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Nov 25, 19

This Week in Fascism #37: All Fall Down

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, we’ve got the Proud Boys hanging an antisemitic banner near an Orthodox Community, the usual crop of doxxes, and Proud Boy Joe Biggs getting banned from Facebook!

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Proud Boys Hang Antisemitic Banner Near Orthodox Jewish Neighborhood

Following the failed #FreeTheBoys rally on Saturday, November 17th, the Proud Boys hung a banner outside an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood insinuating that Mark Dwyer, the judge who sentenced Proud Boys Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman to four years each for their role in an attack on protesters in October 2018, had given special treatment to a rabbi convicted of sexual abuse.

While the Proud Boys have claimed that they’re not anti-Semites, conspiracy theories linking the Jewish community to pedophilia have historically been a cornerstone of anti-Semitic propaganda. Der Sturmer, a Nazi Germany tabloid, routinely publicized details of sex crimes committed by Jewish men, often wholly invented, to stigmatize the Jewish community.

In 2017, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes created a video for Rebel Media entitled “10 Things I Hate About Jews” that was shared by the Daily Stormer and David Duke.

The banner was quickly taken down and later burned by local antifascists.

British Teenager Convicted of Planning Anti-Semitic Terror Attacks

A 16-year-old British boy in Durham (UK) planned to bomb local synagogues and had already written a manifesto for distribution. Though he claimed that he had only indicated that he was planning the attacks for “shock value,” he was convicted of all six terror offenses with which he was charged.

Court documents appear to indicate that the boy was radicalized online, and spent time on both the Iron March and Fascist Forge forums.

Atomwaffen Member Sentenced to Two Years of Probation

Brian Patrick Baynes, a member of the Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi group linked to eight murders, was sentenced in court to two years of probation. As part of his plea agreement, Baynes is prohibited from owning firearms and “material that reflects extremist or terroristic views.”


Lucas Martin, Neo-Nazi in Lone Tree, Colorado

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists exposed Lucas Martin, a neo-Nazi in Lone Tree, Colorado.

Along with members of the Proud Boys and the neo-Nazi Goyim Defense League, Martin participated in the ongoing harassment of performers and audience members of the all-ages drag shows hosted at Mile High Comics in Denver, Colorado.

Martin frequently posts neo-Nazi imagery on his social media accounts, including Nazi Sonnenrads, and the phrase “White power.”

He currently works at King Soopers on South Holly Street in Centennial, Colorado. His supervisors are Bryan Burkey and Susan George, and can be reached via email:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Parker Dane Murphy, Student at Texas A&M, Member of Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Parker Dane Murphree, a student at Texas A&M, was exposed this week as a member of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, now known as the American Identity Movement.

In the group’s chats, Murphree used alias Gerald Cunningham, where he posted racist and misogynistic comments, and pictures of him participating in a propaganda photo shoot with other members.

Texas Fash Finder has asked that people contact the Texas A&M Student Conduct Office by calling 979-847-7272.

William Strom Spigner, of Rainsville, Alabama, Iron March Member

Haleyville Anti-Rapist/Anti-Fascist Action identified William Strom Spigner, of Rainsville, Alabama, as a member of the neo-Nazi Iron March forum.

On the forum, Spigner used the name NewWorld, where as a 17-year-old high school Senior, he posted statements like “I hate k***s and n*****s.”

Thomas Bauder, Iron March Member in Erie, Pennsylvania

Thomas Bauder, of Erie, Pennsylvania, was exposed as a member of the neo-Nazi Iron March forums this week.

In leaked messages, Bauder used the alias Sturmgeist, where he admits to assaulting a man who had sex with his girlfriend.


Proud Boy Joe Biggs Banned Again from Facebook

Proud Boy Joe Biggs was again banned from Facebook this week, after setting up two new accounts, under the aliases “Richard Biggs” and “Randy Biggs.”

Biggs organized a Proud Boys rally in Portland, Oregon, in August, where Proud Boys Chairman was caught on camera admitting that the point of these rallies was to waste taxpayer money in liberal cities.

On his page, Biggs described himself as “anti-TPUSA,” a nod it seems to the white nationalist “Groyper” movement, headed by Nick Fuentes, who marched in Charlottesville at Unite the Right.


Pittsboro Confederate Monument Comes Down; Pitiful Neo-Confederate Rally Drowned Out

Last week, the Pittsboro, NC Confederate statue at the center of ongoing anti-racist mobilization in the region, came down, removed by the city in the dead of night, after months of intense community organizing. In response, local anti-racist groups called for a rally over the weekend, knowing that neo-Confederate and white nationalist groups would mobilize. However, on Saturday, the pro-Confederate side was largely rained out and low energy, drowned out by a larger anti-racist mobilization.

One person on social media wrote: “It was a sad, rainy day for Confederates in Pittsboro with no statue and no giant flag. And then anti-racists took over the square to have a dance party.” On November 24th, a Christmas tree lighting ceremony took place on the same area where the Confederate statue once stood without any controversy.

League of the South and ACTBAC Shows up to Anti-ICE Protest in Alamance County, NC

Several members of the neo-Confederate and white nationalist group, League of the South (LoS) showed up to counter a several hundred strong anti-ICE mobilization in Alamance County, NC. Anti-ICE protesters shut down the street in front of the sheriff’s office to call for the abolition of ICE. LoS members were joined by Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County (ACTBAC), which has claimed in the past that they do not work with white nationalists.


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