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Sep 2, 19

This Week in Fascism #25: Boston Cops Riot, Attack Protesters

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, we’ve got cops rioting at the Straight Pride Parade in Boston, a neo-Nazi/flat earther/SoundCloud rapper exposed, and a KKK cookout in Indiana foiled by Spider-Man and his amazing friends!

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Straight Pride Flops, Cops Go Wild

Super Happy Fun America, a rebrand of far-Right group Resist Marxism, held the Straight Pride Parade in Boston on Saturday, August 31st. At its height, the event attracted approximately only 100 attendees, who were vastly outnumbered by the 2,500 people who came out in response to Solidarity Against Hate call for a mass mobilization to oppose them.

As soon as the day began, police ousted a number of journalists covering the parade, after an argument in which an officer did not want to be filmed and refused to provide his badge number.

This was followed with a dance party from the antifascist contingent. On the fascist side, a counter-protester was briefly handed a megaphone, which he used to announce, “This is the worst fucking parade. Fuck all of you Nazis,” before the device was snatched from him.

At 11:30 AM, protesters began moving to Copley Square to block the Parade’s planned route. However, they were briefly stopped by a phalanx wall of bike cops.

Parade Grand Marshal Milo Yiannopoulos showed up shortly after noon, protected by a group of American Guard members, including American Guard New Hampshire President John Camden, who had spent the week prior tweeting violent rhetoric about killing communists and socialists.

However, many of the planned far-Right celebrity guests failed to show. Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, who had been promoted as a speaker, did not attend or offer an excuse for his absence. Similarly, Billy Sessions and the Hiwaymen, who had previously promoted the event, did not attend. And the Patriot Saints, a splinter cell of the Soldiers of Odin USA that had previously promised to do security, openly disavowed the rally, calling it a “mockery of what a true patriotic conservative is.”

The parade itself attracted numerous neo-Nazis and antisemites, including the person featured above, a man with “1488” knuckle tattoos selling Straight Pride t-shirts, and the Rhode Island-based Sarah Flynn, a member of the National Socialist Movement.

And the homophobia was on full display from the Straight Pride organizers. Theresa Stevens-Richenberger, a featured speaker and Super Happy Fun America’s “Spiritual Advisor,” according to their website, told the crowd, “It’s not okay to be gay and if someone told you otherwise they lied to you.”

One attendee, wearing one of Steven Crowder’s “Socialism is for F*gs” shirts, pronounced “I am anti-gay” and screamed “F*ggot” at protesters.

Leftist legend Vermin Supreme shouted “Douchebag pride” at the parade, while the counter-protesters chanted, “Bottoms and tops/We all hate cops!” But what stood out about the rally most was the wanton violence from the police, who escalated their tactics against a crowd of demonstrators.

Police arrested a medic, knocking off their bag as they dragged them away, which a separate group of police then treated as a bomb scare.

Multiple independent journalists, including Molly Conger (who was interviewed on This Is America here) and a Unicorn Riot correspondent, were pepper-sprayed.

While medics were treating a small group that had been pepper-sprayed, police approached them and pepper-sprayed the group of volunteers who had formed a privacy wall around them.

Police also had a military-style jeep equipped with an LRAD – a long-range acoustic device – equipped to the top of the vehicle, pointed directly at protesters.

An LRAD is a non-lethal device, used for crowd control, that can cause permanent hearing loss in anyone within 15 meters of its deployment. As reported by Gizmodo in 2014, “Permanent hearing loss begins at 130dB, and if the device is turned up to 140dB, anyone within its path would not only suffer hearing loss, they could potentially lose their balance and be unable to move out of the path of the audio. The device is also entirely operator dependent, which could lead to serious ramifications if the officer in charge doesn’t have sufficient training.”

Documentarian Rod Webber was also attacked by police and arrested while writhing in pain on the ground. Webber was livestreaming when he was arrested, asking the police if they were going to give an order to disperse. No order was given, but the police charged the crowd. Webber was placed in a rear chokehold by an officer, informed he was under arrest, and then thrown to the ground when he asked, “What for?” Webber’s camera continued streaming while it was on the ground, when a officer noticed it and turned it around, presumably to avoid being captured on video. Webber was eventually charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest. The attack on Webber was emblematic of the police’s violence on Saturday.

One protester holding a water bottle was swarmed by police, who claimed it was a weapon. Similarly, police tackled and arrested a protester for using a megaphone. At one point, police charged a group of protesters standing on a sidewalk.

The attacks by police continued all day, resulting in 36 arrests, most of them antifascist protesters, with many receiving felony riot charges. For a longer list of the acts of violence committed by police on Saturday, see this thread from Twitter user @hoping_raging. Those arrested will have their first court date on Tuesday, September 3rd.

There were so many arrests, that Solidarity Against Hate – Boston reopened their bail fund, originally set at $2,500, and raised nearly $25,000 from 698 different contributors. The link to the fundraiser was even shared by Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), among others.

While the escalation by Boston police comes as a shock to some liberals and progressives, as the protest was advertised as a nonviolent mass mobilization, for anyone paying attention to police counter-insurgency operations and their continued brutalization of social movements, this violence should come as no surprise.

Pax Centurion, the magazine of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (the AFL-CIO union representing police in Boston), has long published inflammatory rhetoric about antifascist protesters. In the screenshot above, this article refers to protesters as “the epitome, the very definition of fascism itself…. violent thugs who seek to imposing their political orthodoxy on the law abiding using threats, intimidation and violence.” The magazine advises officers that “The only way to defeat these savages is to fight fire with fire.”

With rhetoric like this, it’s no surprise that police would simply riot and attack protesters on Saturday. At press time, activists were still assembling a full catalog of the police violence that day.


Monday, August 26, 2019: Turning Point Chapter VP Found to Have Ties to Neo-Nazis

Long Beach Antifa released a new article on David James Feiner, the former Vice President of Long Beach State University Turning Point USA and associate of the Long Beach Young Republicans. Feiner’s social media shows pictures of him with Nathan Damigo, founder of white nationalist group Identity Evropa, recently renamed the American Identity Movement, as well as members of the Rise Above Movement, a violent white supremacist street gang.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019: Gwen Snyder Identifies Impersonator

Researcher Gwen Snyder identified a woman who had impersonated her in a Proud Boys chat, posting glittering GIFs of a swastika and a “Heil Hitler” meme based on her use of Telegram sticker packs.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019: Former National Alliance Leader Traced to People’s Party of Canada

Atlanta Antifascists identified Shaun Walker, once a leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, as grassroots activist with the People’s Party of Canada. On his Upwork profile, Walker states that he works as a winemaker in St. Catharines, Ontario.

American Guard Member Identified

Long Beach Antifa identified Kristopher Evan Wyrick, a member of the American Guard in California, who traveled to Portland, Oregon on August 17th to participate in the Proud Boys rally. Wyrick is the owner of the bus that American Guard members rode in when they attempted to attack antifascists on August 17th. American Guard member Mark Quon was wielding a hammer and attempted to strike antifascists from the bus before he was disarmed by antifascist protesters.

Sunday, September 1, 2019: Meet Neo-Nazi Steve Hildebran: Flat earther and SoundCloud rapper

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists released an article on Steven Andreas Hildebran, a 36-year-old man who has been harassing the LGBTQIA community in Colorado, accusing them of pedophilia outside drag events.

Hildebran also routinely shares antisemitic neo-Nazi propaganda, both online and via the signs he carries at protests. One of the signs, which he carried at a Denver Yellow Vest protest, read, “They live, we sleep. Flat earth is no joke! The Goyim know.”

Hildebran lists his employment as “Warehouse Driver” at Lee Hing Food Services in Colorado Springs, Colorado. If you wish to inquire about his current state of employment, you can call Lee Hing Food Services at 719-596-5135.


John Elliott Fired from Rightwing Think Tank

Journalist Hannah Gais released an investigation based on leaked emails, documenting how white nationalists have infiltrated conservative media outlets and nonprofits. Shortly after the publication of Gais’ story, John Elliott was fired from The Charlemagne Institute, a right-wing think tank.

American Guard Fundraiser Deplatformed

The American Guard, a rebrand of violent neo-Nazi skinhead organization the Vinlanders Social Club, had a fundraiser pulled from GoFundMe this week.

The money was being sourced to repair the bus that the group used to attack antifascists in Portland on August 17, during the now-infamous hammer incident, in which American Guard member Mark Quon used a hammer and attempted to attack antifascists. He was disarmed by antifascist protesters, who threw the hammer back on the bus.

Proud Boy Doxxed, Disavowed

Last week, Puget Sound Anarchists posted an article detailing how Proud Boy Joshua Bryan Hanks, has thrust his son’s hands into scolding water. Hanks was subsequently disavowed by his Proud Boy brothers.

Patriot Prayer Banned from PayPal Again, Loses $4500

Patriot Prayer announced that they had been banned from PayPal again, losing $4500 in donations from supporters. They also announced their new PayPal account, which appears to be the PayPal account of Joey Gibson’s girlfriend, Carmen Doyle. The new account was immediately reported by antifascists.


KKK Cookout Shut Down by Antifascists in Madison

A Madison, Indiana cookout held by the Honorable Sacred Knights of the KKK was cut short this week, when antifascists arrived early and took over the pavilion that the Klan group was planning on using for the event. (The Honorable Sacred Knights are the same Klan group that held a May 25th rally in Dayton, Ohio.)

With a streaming banner reading “PINKO COMMIE BIRTHDAY PARTY,” the antifascists held the space the Klan had intended to use, taunting them the entire time, including mocking the two medium Domino’s pizzas that the ten Klan members had brought for their meal.

Videographer Mike Gamms, dressed as Spider-Man, recorded the entire confrontation, which only lasted for eleven minutes before the Klan was forced back into their cars.

“If they do this event again, I bet Spider-Man and his amazing friends will be there,” Gamms told CNN. Excelsior!

Calgary Pride Confronts Far-Right Christians

Pride goers in Calgary utilized large style banners popularized in Hamilton against the far-Right to shut down reactionary Christians who showed up to protest the event.

Berkeley Shuts Down Handful of Far-Right Grifters

Over 300 people turned out to shut down a handful of leftover Based Stickman wannabes in Berkeley, California. Amber Cummings, who is regular at far-Right rallies in the bay area and the Pacific Northwest was only able to rally over a dozen people to her cause of confronting “communists” in Berkeley and literally walked in circles. Cummings, who intended to march from UC Berkeley towards the RCP owned Revolution Books in order to harass staff there, was pushed off the street and shut down by the much larger crowd.

Hillsborough Comes Out Strong Against the Klan

Around 1,000 people came out in Hillsborough, North Carolina a week after a small group of KKK members held a flash rally. The rally was organized in part by a massive “racism alert” text system and folks “marched from a cemetery in Hillsborough where enslaved people are buried into downtown to show a united front” against the Klan.

Far-Right and Anti-Immigrant Groups Confronted in Toronto

Far-Right, anti-Muslim, and anti-immigrant groups rallied in Toronto but where quickly shut down by antifascist, labor rank-n-file, and anti-racist groups.

Call to Action

Long-time anarchist and antifascist prisoner Eric King is currently facing down the State once more, who is trying to pin an extra 20 years to his sentence, claiming that he assaulted a guard. In reality, King is getting towards the end of his sentence, and over the years, the State has attempted to attack him again and again through neo-Nazi prisoners as proxy. These attacks have increased with the coming to power of Donald Trump.

At the same time, several antifascists in Portland desperately need support in the wake of the mass antifascist actions on August 17th. We urge people to write to these comrades and let them know that they are not alone!

Eric King #27090045
FCI Englewood
9595 West Quincy Avenue
Littleton, CO 80123

Multnomah County Jail
Alexander Dial #818905
11540 NE Inverness Dr.
Portland, OR 97220

Multnomah County Jail
Gage Halupowski #817891
11540 NE Inverness Dr.
Portland, OR 97220

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