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Jul 22, 21

This Week In Fascism #116: Proud Boys Confronted in Salem; Injured Protesters to Sue LAPD; Neo-Nazi Proud Boy Running for School Board Outed

Welcome fellow antifascists!

Have we got an action packed week for you! From clashes in Los Angeles against anti-trans groups like the Proud Boys, to the people of Salem coming together to run the filth out of town, to the Torch Network dumping lots of new ‘White Lives Matter” chat logs, to a variety of smaller actions, news updates, doxxes and much more!

Let’s dive right in!

Action Reports

Proud Boys Pushed Out of Salem, OR

Antifascists in Salem, Oregon organized a successful counter-protest against the “Church at Planned Parenthood,” a Christian fundamentalist group that hosts monthly rallies against bodily autonomy. The group coordinated with the Proud Boys to do security, leading to attacks against counter-demonstrators, but were ultimately routed by Salem antifascists.

According to a local report:

The clash took place at a Church at Planned Parenthood event outside the health clinic. The TCAPP website describes the group’s services outside clinics as “a worship service outside the gates of Hell.”

In Salem, the group has been holding regular Tuesday evening services outside the Planned Parenthood clinic for months, according to its Facebook page. The July 13 event billed two pastors as guest speakers – Greg Locke and Ken Peters. TCCAP has also held regular demonstrations in Spokane.

[A]round 6 p.m. between 50 and 70 people attended a protest billed as “The Church at Planned Parenthood.” About 20 of those attending wore Proud Boys clothing and acted as “security,” carrying guns, bats and body armor, police said.

Twenty minutes later, about 40 counter-protesters arrived carrying bats, paintball guns and armor, police said. In a Facebook post, [a far-Right preacher] described Tuesday night’s protest a “mini-war” in the streets.

Proud Boys, who local reports say numbered about 20, “carried visible handguns, paintball guns, bats and body armor,” and attacked counter-protesters. Local news wrote that two arrests were made. Antifascists report that the counter-mobilization was a success ultimately however, pushing the far-Right off the streets.

LAPD Attacks and Injures Antifascists Confronting far-Right Anti-Trans Protest in Los Angeles; Lawsuit Launched

At least 10 protesters in the Los Angeles area are filing a lawsuit after being injured by police during protests against a far-Right, anti-trans rally. For the second time in two weeks, both the LAPD and gangs of far-Right groups such as the Proud Boys, brutally attacked antifascist and LGBTQ rights demonstrators, who showed up to counter a far-Right rally targeting the Wi Spa, which has been at the center of a massive anti-trans disinformation campaign.

People held their ground on the streets against police and the far-Right, as police unleashed projectiles at point-blank range and Proud Boys surrounded and attacked those they could find who were isolated from larger groups. Police also brutally attacked journalists, crushing one reporter’s hand.

According to ABC 7:

Attorneys representing 10 injured demonstrators have filed claims against the city of Los Angeles and its police department, alleging excessive force by LAPD officers during protests outside a Koreatown spa.

One of the plaintiffs, Vishal Singh, said he was covering the protests when he was struck by a police officer.

“I was trying to cross the street, to continue documenting,” Singh told reporters outside LAPD headquarters on Tuesday. “LAPD pushed me to the sidewalk as I was filming. They took a baton and smashed my camera hand, which ended up fracturing it.”

For info on how to support those arrest, go here.

Neo-Nazi Proud Boy Leader Running for School Board Exposed by Midwest Youth Liberation Front

Members of the Midwest Youth Liberation Youth exposed a white supremacist and leader of the local Proud Boys, after discovering him inside a local “White Lives Matter” chat forum.

According to the Kansas Reflector:

They describe themselves as “a leaderless collective of young anarchists and anti-fascists around the so-called Midwest.”

“Following months of investigation, we have discovered Joshua Wells has held leadership positions in the White Lives Matter marches, the Proud Boys, and the Three Percenters,” the group said in a statement to Kansas Reflector. “Wells’ admitted goal of his new Midwest Nationalist Party is to establish a white ethno-state. We are not exaggerating the extremism of his beliefs: Wells openly praises the death of Black people, spreads Nazi Germany symbolism, and thinks non-White people don’t belong in America.

“If Wells, as he said himself, does not allows ‘Blacks’ into his own Proud Boys chapter, how can any children of color feel safe with him as a member of the school board? The people of Hutchinson have a responsibility to actively push back against Wells acquiring any position of local power. To not act is to risk a hateful man endangering the well being of the community’s students.” Wells filed for the Haven school board seat currently held by Ken Nisly, who is seeking re-election.

Flyers Go Up Warming Community of Neo-Nazi Pedophile Paul Bonnen

Flyers went up in a Portland, OR neighborhood, warning residents that a neo-Nazi, Paul Bonnen, is living among them. According to Corvallis Against Fascism:

Paul Aaron Bonnen is a longtime fixture of Oregon’s neo-Nazi black metal scene. He was a member of the now-defunct white power prison gang Volksfront, and is associated with the neo-Nazi metal label, “Vinland Elite Productions.”

Paul is a 2nd degree sex offender who was convicted of raping a minor. He was detained by CPD on 6/30/21 on the 1700 block of NW Alder for failing to register as such with the state.

Torch Network Drops new ‘White Lives Matter’ Logs Further Exposing White Nationalist and neo-Nazi Organizing

According to the Torch Network:

WLM claims to have made significant improvements to their operations security since their last rally was completely compromised. However, their attempts have been completely in vain. They have set up a basic, easy to infiltrate, vetting processes, and have divided the group’s administration into several different admin “baskets” that they put on timers. This has done nothing to deter ourselves and other antifascists from infiltrating their groups and identifying their members. The actions of this group’s leadership have endangered their members, and will continue to make them the laughingstock of the White Nationalist community. WLM is organized into different telegram channels based on state and country. Each of the individuals we mention below administrates their state/country’s channel, and is working to plan an event in that location.

The WLM movement has been a destination for washed up nationalists from groups across the country. One of the most unique elements of it is that it is a very big tent, and features everyone from normie Trump militia guys to hardcore siege-pilled neo-Nazis. Usually these groups do not interface, but this appears to be appears to be an exception let’s take a look…

See the full report here.

Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘American First’ Events Shut Down and Protested 

Events featuring Republicans Matt Gaetz (currently under investigation for under-age sex trafficking) and Marjorie Taylor Greene, both long associated with white nationalists, far-Right militias, and Qanon, and both members of the ‘American First’ caucus which promotes “Anglo-Saxon political traditions,” were shut down across Southern California. First in Orange County, then in Riverside, and then again in Orange County – events featuring Gaetz and Greene were shut down as community members called for protests and lodged angry phone-calls to venues. Gaetz and Greene ended up holding a rally in Riverside after the third event was cancelled, where a small crowd of supporters were met by counter-protesters who followed both Gaetz and Greene back to their cars while chanting. The rally was followed by a photo-opt on a beach, which was also disrupted.

Far-Right News Roundup

A lot has happened since last month! Nick Fuentes says he’s not feeling too good – COVID? A neo-Nazi who was arrested in Queens, NY for plotting violent attacks has plead guilty in court and now faces five years. A Canadian neo-Nazi who went by the name, “Dark Foreigner,” was unmasked by antifascists. According to The Intercept, “Nick Taurus, a far-right, fringe [Groyper] candidate in an “America First” cap, disrupted Rep. Katie Porter’s event in Irvine, California.” HateWatch has a new article on neo-Nazis and Bitcoin. A Patriot Front member was arrested in Massachusetts and charged with vandalizing a Unitarian Universalist church and a flea market. In Campbell, “Police [are] investigating a call about an alleged prowler. [The] suspect was heavily armed and had a handwritten manifesto detailing his plans to target minority groups.” The Indiana Active Club is a new off shoot of the neo-Nazi Rise Above Movement, more info here. In Salem, MA, “Alex C. Beilman, 27, of Meriden, Connecticut, and Kyle T. Morelli, 27″ were arrested in the act of putting up graffiti for the neo-Nazi group, Patriot Front. Finally in the bay area city of Vallejo, CA, a man associated with the far-Right militia the Three Percenters, was arrested for his role in a plot to blow up a DNC building in Sacramento


In Florida, a former and current police officer were both arrested for taking part in the attempted pro-Trump coup in DC – turns out one of them was a Proud Boy. The leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, plead guilty to setting fire to a Black Lives Matter banner owned by a DC church. A Proud Boys organized benefit for veterans was canceled at a VFW hall and sponsorship of a parade by the far-Right group in South Dakota was also withdrawn. In Red Bluff, California, the Proud Boys vandalized a storefront with a Black Lives Matter poster.


Alexander John Bouzarus and George Meza, Proud Boys at CPAC

Pegasus AFA named two of the Proud Boys who showed up to CPAC as John Bouzarus and George Meza. The chuds simultaneously claimed to be private security contractors working with Latinos for Trump as well as journalists.

Antonio “Tony” Balderas, Vetting Officer for the Colorado Proud Boys

Colorado Springs Antifa exposed Antonio “Tony” Balderas, vetting officer for the Colorado Proud Boys. Tony has a long history of collaborating with open Nazis and anti-Semites like the Traditionalist Workers Party and Denver Anonymous. Tony was recently arrested after shooting at and pepper spraying a man asking for assistance at an intersection.

Jeremiah S. Shivers of the Nationalist Social Club

Jerimiah S. Shivers of Fairhaven, MA was exposed as a member of Nationalist Social Club (NSC) by Antifa Garfield. Jerimiah began running with NSC following this spring’s failed White Lives Matter marches. He has been documented working with the New Hampshire Proud Boys and committing political violence at rallies in Washington DC. He is currently employed by Fuccillo Ready Mix in Falmouth, MA. Information to contact his employer is available in the linked thread.

Alt-Right Troll Evan Zenker of Coxsackie, NY

The Anonymous Comrades Collective comes through with an article exposing Evan Zenker of Coxsackie, NY as notorious Alt-Right troll, Paul Town. Zenker was an early celebrity of the Alt-Right, and worked on the neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer, while also writing articles for the TRS podcast network.

Athen Joseph Jensen of Highland, Utah

DezNat Exposed lives up to their name once more by introducing us to Athen Joseph Jensen of Highland Utah. Jensen is a member of DezNat, a radical Mormon group that aims to create a theocratic ethno-state in Utah. He recently became a member of the group’s city council campaign team, and is working on North Ogden city council candidate Gregory Smith’s run for office.

Neo-Nazi Gary Franks

Central Oregon Antifascists identified Neo-Nazi Gary Edward Franklin of Eugene, Oregon as the operator of a white nationalist dating site called, “Aryanfolk.” Franklin has deep ties to the PNW bonehead scene including interactions with members of the Pacific Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Volksfront, and 14First.

Mykenzie River Proud Boys and their leader Jeffrey Keith Mustin

Wilamate Valley Hate Watch and Eugene Antifa came out with a massive drop detailing the membership of the Mykenzie River Proud Boys and their leader Jeffrey Keith Mustin. The article provides a timeline of the group’s actions as well as information about Bryan Costa, Jacob Wade Mourer, Trenton Leonard Wolfskill, Austin Walker and more.

Chandler Pappas and Alexander Pappas

Rose City Antifa published an article chronicling the trail of violence left by Chandler Papas and his father Alexander. Chandler Papas is a longtime Patriot Prayer associate who garnered fame in the summer of 2020 for capitalizing on the death of his friend Aaron “Jay” Danielson. The article examines the history of violence the father and son pair have committed during rallies across the PNW, and details their extensive history of domestic abuse.

Rip McIntosh, Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA advisor Rip McIntosh was found to be circulating an email newsletter featuring overt white supremacist talking points. According to far-Right watchdog journalist Nick Martin, he claimed those were some of his most popular letters. He has since resigned from Turning Point.

Upcoming Actions

  • July 25th: Rally Against the Proud Boys. Foley Square, NY, 1 PM. More info.
  • July 25th: Day of Action and Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners. More info.

  • September 25th: Community mobilization against the KKK. Longview, TX, 11 AM, Gregg County Courthouse.
  • November 12th – 14th: Protest against white nationalist ‘American Renaissance’ conference in Burns, Tennessee.

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