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Oct 22, 19

This Week in Fascism #32: Don’t Chud on Me

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, we’ve got a Proud Boy cop in Connecticut. a trial date for Jack Corbin, and doxxes of the American Guard and the American Identity Movement.

Plus, an Atomwaffen member losing his guns, Red Ice TV gets banned from YouTube, and Milo is so broke he sold his website.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Feuerkrieg Division Flyers Spokane Church, Reveals Location of Member(s)

Researcher Subcommdante X released an article on the Feuerkrieg Division, an international group of accelerationist neo-Nazis who have recently began expanding to the United States. The group recently flyered the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church in Spokane, Washington. In its propaganda materials, the group mimics neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division, which has linked to five murders and attempted bombings.

The members of Feuerkrieg Division have recently faced a spate of arrests, including Conor Climo, who planned to bomb a synagogue and a gay bar, among other targets; and Jarrett William Smith, an Army Private in Kansas who distributed bombmaking instructions, and planned to attack both CNN and the home of leftist podcaster Daniel Harper, in retaliation for Harper recently releasing a two-part episode of his podcast, I Don’t Speak German, covering the “Siege Culture” of the far-Right.

Connecticut Cop Kevin Wilcox Exposed as Proud Boy, Doesn’t Violate Department Policy

Kevin Wilcox, a police officer in East Hampton, Connecticut, was exposed as a member of the Proud Boys this summer, in a letter sent to the department by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

However, the department claims that Wilcox has not violated any policy, despite his documented membership in the pro-Trump street gang.

As researcher Megan Squire pointed out, Wilcox was exposed by a group of antifascist researchers scraping Proud Boys financial documents.

Daniel “Jack Corbin” McMahon Pleads Not Guilty

Daniel McMahon, aka Jack Corbin, pled not guilty to all charges in a Virginia court this week.

After years of online death and rape threats made toward activists and researchers, particularly female-presenting persons, McMahon was arrested in September for online threats made against Charlottesville activist and City Council candidate Don Gathers in January 2019.

McMahon’s trial is set to begin in the Western District of Virginia on December 23rd, 2019.

SoCal MAGA Chuds Attack and Pepper Spray Refuse Fascism Protesters

Leftist anti-Trump group Refuse Fascism held a protest at the Santa Monica Pier on Saturday afternoon. Many of the usual LA MAGA chuds showed up, started a fight, and then pepper sprayed everyone. David Dempsey was arrested immediately after the incident for hitting a minor with pepper spray, and police are currently searching for Joseph ‘Chan’ Cheng, who also deployed pepper spray into the crowd.

Others present were Joey Gibson associate Carmen Estelle, Ian LaFontaine, “Jesse Suave,” Charles Betlran, Pat ‘Based Spartan’ Washington and his daughter Bianca, Genevieve Peters, and Brandon Recor.  Many had hinted at their intentions on social media prior to the incident, and several could be seen coordinating in one video of the assault.

Seattle Proud Boys Associated with Anti-Affirmative Action Campaign

Proud Boys member Zac Staggs, last seen getting demasked and literally stepping in shit after pretending to be an antifascist, was recently linked to opponents of Initiative 1000, an affirmative action measure on the ballot in Washington state.

The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, among other left-leaning organizations, is calling for opponents of Initiative 1000 to publicly distance themselves from the hate group.

Joseph Jordan aka “Eric Striker” Launches New Neo-Nazi Website As Fascists Turn Their Backs on The Daily Stormer

Joseph Jordan, better known as Eric Striker, is a prolific neo-Nazi author and podcaster, who for years has written on the vehemently pro-Hitler website, The Daily Stormer and done podcasts along side Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, a neo-Nazi behind The Right Stuff podcast network and best known for divorcing his Jewish ex-wife after being doxxed. For months Jordan has been playing up his new website, National Justice, and in late August it was launched on Go Daddy. On top of featuring almost entirely articles written by Jordan, it also features content about the neo-Nazi group Patriot Front and pieces attacking antifascists, ‘COMMUNISTS,’ journalists, and promoting various conspiracy theories.

In an expose on Jordan the Southern Poverty Law Center wrote:

Jordan, a 30-year-old-man from Queens, New York, with light olive skin, slicked-back hair and rockabilly sideburns, has inhabited the busy, online alt-right persona of “Eric Striker” since at least 2015, Hatewatch determined through over a dozen interviews with people inside and outside of the alt-right movement.

Jordan’s parents, both of whom have either Latinx first names or surnames, married in 1988, according to records listed on A neighbor told Hatewatch she has known the family for years and that Jordan’s mother told her she was an immigrant from South America.

Jordan told two people in the alt-right movement he was Italian, the reporting finds. One of the two people told Hatewatch they asked Jordan to name the part of Italy from which his family emigrated, but he couldn’t do it.

It seems that Jordan is launching National Justice due to almost across the board condemnation of those behind The Daily Stormer, notably Weev and Andrew Anglin, who many within the Alt-Right accuse of being Jewish. Jordan, who has written as Eric Striker since 2015, has been with the site for years and was one of its most popular authors.


Kurtis Bailey Buckingham, of Woodbine, Maryland, Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Kurtis Bailey Buckingham, of Woodbine, Maryland, was exposed this week as a member of white nationalist group Identity Evropa, now known as the American Identity Movement.

In leaked chats, Buckingham is known as Konrad and Konrad – MD. He attended an annual meetup of AmIM members known as Leading Our People Forward in the spring of 2019.

Sean Wulfe McCann, Sandy, Utah, American Guard

Sean Wulfe McCann, a member of the American Guard in Sandy, Utah, was profiled this week by Corvallis Antifascists.

Despite calling themselves “Constitutional Nationalists,” the American Guard was formed by “hardcore white supremacists,” and members attended Unite the Right. Many American Guard members have visible white power tattoos.

McCann works for Nationwide Energy Utah, a company dealing in solar panels in Salt Lake City. You can contact them Facebook or by calling 801-708-1024. (Be sure to use *69 to block your number prior to calling.)

Benjamin Spooner of Camarillo, California, Member of Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Benjamin Spooner, of Camarillo, California, was exposed this week as member of Identity Evropa, renamed the American Identity Movement earlier this year.

In leaked chats, Spooner went as Perihelion – CA, where he posted over 3,000 messages, many of them explicitly racist and anti-Semitic.

Spooner is currently employed as a build engineer for Green Hills Software. You can contact them via their online contact form.

Patrick Moskala, Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Patrick Moskala was exposed as a member of the Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement this week.

In leaked chats, Moskala used the name Galaxidus, where he posted about his love of neo-Nazi podcaster Eric Striker, real name Joseph Jordan.


Milo Broke Again, Sells Website

Far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has sold, his former website, telling his Telegram audience that he is struggling with bills.

Last month, Milo was deplatformed from both attending a midwestern furry convention and performing at a family friendly restaurant called Hawaiian Brian’s.

Logan Cook, aka Carpe Donktum, Loses Twitter Account

Logan Cook, aka alt-right memester “Carpe Donktum,” was suspended from Twitter this week, following a copyright violation.

Proud Boy Kyle Tautfest Deletes Twitter After Arrest

Proud Boy Kyle Tautfest, of Steilacoom, Washington, was arrested for fighting at the end of September. He was armed with a knife, pepperspray, and a poorly secured loaded handgun in his waistband.

Antifascists informed his employer Western State Hospital, in Lakewood, Washington, about his hate group affiliations. The hospital claims it is now handling the situation.

Washington Atomwaffen Member, Kaleb Cole, Has Guns Seized

Kaleb Cole, an Atomwaffen member in Washington state who told authorities he was preparing for a “race war,” had his guns seized earlier this week, under the controversial “Red Flag” laws allowing law enforcement to temporarily seize firearms of those they believe may be at risk of violence, although Cole remains at large.

White Nationalist Red Ice TV Banned

White nationalist YouTube channel Red Ice TV was banned from YouTube this week. Red Ice began as Red Ice Creations in 2003, originally a website for conspiracy theories and alternative medicine, but increasingly began hosting white nationalist, neo-Nazi, and anti-Semitic content. Patrick Casey, the current leader of American Identity Movement, has had a long working relationship with Red ICE TV.

Florida Proud Boy Chris White Voted Out as Chapter President

Florida Proud Boy Chris White was voted out as chapter President of the Zone 5 chapter of the Florida Proud Boys. Afterward, he posted to Facebook that the group was a “FRATERNITY of TRUE SCUMBAGS.”

White is perhaps best known for unironically posting a photo of himself with a bloody nipple in a matching American flag tank top and running shorts combo.


Pittsboro, NC Mobilizes Against Neo-Confederates and White Nationalists

Antifascist protesters turned out to counter a far-Right rally featuring neo-Confederate group the Hiwaymen, League of the South, the Virginia Flaggers, and members of various Three Percenter groups. As usual, the antifascists outnumbered the neo-Confederates and militia members and stopped them from marching to a Confederate monument that is scheduled to come down.

Call to Action

Solidarity Needed with Jock Palfreeman

Jock Palfreeman, who spent 11 years in prison for defending a young Roma who was being attacked by fascists, is free but not out of the woods yet. As one report wrote:

Australian Jock Palfreeman, who has been freed from detention but banned from leaving Bulgaria, has said he fears systemic corruption within that country’s criminal justice system could see him returned to jail for years beyond his original sentence.

In an interview with the ABC shortly after being released from immigration detention, Palfreeman said he feared the influence of far-right political movements, which are seeking to have him reimprisoned, on the judiciary and criminal justice system.

Palfreeman served 11 years of a 20-year sentence for the 2007 murder of a student, before being paroled last month. Palfreeman has consistently maintained he acted in self-defence, a version of events supported by a recently released video showing him coming to the aid of two men being assaulted by a group of more than a dozen other men.

Abolition Media Worldwide wrote this of Jock:

Jock has been locked up since December 2007. He was sentenced for murder in 2009 for 20 years in prison for the death of a neo-Nazi militant, son of a well-known Bulgarian politician. He had been killed in a clash with Jock who was protecting a Roma from the group of far-right hooligans to which the young Nazi belonged. The details of the conditional release are not yet known.

Jock helped to establish the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Association, the first union for prisoners in Bulgaria.

Earlier this year, Jock went on hunger strike for 33 days in protest against the unfair treatment he had suffered for his role in the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Association.

The hunger strike had been in response to repression against Jock for him exposing corruption in the country’s prison system and its abuse of prisoners.

People are encouraged to donate to Jock’s fundraiser and share it on social media.

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