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Jan 9, 22

This Week in Fascism #125: Antifascists Set Fire to Patriot Front Materials & Expose New HQ; J6 Rallies Flop Hard

Welcome fellow antifascists!

Lots to cover this week as always! Antifascists continue to hound neo-Nazi group Patriot Front, releasing the new address for their headquarters and also confronting them on the streets. The anniversary of J6 also saw a round of poorly attended rallies, as MAGA world fell over itself in a rush to call each and every other faction or group a “fed.”

We’ve got a lot to cover, from news, action and much more! Let’s dive right in!


Thousands of Dollars Worth of Patriot Front Materials Goes Up in Flames as Location to the Group’s Headquarters is Again Released by Antifascists

According to posts on social media, antifascists in Pacific Northwest set fire to thousands of dollars worth of Patriot Front banners, flyers, and stencils over the past week. Atlanta Antifascists also released a video of a burning banner, in a solidarity statement with antifascists mobilizing in Chicago against the neo-Nazi group.

At the same time, the location for Patriot Front’s new headquarters, along with leader Thomas Rousseau’s current address, was again released by antifascists. According to Texas Against Fascism:

After our publication of information about Patriot Front headquarters in 2021, leader Thomas Rousseau and his neo-Nazi roommates went briefly underground, moving out of the residence owned by Rousseau’s father in Grapevine, Texas only to re-emerge in another Dallas Fort Worth city months later.

Recently, antifascist activists revealed Rousseau’s new address in a live interview with the petite leader. Local activists were able to locate and confirm the residence of Thomas Ryan Rousseau, Graham Jones Whitson, and Kieran Morris in Haslet, Texas. Whitson and Morris’ vehicles were clearly visible in the driveway of the property.

Local activists and concerned area residents can find the new address to the home that serves as the headquarters for the neo-Nazi organization, Patriot Front here. Like their former address, the house is already blurred on Google Maps. It is located near an elementary school, middle school, and high school in a single-family home residential neighborhood.

Immediately following their December 4th D.C. march, anti-fascist infiltrators within Patriot Front, along with researchers and groups across the country, began to publicly identify current members of Patriot Front, as part of an ongoing campaign to notify our local communities about neo-Nazis threats. Despite clear, ongoing security issues and informational leaks, Rousseau and the rest of Patriot Front’s leadership have pressed forward with hasty plans to join a rally being held by anti-abortion group “March for Life” in Chicago on January 8th, 2022.

The property management company that carelessly rented the property to Thomas Ryan Rousseau, Graham Jones Whitson, and Keiran Patrick Morris is Westrom Propery Management. Apparently they can’t use google. Ask them if they want to support the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front.

See the call to action and full report here.

Antifascists in New York Out Proud Boy in Flying Campaign

According to NYC Antifa:

This January 6th, antifascists alerted their neighbors about Proud Boy menace, Randy Ireland, blanketing Prospect Heights, Brooklyn with posters.

Proud Boy Randy Ireland was deeply involved in MAGA and pro-Trump organizing before and after the election. In October 2020 he was arrested after several days of violent Proud Boy activity in NYC with an expandable baton and knife. “Sedition” trackers have identified him as one of the Proud Boys who were in DC to storm the Capitol.

Randy Ireland continues to travel around the country attending Proud Boy and far-Right actions. He was in Boston this past November. And Randy Ireland was in Portland, Oregon in August 2021, where Proud Boys rampaged around a K-Mart parking lot and residential area, turning over cars and trying to attack people. He lost his bodycam footage, which was found and uploaded for all to see!

Get to know your local Proud Boy scum, NYC! Randy Ireland is an active Proud Boy from Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Make sure he knows he is not welcome there or anywhere! We keep us safe!

Community Mobilization in New York Opposes Proud Boys and J6 Supporters

In New York, a rally in support of far-Right capitol rioters was confronted by antifascists outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on January 6th, 2022.

According to Newsweek:

Proud Boys clash[rd] with counter-protesters at a January 6 vigil outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.

The counter-protesters, standing at one side of the cathedral’s entrance, start chanting, “What’s that noise? F*** the Proud Boys.”

One of the counter-protesters holds a sign that says, “God Hates Fash,” an abbreviation for fascists. Two other counter-protesters hold a sign bearing the name of the organization United Against Racism and Fascism NYC.

Pro-Choice and Antifascist Demonstrators Counter-Protest In Chicago Against Patriot Front and Attacks on Reproductive Freedom

Despite the latest COVID outbreak and icy conditions, a coalition of groups in Chicago mobilized over 100 people to protest the recent March for Life rally on Saturday, January 8th. Antifascists also put out a call to oppose the neo-Nazi group Patriot Front, who stated in an online December meeting whose audio was leaked, that they would return to support the March for Life event, which they have done the last several years.

Around 50 or-so members of Patriot Front did eventually materialize, but got a luke-warm response from some of the March for Life protesters. There are reports that Patriot Front left the wider march soon after and were chased through the streets by antifascists.

One thing is for sure, numbers at Patriot Front rallies continue to drop and the pressure put on them by protesters and antifascists is certainly impacting their ability to organize.

A report from the day wrote:

Patriot Front cowed to the hecklers and peeled away from the main march, pausing to huddle up in the 20-degree freezing rainy-sleet. Around this time, the raucous counter-demo that dogged the steps of the anti-choice march kept the pressure on the fascists by further heckling them and loudly highlighting the overlapping politics of both Patriot Front and anti-choice demonstrators. Patriot Front has been allowed to join March for Life events for the past several years and believed they would be welcomed there as before. Outside pressure created the conditions for the March for Life to publicly reject Rousseau and Patriot Front.

Antifascists also report that Patriot Front may in fact be planning to mobilize at the upcoming anti-abortion rally in Washington DC.


Help an independent journalist attacked by the far-Right get an attorney:

Alissa is an independent Syrian journalist and Portland local who has been covering the frontlines of the protests in PDX since May 2020. Throughout her time covering social unrest, she has been harassed, stalked, assaulted and brutalized repeatedly at the hands of police and far right groups for simply practicing her first amendment right to be press. She does not film where and when it is inappropriate, and only does so in public spaces. Because her coverage often focuses on exposing the violence and bigotry of the far-right, she often becomes a target for their aggression..

In June of last year, Alissa attended a protest in Oregon City, where protestors gathered to oppose far right groups. She was attacked by these groups while exercising her first amendment rights. There is video evidence from Alissa herself as well as other members of the press showing the violent attack against her. Months later she was indicted on several charges, including felony riot.

Alissa needs to be able to hire an attorney who has experience in taking on this kind of case to ensure that she is properly represented, something that a Clackamas County public defender has proven they are not able to do. Her lawyer will cost between $10,000 and $20,000 depending on the amount of time they will need to commit to her defense. SHE IMMEDIATELY needs to get the retainer of $5,000 so that they can begin to review all of the documents and evidence in her case before her court date at the end of January.

Donate here.


White Supremacist Misogynist, Lyndon McLeod, Targets and Kills 5 People In Denver

On Monday, December 24th, a man named Lyndon McLeod drove from the Denver metro area to Lakewood, Colorado, shooting and killing indigenous artists, hotel staff and members of Denver’s tattoo community. McLeod killed five people and injured two. He broke into houses, tattoo shops and entered the Hyatt Hotel where he was shot and killed by law enforcement. McLeod’s rampage violence was a page out of his own book, Sanctions, where he fantasized about killing several of the people who’s lives he stole on December 28th. Alicia Cardenas of Sol Tribe Tattoo was targeted and killed, along with beloved community members Alyssa Gunn Maldonado, Sarah Steck, Danny “Dano” Schofield, and Michael Swinyard.

McLeod operated a handful of social media accounts under the alias Roman McClay. McLeod took inspiration from neo-Nazi occult pyramid scheme Wolves of Vinland/Operation Werewolf. His books and his lifestyle embodied themes of violence, misogyny, hyper-masculinity, and racism. He frequently appeared in the replies of people like Andy Ngo, where he called for violence against antifa, and is followed by alt-right grifter Mike Cernovich.

Much of McLeod’s book seems to be directly influenced by Jack Donovan. Donovan is a fascist “male-tribalist” that has written for and spoken at the white nationalist conference, American Renaissance, in the past. Donovan also hosted McLeod on his podcast. Since the murders, McLeod is being celebrated across the worst parts of the internet.

If you are compelled to offer support to the victims and impacted community, here is an article with all verified fundraisers for family of the victims.

January 6th Anniversary Rallies See Pitiful Turnout

A call for rallies in support of those arrested and currently facing charges stemming from the attempted pro-Trump coup on J6 and organized by former Trump campaign staffer Matt Braynard, largely failed to materialize outside of a handful of small, far-Right demonstrations which also faced counter-protests.

In Salem, Oregon, Proud Boys and those still willing to associate with them, held a pathetic rally of only about 30 people. Local antifascists report that the rally ended about an hour early due to the poor turnout and the surrounding area was covered with anti-racist slogans and flyers featuring Proud boy’s names and addresses.

In DC, about a dozen pro-J6 people held candles and were surrounded by police and journalists. Ashli Babbitt’s mother was one of the attendees. Another vigil was also held condemning the event, which drew hundreds.

In Orange County, Groyper Nick Taurus, running a long-shot campaign as a Republican against a local Democrat, organized a vigil in support of the “patriots” who participated in the storming of the capitol.

According to the Daily Beast:

The event’s organizer, Nick Taurus, is an outspoken fan of the white supremacist Nick Fuentes, and is currently running a longshot campaign to unseat Democratic Rep. Katie Porter in California. Taurus is a longtime participant in physical clashes with the left. This summer, two weeks after announcing his candidacy, he uploaded a video montage of himself ripping up a Black Lives Matter sign and repeatedly punching a man who was on the ground. The montage is set against an audio clip of Barry Goldwater proclaiming that “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”

Other footage from the rally at which Taurus ripped the Black Lives Matter sign shows him punching and kicking people, and chanting “fuck that bitch” about Breonna Taylor, a Black woman who was killed by police in 2020.

In Beverly Hills, Trump supporters held another sad rally, only bringing out around 30 people.

In Sacramento, Proud Boys from several chapters across the Central Valley drove hours to only muster several dozen people to hoist a banner reading, “We Are At War” in front of the capitol.

Proud Boy Agrees to Work with Law Enforcement Over J6

Raw Story reports that yet another Proud Boy has plead guilty to his involvement in the storming of the capitol that took place on January 6, 2020.

As reported by NBC 4 Washington’s Scott MacFarlane, 34-year-old Proud Boy Matthew Greene of Syracuse, New York pleaded guilty both to conspiracy and obstructing an official congressional proceeding.

“Prosecutors accused Greene of ‘advertising’ that he was a ‘first degree Proud Boy’ on social media,” reports MacFarlane. “And he allegedly sent encrypted message on Jan 6 saying ‘We took the Capitol.'”

According to the plea deal, MacFarlane has agreed to work with law enforcement with their investigations into J6 participants.

Investigation into Ku-Klux-Klan Reveals Links to Law Enforcement

An FBI informant who spent 10 years inside the KKK reports on the vast connections between hate groups and law enforcement:

Over his decade inside, Moore said his list of other law enforcement officers tied to the klan grew. The links, he said, were commonplace in Florida and Georgia, and easier to identify once he was inside.

“I was on track to uncover more activity in law enforcement, but the immediate threat to the public with the murder plot was a priority,” Moore said. “And I was only one person. There was only so much I could do.”

Moore said the three current and former prison guards implicated in the murder plot case operated among a group of other officer-klan members at the Reception and Medical Center in Lake Butler, Florida, a prison where new inmates are processed and given health checks. He said the officers he knew were actively recruiting at the prison.

“If you want to know why people don’t trust the police, it’s because they have a relative or friend that they witness being targeted by an extremist who happens to have a badge and a gun. And I know as a fact that this has occurred. I stopped a murder plot of law enforcement officers,” said Moore.

Combating Terrorism Center at West Point Releases Report on the Skull Mask Terrorist Network

The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point Academy has released a report that details the incubation of the Skull Mask Terrorist Network. The report includes a timeline of how the Iron March site served as a breeding ground for autonomous neo-Nazi terror cells to develop and metasticize, taking shape outside of the site and how that led to the formation of terrorist groups like Atomwaffen Division, The Base, and Feuerkrieg Division among others:

To understand the genesis of the skull mask terrorist network, it is necessary to explain both how the transnational movement came together without roots in a local territorial base, and how that network evolved toward clandestine terrorist violence. The first section of this article examines how the Iron March network acted as the online incubator of the skull mask terrorist network. The second section looks at how online members of the Iron March network built offline connections to other Iron Marchers in their vicinity and began to build in-person activist groups. Both these offline and online spaces acted as incubators for the skull mask network, the emergence of which is described in the third section of the article. The fourth section of the article examines the influence of the Order of Nine Angles on the training and indoctrination practices of the network, influences that contributed toward terrorist radicalization. The fifth section examines terrorist attacks and plots by individuals within the skull mask network and the skull mask network terrorist groups that emerged after the closure of the Iron March forum. The final section offers some conclusions.

The report examines the online networking that occurred during that time that the Iron March site was live and how it manifested in offline organizing. The report explains how Iron March served as a vacuum for neo-Nazi radicalization and recruitment for a population that either could not find away from keyboard (AFK) spaces or groups that were open and accepting of younger recruits. Iron March fostered an environment where different individuals could convene and engage with one another under the umbrella of traditionalism and fascism, share and debate each other’s political ideology and network.

The report also details a handful of terrorist plots that were formed through Iron March but disrupted during the time when the site was online. It provides details about groups that have popped up since the site was shut down and how the Skull Mask Terrorist Network continues to thrive post-Iron March.

Knoxville Planned Parenthood Burned in Arson Attack

Arsonists targeted a Planned Parenthood in Knoxville, Tennessee. The same facility had been previously targeted by anti-choice protesters and even a gunman in 2021 on the anniversary of the Roe vs Wade decision.

According to Rolling Stone:

This past New Year’s Eve, less than one year after a gunman shot out the glass doors of the Planned Parenthood in Knoxville, Tennessee, the entire clinic burned to the ground in the midst of a $2.2 million renovation and expansion project. (No one was injured.) Investigators from the Knoxville Fire Department have ruled it an intentional fire — an arson, started by a person or persons who, just like the gunman, have yet to be identified.

Pastor Ken Peters started The Church at Planned Parenthood (TCAPP) in Spokane, Washington in 2018 as a program put on by his Patriot Church to stir up anti-abortion and Christian nationalist senitment in the area. “It’s a worship service at the gates of Hell,” the group states on its website, but in reality it’s a monthly anti-abortion protest. At these services across from the local clinic, Peters and special guests preach the evils of abortion, call up people for testimonials, and sing religious songs.

At the first Knoxville TCAPP service on Dec. 29, 2020, Peters called the event “a seed that is being planted…[to] be a spark of a fire revival in the south.” He then led the small group gathered near a small tent across from the Knoxville Planned Parenthood in prayer, saying, “We pray that every fire of heaven would come against this building, and would come against this organization, and would come against this evil, in Jesus’s name.”

Less than one month later, a gunman would attack the Knoxville Planned Parenthood in the early hours of Jan. 22, 2021 — the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. Coffield tells Rolling Stone it was the first instance of violence in the clinic’s 20 year history, with the recent fire being the second.

Two Washington State Boogaloo Boys Arrested on Federal Charges

Two Boogaloo Boys were arrested in Washington state after plotting with an FBI informant. According to one report:

A confidential informant beginning in June, infiltrate[d] the “Verified Bois” group that discussed stealing explosive materials and committing violence against law enforcement officials, according to court documents.

Anderson, 26, used commercial fireworks to construct homemade explosive devices in glass mason jars, according to a sworn statement by Special Agent Justin Bodes of the FBI. Goodman is identified as the leader of the group who provided Anderson with a shotgun at a meeting in September.

The FBI also received chat messages in which Anderson called the explosives “distraction devices” that could “throw birdshot at least 20 yards.” The confidential source told police that Anderson listened in to Kennewick Police radio chatter in April, and put on body armor and armed himself when officers responded to his apartment complex on a call of a suicidal neighbor.

In one meeting, the informant captured video evidence of Anderson holding the explosive device. It was seized during the search Dec. 16, according to court records.

Qanon Supporters Are Now Drinking Bleach

The Dallas Observer reports that a group of individuals making up a small QAnon cult are drinking a mixture of chemicals including a bleach-like chemical called Chlorine Dioxide. Members of the Leek family spoke to the Dallas Observer about the concern they share for their family member who joined the cult and admitted to mixing the cocktails herself:

Multiple members of the Leek family confirmed that their relative, who left her husband and children behind in Delaware to follow a fringe QAnon cult leader to Dallas last month, has been drinking a chemical cocktail containing chlorine dioxide, an industrial disinfectant, among other substances.

Their relative has been drinking this cocktail alongside her fellow cult members and has been the one to mix it up and distribute it amongst the group as well, says family, who have declined to reveal the name of their relative in the group.

This is a troubling escalation in the ever concerning trajectory of QAnon. Check the article for more details.


Sebastian Campbell, White Nationalist and ‘White Lives Matter’ Organizer from Kalispell, MT

Our comrades from the Redoubt AFA collective have uncovered the identity of ‘White Lives Matter’ rally leader and neo-Nazi Sebastian Campbell from Kalispell, Montana. Campbell operates a handful of accounts across multiple platforms. He also runs a Telegram channel called the Outlaw Nationalist Watering Hole. According to Redoubt’s blog:

Most recently, Sebastian organized a white supremacy propaganda banner wave in Helena Montana where he brandished a hammer at a community member who objected to his nazi ideology.

One of the more consistent images he posts are photos of his swastika flag that he openly displays while camping. Kalispell residents and folks in surrounding areas can find Campbell’s full dox and call to action on Redoubt’s blog linked here.

Luke Winchester-Kenna, Pagen Neo-Nazi from Gloversville, NY

Corvallis Antifa bring us the identity of Luke Winchester-Kenna. Luke is a pagan neo-Nazi organizing in Gloversville, New York. He is affiliated with several fascist groups including Operation Werewolf, Wolf Brigade Gym, and Militant Ruralism. His flavor of fascism includes occultism, hyper-masculinity and misogyny, and white supremacy. According to CVA:

On 12/27/21 a white supremacist named Lyndon McLeod murdered Alicia Cardenas, Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado, Michael Swinyard, Daniel Schofield, and Sarah Steck in Denver, Colorado. He premeditated these acts in a book he authored called, “Sanction.”

We are authoring this article in response to this murder. Initially, we did not consider Kenna a particularly important figure. However, his proximity and overall similarity to the murderer motivated us to write this piece. We have a frank and honest fear that Kenna could commit similar acts of violence, and feel it is our duty to provide a public warning to the people of upstate New York.

Luke and the shooter were mutuals on Instagram, and frequently interacted each other’s posts. They existed in very similar online circles and followed many of the same people. Like the murderer, Luke is a writer who constantly feels the need to plug his writings in the comments sections of more established Fascist figures. The pair both have significant associations with the Wolves of Vinland, a racist cult which which we will discuss more throughout this article.

Please visit the full article for all the information.

Richard James Flannery, Patriot Front Neo-Nazi from Central Point, OR

Rose City Antifa has unmasked Central Point, Oregon neo-Nazi and member of fascist group Patriot Front Richard James Flannery. RCA writes:

This article identifies Richard James Flannery of Central Point, Oregon as Patriot Front member “Alexander-OR” (PF-109720). Since joining Patriot Front at the beginning of 2021, Flannery has worked with other Oregon members in spreading the group’s fascist, white supremacist promotional materials throughout the state. Alongside Patriot Front neo-Nazis from across the Pacific Northwest, Richard Flannery traveled to Olympia, Washington to vandalize an LGBTQ+ Pride mural in October 2021. He also traveled to the East Coast to march through D.C. chanting white nationalist slogans with over 100 other members of Patriot Front on December 4th.

Check the blog for all the details and calls to action.

Nathanael Lee Strickland, White Supremacist of Lumberton, TX

White Rose AFA outed the editor of the Kinist blog Faith & Heritage as Nathaneal Lee Strickland. Strickand has been running this site for a decade. Kinism is a racist, nationalist, and anti-immigrant interpretation of Christianity. The Way Back Machine shows that Strickland used to be listed on the site until the ADL reported on him. After the report came out, he scrubbed his government name from the blog and began using the alias Thorin Reynolds. His twitter account is filled with racist, anti-Semitic, violent content referencing Pinochet, the “day of the rope,” and his hatred of journalists. Yes, even some straight-up Nazi shit. Check the thread for more.

Heads Up

Through a Telegram channel, neo-Nazis are organizing a fascist and openly neo-Nazi music festival in the spring in Maryland under the banner of “Power Electronics Against Communism,” a nod to the “Rock Against Communism” festivals of the 1980s and 90s. A similar festival happened in Maryland last August with many of the same bands at the same venue. If you have information about this festival, let us know!

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