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Jun 15, 22

This Week in Fascism #130: Neo-Nazis, Proud Boys and Groypers Heed Call from GOP to Attack LGBTQ Community

Welcome fellow antifascists!

This week, public hearings have started to take place on the attempted pro-Trump coup on January 6th. While neoliberals are putting a lot into these hearings – just like they did the Mueller investigation and Trump’s (two) impeachments – if history has shown us anything, its that these spectacles rarely result in people in power facing any consequences.

Despite attempts during prime-time to regain the public’s trust in the State, the push by a growing section of the GOP to embrace white nationalism, gender fascist politics, and authoritarian rule – is going to continue with or without Trump. And, as the Democrats rush to the Center and continue to embrace a politics of war, police militarization and austerity, its up to autonomous social movements to build a real material force that can push back against this civilization which immiserates all our lives and is hurdling us all toward planetary meltdown.

Moreover, as recent events have shown, the fascist far-Right remains as deadly as ever. From the neo-Nazi mass killing in Buffalo, NY, to rising calls for violence against LGBTQ people echoed by both Republicans, growing numbers of evangelicals, and fascist groups – with both Pride month and the Supreme Court ruling on the overturning of Roe V Wade expected in the coming weeks, people must prepare for the potential of far-Right activity and possible violence against community celebrations and demonstrations. With lessons learned from the George Floyd uprising, let us prepare ourselves for the worst and work to strengthen our networks and relationships for what lies ahead.

It’s been a while and there’s a lot to cover, so let us begin!


High School Students in Washington State Walkout In Solidarity with Trans Student Who Was Violently Attacked, Hospitalized

Students at a high school in Washington state walked out of their classrooms in solidarity with a student who was violently attacked and later hospitalized in an anti-trans attack. This attack is only the latest in a series of ongoing racist, fascist, and anti-LGBTQ acts which the school administration has failed to address, say many students. According to KOIN:

Dozens of students at Kalama High School walked out of class Monday morning after a transgender student was assaulted in the school’s halls and subsequently treated in the hospital. Students say, another student repeatedly kicked the transgender student, who identifies as male, with steel-toe boots. “The student had been on the ground, begging him to stop and he just kept going,” said Katrina Rick-Mertens, a sophomore at the school.

The assault technically happened after school hours, just as students were leaving for the day on Monday, June 6. The student has returned to class, according to the school district. Shortly after the walkout occurred, the school district was put on lockdown after Kalama Police say a student made a “threat of violence” against the students walking out in support of their classmate.

Cierley and Rick-Martens say, they will inform school administrators about the bullying and are never told about anything being done about the incidents, only to see the bullying continue. “It’s just really heartbreaking to not be taken seriously when our lives are at stake,” Cierley says. Cierley and her mother, Melissa, text every hour to ensure she is safe. Melissa Cierley says she had to do that after a group of boys would yell at her daughter, using language she describes as sexual harassment.

In addition to transphobic actions and homophobic remarks, incidents of Nazi salutes in classrooms and locker rooms are described by students in conversations with KOIN 6 and are also prominent on social media posts on Kalama community pages. Rick-Mertens and Lillie Cierley say they’ve repeatedly told school administrators how they have been victims. “You’d think that after so many students go to them about hate speech and going to them that we need these bullies to stop, that they would do something. We shouldn’t have to come to this point to rally together for them to listen to us,” Rick-Mertens said.

Shortly after the walkout occurred, the school district was put on lockdown after Kalama Police say a student made a “threat of violence” against the students walking out in support of their classmate. Students and parents say it’s a pattern of not feeling safe at Kalama District Schools, whether it be insults, threats, or in Lillie Cierley’s experience, books, staplers, or “anything they can get their hands on” thrown at her.

Far-Right Live-Streamer and Proud Boy Ally Josh Fulfer’s Car Gets Wrecked

Central California based far-Right grifter and livestreamer Josh Fulfer, who lately has been involved in the ongoing Convoy protests in DC, recently fucked around and found out – that his car got wrecked! According to Idavox:

Fulfer spent this past week still livestreaming the continuing calamities of the Convoy, but once again found himself dealing with police and his car. This time, his vehicle was parked outside his West Virginia hotel and had its tires slashed was spray painted with red paint and strangely according to him, doused with root beer. A “White Privilege” sticker was also removed although the American flags that also adorned the car remained untouched. In the video, Fulfer accused antifa of the vandalism, citing a similar attack on another car that also used root beer in that vandalism. “They used A&W root beer this time. Last time they used Barg’s!” he exclaimed. It is not known who was responsible for the vandalism and when Fulfer told police that “This is antifa’s work,” he was told that there isn’t an antifa presence in the area.

Antifascists Confront far-Right Anti-Choice Rally in Riverside, CA

Responding to call to defend a local Planned Parenthood from Proud Boys and other far-Right groups, antifascists and pro-choice activists mobilized to protect the space. Several dozen squared off against the far-Right until the fascists left the area.

SoCal Community Against Stands Up to Neo-Nazis in ‘White Lives Matter’

In an ongoing effort to defend public space from neo-Nazis, community members in Thousand Oaks, California again rallied with anti-racist and antifascist banners in the same place where a white supremacist group held a ‘White Lives Matter’ protest several months before. For the second month in a row, the neo-Nazis were a no-show.


Neo-Nazis, Groypers and Proud Boys Rally Around the GOP’s Call to Attack LGBTQ Community

With the opening of Pride month, there is a growing chorus on the far-Right: from evangelical church pulpits, Republican leaders, and fascist groups, all calling for violence against LGBTQ people. In Hurst, TX:

Pastor Dillon Awes of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Hurst, Texas had a very specific call for violence against LGBTQ people in sermon from this weekend. Entitled “Why We Won’t Shut Up,” his sermon was about “the solution for the homosexual,” which he said is murder.

“What does God say is the answer, is the solution, for the homosexual in 2022, here in the New Testament, here in the Book of Romans?” Awes asked. “That they are worthy of death! These people should be put to death! Every single homosexual in our country should be charged with the crime, the abomination of homosexuality, that they have,” he continued. “They should be convicted in a lawful trial. They should be sentenced with death. They should be lined up against the wall and shot in the back of the head! That’s what God teaches. That’s what the Bible says. You don’t like it? You don’t like God’s Word, because that is what God says.”

Not to be outdone in Boise, Idaho:

Pastor Joe Jones of the Shield of Faith Baptist Church in Boise, Idaho called for death to “queers” and claimed that “sodomites are reptilians,” part of a larger conspiracy theory that the U.S. government is secretly controlled by reptilian humanoids from another planet. His sermon accused LGBTQ people of being pedophiles, echoing rhetoric that Republican elected officials have been using when discussing their opposition to LGBTQ equality.

“The Bible says they are to be put to death,” Jones told his congregation. “That’s what’s being taught.”

Escalating attacks on LGBTQ people from the GOP itself is also fueling calls for violence. According to the New Republic:

At the end of April, Republican Idaho state Representative Heather Scott held an event billed as a talk on removing “inappropriate materials” from libraries and schools. She warned of an ongoing “war of perversion against our children” propagated by the LGBTQ community, then invited two members of the Panhandle Patriots Riding Club, or PPRC, to the stage. Each wore a black leather vest with the group’s insignia: a Punisher skull with the American flag forming one half of its face and an AR-15-style rifle making up the other half. One of the men, with a name patch that read “DeadDog,” said that the Panhandle Patriots were organizing a protestagainst a Pride celebration scheduled for June 11 in Coeur d’Alene, a town of about 50,000 in northwest Idaho. He said they planned “to go head-to-head with these people,” because, echoing state representative Scott’s words, “they are trying to take your children.”

[I]n Kiel, Wisconsin, a single middle school has had six bomb threats since mid-May—four in one week—after a right-wing group called Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty sent a letter to the school district demanding it drop a Title IX investigation against three boys they say they are representing. At issue: Allegedly the boys used the wrong pronoun for a nonbinary classmate. The threats began after right-wing media, including Fox News, covered the story. The district schools are now closed for the rest of the school year. The bomb threats have reached beyond the school itself to the library, employees’ homes, utility companies, and the town’s Memorial Day parade.

In the aftermath of the Uvalde massacre, some Republicans such as Paul Gosar and Majorie Taylor Greene also rushed to push a baseless (and purposely falsely constructed) conspiracy theory that the shooter was an illegal immigrant, a political leftist and trans. This lie seems to have been the inspiration for an assault by a group of men in Texas against one trans youth, who repeated the false claim. Local police then refused to take a report. Read more about the incident, here.

In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, spurred by a call from a local militia group and GOP elected officials, neo-Nazis, militia members, and white nationalist Groypers all converged to counter a community Pride celebration on June 11th. While Pride organizers reported that the event was the most well attended Pride in Coeur d’Alene ever, heavily armed militia members and neo-Nazis still rallied on the edge of the park where the celebration was held, holding banners falsely attacking all LGBTQ people as “groomers.” Antifascists were also on hand, and reportedly did their best to keep fascists from coming into the larger space. Groypers also rallied alongside far-Right theocrat Matt Shea. 31 members of Patriot Front were arrested on riot charges after someone called the police after seeing the group getting inside of a Uhaul. Two of the arrested neo-Nazis, Mishael and Josiah Buster from Spokane, Washington, are also connected to Matt Shea’s church. For a full breakdown, check out our thread here.

In San Lorenzo, California, a group of Proud Boys barged into a Drag Queen Story Hour reading for kids at a library and began screaming homophobic slurs and threatening folks:

“Hello, children! Hello, grown-ups! Hello, everyone, it’s nice to see you here,” she sang. The children sat in a semi-circle on the library floor, crooning along with Dulce. As she sang, a line of men entered the library, single-file. Some wore the signature black-and-yellow colors of the far-right Proud Boys group, law enforcement officials said. One of the men’s shirts read “Kill Your Local Pedophile” on it, emblazoned over a gun.

They sat down behind the children. When the singing stopped, the shouting started. “So who brought the tranny?” they yelled, directed straight at Dulce. They called her an “it,” and a “pedophile.” Dulce, fearing violence, hid in the back office with a security guard. “I didn’t know if they were armed. I was only acutely aware of the fact that neither myself nor any of the other librarians were,” she told KQED. In an Instagram post, Dulce said the men “totally freaked out the kids. They got right in our faces. They jeered. They attempted to escalate to violence.”

About two weeks ago, the infamous Twitter account @LibsofTikTok, known for its inflammatory posts about the LGBTQ+ community that are often amplified by right-wing politicians and media personalities, posted a “mega-thread,” highlighting roughly 40 examples of family-friendly drag events across the United States. The account has more than 1 million followers. One of those drag events @LibsofTikTok highlighted was the San Lorenzo Library Drag Queen Story Hour, the very one Chu saw interrupted by a barrage of hate.

Proud Boys and white nationalist “Groypers” also rallied outside of Pride celebrations in Arlington, Texas and in Dallas, calling for violence and attempting to instigate fights. As Ben Lorber reported in Salon about Dallas:

“It’s going to be so kek when we take away all your rights,” one protester associated with the white Christian nationalist America First/groyper movement told a counterprotester who was defending the event, using movement slang that roughly means “lol.” In response, hard-right YouTuber and protest leader John Doyle, who was standing nearby, added with a smirk, “Every single one of them.”

Videos taken by protesters circulated widely online, amplified by numerous conservative media figures and politicians. An “America First” congressional candidate from Ohio tweeted his support for one protester who’d tried to force his way into the bar, while another “America First” former congressional candidate from New York marked his approval with a tweet that read simply, “John Doyle Nationalism.” Former Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes praised the crowd for confronting “these sick groomers who sexualize children,” and a cohost on the right-wing podcast of Steven Crowder remarked that Nazism had arisen as “a response to this kind of culture developing in Germany.”

The story quickly worked its way up the right-wing media food chain…By Monday afternoon, Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton, a former pastor, had issued a press release promising to introduce a bill banning drag performances in the presence of minors.

[T]he leading figure in the most vitriolic attacks on Saturday was John Doyle, a 22-year-old YouTube streamer and activist who has been closely aligned with white nationalists like Fuentes and has referred to himself explicitly as a white nationalist. Last Saturday in Dallas, Doyle used his megaphone to call counterprotesters and attendees “faggot” and shouted at parents with young children, “Why do you want to put an axe-wound between your son’s legs?” and “You people are the symptom of a dying society.” In another video captured by local activists, Doyle suggests that Texas sheriffs should enter Mr. Misster “and put bullets in all their heads. They’d be rewarded for it. That’s what the badge is for.”

Shout to the antifascists there that day that helped to hold it down best as possible.

As the past month has shown, far-Right groups, although often small in number, are rallying in opposition to community drag events, Pride celebrations (often in rural towns), and against protests demanding reproductive freedom. Often these demonstrations are spurred by posts on social media by far-Right grifters and have resulted in escalating threats of violence from the far-Right across the social terrain. We must all work to respond to these threats with increasing levels of community self-defense and the ability to push these people out of our spaces, communities and lives.

At NRA Convention, Trump Calls for Vigilante Action Following Buffalo and Uvalde Massacres in GOP

Days after the mass-shootings in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX, Trump appeared in front the annual NRA convention, calling armed NRA members to police schools. According to one report:

His solution was to demand a massive expansion of the repressive powers of the police and the transformation of schools into militarized fortresses. This would include limiting schools to a single point of entry, surrounding them with fencing, installing metal detectors, allowing educators to carry concealed weapons and staffing every school with multiple armed officers.

Denouncing the Biden administration for not having reopened the schools earlier in the midst of the pandemic, he proposed taking back “every penny of unspent COVID relief money from the states and using it to secure the schools.” Trump went further. In a clear incitement to vigilantism, he said that cops in the schools could be supplemented with or replaced by “armed, expertly trained members of the NRA.”

Such comments echo Trump’s other calls for vigilante fascist action during the George Floyd uprising and on January 6th. Not to be outdone, in mid-June, “Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Monday signed a bill into law that makes it easier for teachers and staff to carry guns on school premises.”

Miami Against Fascism Exposes Proud Boy Crossover into the Local GOP

Based on research done by Miami Against Fascism, a new New York Times article exposed extensive crossover between the GOP in Miami-Dade and the Proud Boys:

[A]t least a half-dozen current and former Proud Boys who have secured seats on the Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee…The concerted effort by the Proud Boys to join the leadership of the party — and, in some cases, run for local office — has destabilized and dramatically reshaped the Miami-Dade Republican Party…A committeewoman named Barbara Balmaseda recently resigned from a leadership role after photos posted online showed her both in the crowd outside the Capitol on Jan. 6 and then inside the building.

The Proud Boys’ dive into South Florida politics began before Jan. 6. Several members were elected party committeemen in 2020, and others ran unsuccessfully for legislative and municipal office. Online sleuths, including a group called Miami Against Fascism, have identified party members who are or appear to be Proud Boys or otherwise affiliated with the far right and chronicled their social media activity, revealing connections to national figures and internal quarrels…

Be sure to check out this podcast interview with Miami Against Fascism on It’s Going Down for a deeper dive.

Groyper Leadership Begins to Implode

Tension erupted within within the Groyper movement, after leading figures close to leader Nick Fuentes left the America First formation and denounced the rapidly falling star as the leader of a “cult” and accused him of grifting his supporters for money. According to Hatewatch:

The defections include sidekick personality Jaden McNeil and techie Simon Dickerman, two key players in Fuentes’ coalition. The significant role these men played in building up Fuentes and America First should not be understated. McNeil, also a livestreamer, has in recent years presented himself as a complementary figure to Fuentes…Dickerman, who has bounced around white nationalist collaborations since 2017…The public defection of key collaborators including McNeil and Dickerman is only the latest in a series of setbacks Fuentes and his followers have encountered since the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.

The turning of former key allies away from Fuentes comes at a time when the white nationalist leader is dealing with legal issues, de-platforming, and growing accusations of misappropriation of funds. Fuentes has also been written off by many of the few Republicans that have attempted to speak or show up to his American First Political Action Conferences (AFPAC), a testament to the blacklash against such comments Fuentes has made at the event, including favorably comparing Putin to Hitler.

Jaden McNeil, a former activist within Turning Point USA who was kicked out of the organization for refusing to denounce Fuentes and who gained notoriety for racist tweets about George Floyd, has now left America First and denounced Fuentes, and may attempt to slip back into more established Republican circles. As the Kansas City Star wrote:

McNeil’s resignation doesn’t mean that he’s disavowed the white nationalist movement, said Devin Burghart, the executive director of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights who has spent decades monitoring extremist groups. “He’s probably going to try to do like a lot of these other characters — move back into mainstream Republican politics,” Burghart said, an arena that Fuentes and his followers refer to as “Con Inc.” “He’s going to try to distance himself from Fuentes, and he’s going to try to find his way back into some semblance of Conservative Inc.”

Currently, Fuentes appears to be attempting to make inroads into another Groyper group, the American Populist Union, which includes such former Fuentes underlings as BlazeTV host, John Doyle. Fuentes also held a recent camping trip to rally his base in upstate New York and is making those still loyal to him swear an oath of allegiance.

Neo-Nazi Publishing House Exposed in Pennsylvania

Hatewatch at the Southern Poverty Law Center has published a report exposing a neo-Nazi publishing house in Pennsylvania:

Hatewatch’s research and analysis reveals that Vincent Cucchiara, 24, and Sarah Elizabeth Cucchiara (née Nahrgang), 25, a married couple residing in Green Lane, Pennsylvania, are two of the individuals behind Antelope Hill. The pair have appeared as pseudonymous spokespersons for the company on numerous far-right podcasts, with Sarah Cucchiara billed under aliases as the company’s editor-in-chief since mid-2021. Hatewatch’s investigation indicates that a third person, Dmitri Anatolievich Loutsik, 25, has played a less public role in the company’s operations. Loutsik appears to have first relocated to Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley in 2021, and in late April he bought a house in nearby Harleysville, Pennsylvania, with Vincent Cucchiara assisting as the buyer’s agent.

Since 2020, Antelope Hill has profited from hate by translating historical works by 20th-century Nazis and fascists, offering a publishing platform to contemporary white power propagandists and shipping books around the world using selling platforms including Amazon. This year, they achieved wider prominence when one of their authors, the pseudonymous Raw Egg Nationalist, appeared in a preview for an upcoming Tucker Carlson documentary on masculinity, which is set to air on Fox Nation in June.

The Cucchiaras and Loutsik have a long, shared history as far-right activists, stretching back to their time together as students at Penn State University in the late 2010s. The publishing operation is one aspect of their ongoing participation in the white power movement. Specifically, Hatewatch has found considerable evidence of close cooperation between the Antelope Hill principals and a network of far-right actors associated with the white supremacist National Justice Party (NJP) and The Right Stuff (TRS) podcast network.

Former Federal Agent May Have Had Knowledge of Planned Neo-Nazi Attack in Buffalo, NY

A former federal agent may have had prior knowledge of the deadly neo-Nazi massacre in Buffalo, New York at a grocery store. According to the Daily Beast:

Authorities in upstate New York are investigating the possibility that a retired federal agent might have had around 30 minutes advance warning of the mass shooting plot targeting Black people in a Buffalo supermarket, according to The Buffalo News. Citing two law-enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the investigation, the report claims the alleged shooter invited at least six members of an online chatroom to read about his plans—including the location of the market he would target—about a half hour before the carnage began. It’s thought that one of the six users of the chatroom, where shared racist beliefs were discussed, is a former agent believed to be from Texas. It’s not been established if the agent actually accepted the invitation to view the plans, but an FBI source confirmed to the local paper that none of the six called law enforcement to raise the alarm about an upcoming shooting. The attack at a Tops Markets store on May 14 left 10 people dead.

Neo-Nazi Groups Under Banner of ‘White Lives Matter’ Continue to Hold Flash Rallies; National Socialist Movement Plans to Rally in Missoula

Neo-Nazis, Proud Boys, and white supremacists under the banner of White Lives Matter continue to hold monthly rallies, banner drops and other small actions across the US. In the East Bay city of Danville near Berkeley and Oakland, California, a small group of fascists held a WLM banner while wearing masks. WLM rallies also happened in Kentucky, Ohio and in front of Disneyland in California. You can check out their Twitter account here to see where rallies have happened in the past few months. June 18th is the next scheduled ‘WLM’ day of action. Be on the look out!

Long running neo-Nazi group the Nationalist Socialist Movement, whose members have carried out multiple murders, are reportedly planning to rally in Missoula, Montana on June 18th. Missoula has been the sight of numerous flash “White Lives Matter” rallies and members of the NSM have taken part in other WLM rallies in other states.


Patriot Front

Patriot Front has undergone a mass amount of doxxing, between Unicorn Riot releasing more leaks and last weekend’s arrests in Idaho which exposed many rank-n-file members and leadership. Check out this growing gallery of Patriot Front members from Rose City Antifa here.

Neo-Nazi Travis Wadford of Aiken, South Carolina

Travis Wadford of Aiken, South Carolina runs a white supremacist Telegram group and regularly posts accelerationist neo-Nazi propaganda to his various social media profiles. His postings have promoted school shootings, Holocaust Denial, and replacement theory – just to name a few. Travis has shown through his personal feeds that he is a violent individual who has threatened the lives of people of color at his workplace.

Violent Southern California Proud Boy, Louie Mario Flores who Works at Frito Lay

Louie Mario Flores is a member of the BLako Proud Boys and has been filmed attacking people and participating in violent assaults across Southern California. Louie works as a delivery driver for Frito-Lay in Industry, CA. During his delivery shifts for Frito-Lay, Louie is known to leave racist, violent, and anti-vax conspiracy propaganda wherever he goes. He has admitted to this on his Telegram (username: sicsempertyrannis76). Flores has a long, violent history of attacking journalists, the public, and counter-protesters with other members of the Proud Boys gang. More info here.

Groyper Max Bernegger of Westport, CT

Max Bernegger, age 20, of Westport, CT is a Groyper who has been involved in religious right-wing actions against abortion clinics. In 2020, it is believed that Max was involved with a hoax generated to stir up right-wing anger in his area. Max Bernegger, an “America First” white nationalist, was arrested after making threats online against the police and Donald Trump, both of which Max is a big fan of.

On May 7th, Max Bernegger and a group of (who he later referred to as) Groypers joined Witness For Life in NYC in an attempt to march to a nearby abortion clinic. They were thwarted by the organized local pro-choice groups (@nycforabortion) and Max was later identified by someone who recognized him at the event.

After their failed action, Max Bernegger appeared on a racist streamer’s show for an interview. During the conversation, Max referred to the protestors as “animals” and said that one particular black protestor should be “enslaved.” He also claimed that about a half-dozen of the other people in his group at the protest were Groypers as well. We look forward to finding out who each of them are.

Tristan Sartor, White Nationalist Groyper Living in Arlington, Virginia that Gives Fashion Advice

Tristan Sartor from Tennessee, age 23, now lives in Arlington, Virginia. Tristan refers to himself as a “racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic content creator.” He is a live-streamer and a tailor who gives fashion advice to Nazis under the name T.R. Sartor and refers to his movement as “The Order of Social Antiquity.”

Tristan has strong ties to the Groyper community. He has attended white nationalist events and has been seen with Gavin McInness and Baked Alaska as well as sending birthday wishes to Nick Fuentes. On May 4th, Tristan Sartor live-streamed from a pro-choice rally in DC. He was seen at the rally harassing pro-abortion protesters. Welcome to the sunlight, Tristan.

Farmer Who Loves Hitler: White Plains, Maryland Fascist George Calvin DeMarr, 37

George Calvin DeMarr, age 37, is a farmer from White Plains, MD. He is a violent homophobic racist that openly loves Hitler and casually spreads violent white supremacist propaganda. Based on archived documents, he may have been a member of Identity Dixie, a group closely involved with not only organizing support and defense of Confederate monuments but also with the organizing of the 2017 Unite The Right rally which lead to the murder of Heather Heyer. There has been some evidence uncovered that George himself may have attended UTR. George DeMarr talks openly about his hope and intent of committing racist and antisemitic violence. Recently, George started purging his various social media accounts of content from between 2016 and 2017. You’re too late, George. See more info here.

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