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Sep 16, 19

This Week in Fascism #27: There’s More of Us Than Them

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, we’ve got Oi Boys getting doxxed, an eco-fascist who volunteers at an animal rescue, a new dox of a member of The Base, and all the latest fails and doxxes from the Proud Boys rally in Albequerque, New Mexico.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


DA Drops Charges Against Some Boston Antifascist ‘Straight Pride’ Parade Protestors

Two weeks ago, Boston police went wild with arrests at the ‘Straight Pride’ Parade put on by a tiny number of local neo-Nazis and associated fascists, rounding up 36 counter-protestors and zero fascists. At their arraignment, the Boston DA moved to dismiss most of the cases, but the judge overstepped and denied the motion in an attempt to force their prosecution. After a ruling in favor of the Boston DA by the Massachusetts Supreme Court last Monday, all but eight counter-protestors’ cases were dismissed.

Portland Police Bureau Investigates Self, Clears Self of Any and All Wrongdoing

Portland Police on Friday concluded their investigation into the case of police liaison Lt. Jeff Niiya’s close contact with fascist provocateur Joey Gibson, by officially clearing themselves of any collusion.  This was after a February FOIA release clearly showed that Lt. Niiya had colluded with Joey Gibson in text communications to keep Proud Boy Tiny Toese out of jail on an arrest warrant. Portland Mayor and Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler cowed completely to police in his statement at the press conference. Accompanying the results of the investigation was a dump of all liaison communications since 2017.

Those communications revealed that the police knew not only about white nationalists in the Patriot Prayer ranks, but also that MAX murderer Jeremy Christian was a known threat prior to the murders.

Red-Flagged Veteran Airs Plans to Murder Antifascists in their Sleep

Portland veteran Shane Michael Kohfield was first in the news a few weeks ago because he was sent to a VA mental health facility and his weapons were confiscated after he stood on the sidewalk in front of Mayor Wheeler’s home and revealed his plans to murder antifascists.

After getting out of the hospital and denouncing his earlier claims, Kohfield on Thursday went on the far-right Lars Larson talk show to describe his detailed plans for groups of veterans to murder antifascists in their sleep.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019: Vancouver, BC #DogRight Propagandist Daron Rutter Gets Bit

Researcher @InfoAgeGent exposed Daron Rutter, a marijuana activist, precious metals trader, anti-Semite, and alt-right propagandist in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Rutter is a prominent member of the #DogRight, an online movement “in which Twitter users with right-wing beliefs that resemble the alt-right’s anti-immigration rhetoric promote their cause alongside pictures of dogs,” according to Rightwing Watch reporter Jared Holt.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019: Austin, Texas Neo-Nazi Oi Boy Ethan Alexander Landrum-Denby

Ethan Alexander Landrum-Denby, a neo-Nazi local to Austin, Texas, was exposed on Wednesday by Twitter user @jockosmodernlyf.

Landrum-Denby plays guitar for local Oi band Ultras, and his last known employment was working for his father at Hemlock & Heather, a wall hangings manufacturer owned by his parents.

Friday, September 13, 2019: Asheville Eco-Fascist Tia Azar Foster

Asheville AntiRacism exposed eco-fascist Tia Azar Foster on Friday. Foster is an animal rights activist, involved with the Ananda Animal Refuge in Trinity, North Carolina, under the name “Tia Walsh.”

Using the Facebook name “Tia Chase,” she attempted to provide support for James Fields, convicted of murdering Heather Heyer at Unite the Right in August 2017. She also used Facebook to post white nationalist propaganda, including adorning her profile photo with a custom “Goyim Lives Matter” frame.

Originally hailing from Ohio, Foster moved to Brooklyn, where she became involved with the leftist Occupy movement before falling into racist National Anarchist circles, appearing on white nationalist podcasts by 2012.

Saturday, September 14, 2019: New Mexico Proud Boys Bradley Burris, Bryce Eric George, Gabe Martinez

Proud Boy Bradley Burris was identified after attending a rally by the group in Albequeque, New Mexico, this week. Burris lives with his parents, where he runs a podcast and sells original art.

Proud Boy Bryce Eric George was identified at the same rally. George works for Sante Fe Power Equipment in Sante Fe, New Mexico. You can call them at 505-471-8620 to let them know that their employee belongs to a hate group.

Gabe Martinez, another attendee of the Proud Boys Albequerque rally, was identified. He left arm features a tattoo of a Sonnenrad, or “Black Sun,” an esoteric neo-Nazi symbol. He works at Cake Nightlife in Albequerque, New Mexico. You can contact them via their Facebook page or their Instagram to tell them about their neo-Nazi employee.

Sunday, September 15, 2019: Cape Town, South Africa Member of the Base, Francois Kemp

Eugene Antifa released a thread on Francois Kemp, a member of neo-Nazi organization The Base and resident of Cape Town, South Africa.

Until recently, Kemp was an Administrative Manager at British Petroleum Southern Africa, in the Montague Gardens of Western Cape.


ABQ Turns Out Against Proud Boys and Hiwaymen

Proud Boys held a rally in Albequerque, New Mexico, on Saturday. They were joined by members of the neo-Confederate Hiwaymen, who appeared in their token neon green t-shirts.

An estimated 15 far-right rally goers were outnumbered by approximately 100 protesters. The Proud Boys were joined by Alan Swinney, despite public assurances that Swinney had been disavowed by the Proud Boys after leaked chats revealed that he had planned a violent attack on protesters at a failed 2019 Resist Marxism rally in Providence, Rhode Island.

In the chats, Proud Boys traded pictures of leftist activists they planned to assault and swapped photos of the weapons they planned to bring.

Community Shows Up Against Neo-Nazi ‘Pro-Trump’ Rally in Dahlonega, Georgia

Hundreds of community members showed up to protest a thinly-veiled and poorly-attended (between 35-50) neo-nazi rally in Dohlonega, Georgia on Saturday.

Cops made an extremely dystopian show of a force, with riot police marching around the streets in full riot gear. Police would later post on social media that they were mobilizing for the “antifa protest,” making it clear as to what ‘threat’ they were responding to.

In fact, the main stories out of these tiny rallies nowadays are about police and their complicity in aggressively protecting and propping up overt white supremacy.

Emerald City Supporters Walk Out Over Iron Front Ejection

ICYMI, Major League ‘Soccer’ (aka Football) has banned the use of the anti-Nazi Iron Front logo from flags and banners at matches, saying that it represents a political position and as such is disallowed. Meanwhile, some teams like NYCFC openly embrace neo-Nazis within their fan ranks.

Amidst this tension, on Sunday an Emerald City Supporters fan flew an Iron Front flag during the first half and was ejected from the match. In protest, nearly the entire Sounders’ Brougham End supporters group section walked out in protest after halftime.

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