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Sep 9, 19

This Week in Fascism #26: From the Stadiums to the Streets

Welcome, fellow antifascists!

This week, we’ve got Confederate flaggers undone by labeling their own piss, a firehouse getting shut down due to a Proud Boy infestation, a Patriot Prayer hoax exposed, and how you can help save the hero known as Beta Cuck 4 Lyfe, who prevented a member of the American Guard from attacking antifascists with a hammer in Portland on August 17th.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Piss Flaggers Found Guilty

This week, Ryan Barnett and Nancy Rushton, members of the neo-Confederate flagger group Heirs to the Confederacy, stood trial for vandalism and ethnic intimidation charges related to a March 30th incident in which the The Unsung Founders Memorial, commemorating enslaved workers at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, was defaced with urine and permanent marker, and a custom flag was stolen from the site.

The pair not only urinated on the monument, but also labeled the puddle “PISS” in permanent marker, with an arrow pointing to the wet spot. The day after the vandalism incident, Barnett and Rushton attended a protest of activist Linda Sarsour, and posed for pictures with the flag they had stolen.

Confusingly, Barnett and Rushton were found guilty on all counts except ethnic intimidation. The judge ruled that although the pair had written “N*****” on the monument, the relevant statute required that the language be directed at a specific individual rather than an ethnic group as a whole.

Man Who Threatened Mass Shooting Found to be White Nationalist

Richard Dean Clayton, a 26-year-old resident of Winter Park, Florida, who was arrested on August 4th for issuing threats of a mass shooting, was found to have referred to himself as a “white nationalist” in Facebook posts.

Cider Riot Owner Banned from Timbers Games for Antifascist Symbol

Abram Goldman-Armstrong, the owner of Cider Riot, the bar attacked by Patriot Prayer on May 1st, has been banned from attending the soccer matches of the Portland Timbers after violating the new MLS Fan Code of Conduct by flying an antifascist Iron Front banner at a recent game.

The code prohibits fans from any “political… language and/or gestures” at MLS events. Goldman-Armstrong’s ban will last for the next three games. Goldman-Armstrong is a former model for the Timbers, which used his image in a 2011 campaign to promote the team.

“The league is determined to create a safe space for Nazis in their stadiums. Being anti-racist and anti-fascist has been a part of (the Timbers Army) identity since the beginning,” Goldman-Armstrong told Oregon Live.


Monday, September 2, 2019: American Identity Movement Member Exposed by Eugene Antifa

On Monday, Eugene Antifa exposed Kerrick Martin, of Vancouver, Washington, as a member of the white nationalist group the American Identity Movement. Martin appears to have used his videography skills to produce propaganda for the group. In the leaked chats, Martin makes frequent use of antisemitic slurs and “white genocide” conspiracy theories.

Martin also attended a Washington, DC, event where members of AmIM disrupted a Politics and Prose bookstore reading featuring author Jonathan Metzl.

Martin is also listed on the Franklin County Civil Service Roster, meaning he is eligible to become a Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy. His membership in AmIM appears to violate Rule 6, Section 1, of the eligibility requirements, which holds that an applicant must “be of good moral character.”

From non-personal email, you can contact Franklin County Human Resources to inform them of Martin’s membership in a white nationalist hate group at [email protected] Or you can call them at *67 (509) 546-5813.

ARC Collective Traces White Nationalist Radicalization

The Anti-Racist Canada (ARC) Collective released an article this week tracing the radicalization path of Skyler François, the founder of a nascent political party calling itself the Canadian Union of Fascists.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019: Straight Pride Parade Attendee Harasses Protesters, Gets Exposed

Twitter user @goodtran1 exposed Erin Nelson, an attendee of the August 31st Straight Pride Parade in Boston, Massachusetts. At the parade, Nelson wore a “Socialism is for F*gs” shirt sold by far-Right media personality Steven Crowder, saying “I am anti-gay” and calling protesters “F******.”

Nelson is a 2018 graduate of the University of Wyoming, and according to her LinkedIn profile, currently seeking employment as a data analyst in the greater Boston area.


Havertown Firehouse Shut down over Volunteer Firefighter’s Proud Boys Membership

On August 2nd, researcher AntiFash Gordon exposed Bruce McClay, a Lieutenant at the Bon Air Fire Company in Havertown, Pennsylvania, as a member of the Proud Boys, and asked activists to contact the Fire Department via their online contact form.

The fire company was advised to deal with the situation by town officials. However, when the Fire Company Solicitor reported that they had investigated the matter and found no reason to take action, the city responded by shutting down the fire company entirely.

Havertown is still being served by four remaining fire companies, the closest just a half-mile from the former station of the Bon Air Fire Company.

Thousands of Twitter users celebrated the decisive action by the town, including former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, marking the first time a former major-party Presidential candidate has retweeted a Proud Boy dox.

Joey Gibson Deplatforming Hoax Exposed

This one isn’t a deplatform per se, but instead it’s an attempt to make it seem like Joey Gibson was deplatformed from all electronic payment means, and is on to snail mail as his last resort for receiving that sweet, sweet, ever-dwindling grift money.

But when he posted about how his last point of contact with the modern world was a Mailboxes Etc. location in Vancouver Washington, he forgot to shut down the paypal site that he said he’d been deplatformed from.

At press time, Patriot Prayer’s paypal was still up but antifascists are hard at work getting him deplatformed from Mailboxes Etc.


Bloomington Stands Up

The Bloomington Young Democratic Socialists held a March Against White Supremacy at the Bloomington Community Farmer’s Market in Bloomington, Indiana on Saturday.

The group was there to protest the presence of American Identity Movement member Sarah Dye, also known as “Volkmom,” who sells Schooner Creek Farm goods there.

The group was protected a black bloc of approximately 20 masked antifascists, who held back traffic and the group marched from the market, and then secured the perimeter while the YDSA rallied at Showers Plaza.

Boston Protests Police Brutality

The Boston Anti-Nazi Network held a demonstration of 80 people outside Boston’s City Hall on Saturday, protesting the police brutality against protesters at the August 31st Straight Pride Parade.

Participants in the peaceful protest were peppersprayed and arrested, charged with Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct, often while performing entirely lawful actions, such as standing on a sidewalk.

Despite multiple videos of police punching and pepperspraying peaceful protesters performing lawful actions, Mayor Marty Walsh has stated that he supports the police.

“Just as the people of Boston work to make our values of love, inclusion and acceptance known to all, our public safety officials work tirelessly to keep people safe from harm every single day of the year, and that will never change,” Walsh said in a statement.

The Suffolk County District Attorney, Rachel Rollins, who campaigned on a platform promising not to prosecute lawful protesters, has asked her office not to prosecute those who were charged with standalone Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct complaints. However, one of the judges charged with hearing the cases, Hon. Richard Sinnot, has denied to prosecution’s motion to drop charges against protesters. Rollins’ office has appealed to the Massachusetts High Court to intervene, arguing that it is unconstitutional for the judicial branch to interfere in the decisions of the Executive branch.

Of the 36 people arrested at the Straight Pride Parade, 34 were antifascist protesters. However, Rollins appears to be supporting charges against some protesters. “Make no mistake: some people were appropriately arraigned and will be held accountable for actions that put the safety of the public and law enforcement at risk,” Rollins tweeted.

On Wednesday, Sinnot had National Lawyers Guild attorney Susan Church arrested for Contempt of Court after she objected to the judge’s refusal to accept the prosecution’s wish to drop the charges against her client.

Her offense? Reading into the record the relevant caselaw, establishing that the Judicial branch has no authority over the Executive branch’s decision whether or not to prosecute.

Ironically, Sinnot himself was the beneficiary of such prosecutorial discretion in 1980, when he maced a group of Coast Guardsmen, shooting one with a handgun in the ensuing melee. The District Attorney, for whom Sinnot was working as an investigator, declined to press charges against him for the attack or the shooting.

Call To Action

Help Save Beta Cuck 4 Lyfe

Our antifascist hero from Portland’s August 17th action against the Proud Boys and American Guard, known everywhere as Beta Cuck 4 Lyfe, is still in jail for the crime of defending comrades against a hammer attack.

Let’s all give a few bucks to get Beta Cuck out of jail, his fundraiser is here:

While you’re here, we need your support. To continue running the website, we need support from community members like you. Will you support It’s Going Down, and help build independent media? donate?

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