Weaver family killed during the botched federal raid in Ruby Ridge, Idaho in 1992, as well as LaVoy Finicum, killed by police during the Bundy militia’s occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016, and Ashli Babbitt, the Qanon believer shot dead by officers at the U.S. Capitol during the pro-Trump insurrection on January 6, 2021. Also on the list, off to the side from the others, was written “Timothy McVeigh?“, the name of the white supremacist responsible for killing 168 people (including 19 children) in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. No III% Security Force members objected to McVeigh’s inclusion in the ‘Blood of Patriots’ heroes list shared in their chat.

Paul Miller Pleads Guilty to Federal Weapons Charges

Paul Miller, a neo-Nazi and Boogaloo Boi Bitchute Streamer who uses the online pseudonym “G*psyCrusader,” pleaded guilty on Tuesday for possessing weapons and ammo while convicted of a felony. Miller is known for spreading antisemitic, racist hatred to random users on the video chat website Omegle and livestreaming the interactions on his Bitchute channel.

At the virtual hearing, which was conducted on Zoom, Miller’s neo-Nazi fans disrupted the the proceedings by saying antisemitic and racist slurs, and posting them in the chat. They were removed from the conference call.

According to IdaVox, Miller faces up to 30 years in prison. They write:

Miller, 32, appeared before Judge Raag Singhal of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida and made his guilty pleas to one count of possession of a firearm, one count of possession of ammunition and one count of a possession of an unregistered firearm, a short-barreled rifle, each count carrying a maximum penalty of ten years with three years supervisory release and fines. The rifle, a receiver and a pistol had no serial numbers.

Despite being part Romanian and part Mexican, Miller is an open white supremacist that has often expressed hatred of Black people,  Muslims and Jews, participating in a nationwide white supremacist banner drop in November, hanging a sign that read “no white guilt” from an overpass in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has also used the phrase “only white lives matter” and has antagonized multiple Black Lives Matter protesters at several different protests. He in particular has called for the murders of U.S. Rep Ilhan Omar and Microsoft founder Bill Gates as well as cheered on the mass shooting at a New Zealand mosque by White supremacist Brendan Tarrant, and has expressed a desire to engage in violent insurrection himself. “The day of the rope is coming. It’s fucking coming. And if I can accelerate that shit I’m gonna fucking accelerate the hell out of it because it needs to happen,” Miller once said, referring to a term from the 1978 neo-Nazi book “The Turner Diaries,” which serves as a fictionalized blueprint for a white supremacist revolution and has influenced many right-wing extremist terrorists.

To that end, he was first seen participating in the fight in November 2018 outside a New York City Republican club that was featuring Proud Boy founder Gavin McInnes as a speaker that night. Several Proud Boys and at least one member of the 211 Boot Boys were convicted of assault for the brawl, with two currently in prison while Miller, who was not charged with any crime, was able to appear on a One America News Network (OAN) segment to talk about his involvement. Miller eventually became a part of the Boogaloo Bois, who are preparing for a second civil war in the United States, that in a video Miller said will come about when the right no longer feels it could with national elections due to changing demographics. Originally from North Brunswick, New Jersey, Miller, who has prior drug convictions,  was arrested at his home in Florida on March 1 by federal agents on the weapons charges. At the time, he was ordered to remain in jail until his trial because of the concerns of violence on his part.

For more information on Miller, you can read the full article here.

Three Percenters, Aryan Strikeforce, and James Mason Added to Canada’s Terrorism List

The Three Percenters militia movement, the accelerrationist neo-Nazi group Aryan Strikeforce, and SEIGE author James Mason have been added to the list of terrorist entities in Canada’s Criminal Code.

The Three Percenters, who have a presence in Canada and the United States, were added to the list due to members’ involvement in last year’s plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The government also cited a 2015 Minnesota shooting, in which Three Percenter and Soverign Citizen Allen Scarsella fired into a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters, leaving five wounded.

CBC writes:

It is not necessarily a crime to be a member of these groups, but designating an organization as a terrorist entity can have serious criminal and financial consequences.

Banks can freeze the assets of listed terror groups and police can charge anyone who financially or materially supports such groups.

From Vice News:

Amarnath Amarasingam, a Canadian extremism researcher, told VICE World News the inclusion of Mason, one of the few individuals on the list, “communicates that Canada is taking the ideologues and propagandists behind far-right movements seriously, in addition to the plots.”

“It will make it difficult for him to raise money, make people think twice before inviting him to speak at events, and make it harder for him to associate in any real way with members of the far-right in Canada,” said Amarasingam. “And that’s a good thing.”

The Proud Boys, the Base, and Atomwaffen Division were added to the same list earlier this year.


Jim Lahaie, Patriot Front Member of Hobart, IN

We Will be Ruthless has identified Jim Lahaie of Indiana. A member of Patriot Front, Lahaie also holds a leadership position in the Hobart GOP. He follows several explicitly fascist accounts on Twitter. According to his bio on the local GOP website, he attends Ivy Tech Community College and is a former member of the United States Air Force Auxiliary. He is a representative intern for Christopher Buckley’s campaign for Superior Court 4. For more information read the Twitter thread here.

John J. Livingston, National Socialist Legion Member of Ruskin, FL

John Livingston has been identified by Zig Zag AFA as one of the members of the National Socialist Legion Discord, originally published by Unicorn Riot in 2018. Livingston, who goes by the names johnolithicsoftware, john olithic, Whitelash and Jack Offington online, attended the second Unite the Right protest in 2018 with his fellow National Socialist Legion members. Livingston is, of course, an antisemitic racist. In one of his Discord conversations, he plotted with Conor Climo about bombing ADL’s Las Vegas office. In another post, he praised Robert Bowers. He plays in a Nazi black metal band called Druid.

More info on Livingston, including details on how he was identified, can be found in Zig Zag AFA’s thread.

Sean Adam Kuykendall of Andrew’s Alliance Repair, Proud Boys Leader in Modesto, CA

Leader of the Modesto, CA Proud Boys in the Central Valley was outed as Sean Adam Kuykendall, 32. Sean is the owner of Andrew’s Appliance Repair and has been seen at far-Right, pro-Trump, and Proud Boy rallies across the region. Several weeks ago, Sean led a group of Proud Boys in a rally at the City Council in support of a killer cop recently fired by the department after being involved in the shooting deaths of several unarmed individuals. The Proud Boys also attempted to start fights and harassed local members of the community.

Matthew Wall, Proud Boy Associate of McMinnville, OR

We will be Ruthless has identified Matthew Wall, an affiliate of the Proud Boys who works as a contractor for Select Improvements and refers to himself as a “white nationalist.” He has attended several far-right demonstrations in Oregon alongside Joe Biggs, Haley Adams, and Alan Swinney, including a recent “fash camp” organized by Adams, and a June 26th demonstration in Newburg. Wall is armed and a threat to the community. Please spread the word by sharing the Twitter thread.

Matthew Pierce, Identity Dixie Member

Sherman March has identified Matthew Pierce, a current or former Identity Dixie member who also serves in the 1st Armored Division of the U.S. Army. He first joined the organization in 2016, and was an active poster in the Identity Dixie Facebook group until two years ago. He was an active duty soldier just six months ago. Read and share Sherman March’s thread here!

Harley Tod, Identity Dixie Member of Englewood, FL

Sherman March has also identified Harley Todd, a U.S. Army veteran and Identity Dixie member. Tod joined Identity Dixie in January 2018 and likes several fascist pages on his personal Facebook. Like Matthew Pierce, Tod was also a member of the hate group while he was active duty in the army. For more information, see the link here.

Nima Cheraghi, Deseret Nationalist of Logan, UT

DezNat Exposed has identified Nima Cheraghi, a Deseret Nationalist Mormon who goes by the screenname “Nim.” Cheraghi describes himself as middle eastern and white, opposes all immigration to the “United States,” and believes that there is an “effort to eliminate” white people. He promotes antisemitic conspiracy theories on Twitter, including Holocaust denial. He is also shockingly misogynistic, with one of his tweets reading “Women are in fact property.” He is also queerphobic and transphobic, and justifies this by saying “Christ was a homophobe.”

As for real life activism, Cheraghi was spotted at a Salt Lake City “Stop the Steal” rally in November of 2020, and attented the January 6th riot in D.C., which he livestreamed on Periscope. He graduated from Utah State University last month, and may be applying to graduate school. If you have any information on Cheraghi, contact DezNat Exposed.

For more information, read the thread here. Stay tuned for the full article on Cheraghi.

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