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Dec 2, 19

This Week in Fascism #38: A Fash in the Pan

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, we’ve got a Proud Boy threatening a journalist in Colorado, a middle-school fascist reflects after leaving the Alt-Right, two random Nazis getting arrested in Sussex County, and three fascist sailors getting exposed.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Proud Boy Threatens Colorado Journalist

A member of the Proud Boys, using the Twitter handle @proudwolf13, issued threats to Jeremy Jojilia, a reporter for 9news NBC, after a two-part local news segment on the rise of hate incidents in Colorado.

“@jeremyjojila works at 9news and is a communist propaganda creator working against America dig into him go to his job go to his home go to his child’s daycare treat these traitors the way they treat us and we will take the fight out of their fingertips,” @proudwolf13 tweeted. “You are the enemy of the American people we will bring this to your home your work your child’s school The same way antifa does to us. You fucked around now find out. The fury of America is upon you and your Communist friends.”

Jolia’s series noted that hate groups in state were becoming more active, particularly around the all-ages drag show hosted by Mile High Comics in Denver, where a group of Proud Boys rallied alongside the openly neo-Nazi Patriot Front, Goyim Defense League, and former members of the Traditionalist Worker Party. The second part noted that James Mason, the author of Siege and the ideological leader of the Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi accelerationist group linked to eight murders in the US, lives in public housing in downtown Denver, and receives free meals for low-income seniors.

Shortly after the threats were issued, Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists revealed that @proudwolf13 is the Twitter handle of Joshua Michael Gillespie, a resident of Colorado Springs. Gillespie’s Twitter account has since been banned.

Former Iron March User Issues Statement on Leaving the Far-Right

Vanguard, a former member of the neo-Nazi Iron March forums, issued a statement about joining the forum in middle school before eventually leaving the far-right:

“When I first joined, I would never have considered myself even marginally fascist. I’d seen some of the founding user, Slavros’, art on DeviantArt, thought the flashy and militant aesthetic was ‘edgy’ and interesting, and this led down a rabbit hole of ultranationalism. I made an account on Iron March, and within a few days of posting, found myself starting to adopt more and more of the fascist worldview,” he wrote. “Since those months, I can count myself lucky to say that I’ve never been in any form of contact with fascism or the extreme right. Throughout high school and until today, I consider myself an antifascist and leftist. I made friends of different racial, sexual, and political backgrounds, took some history classes, and generally grew up I suppose. It was hard not to detest fascism after that. That being said, I bear full responsibility for having created that profile. I’m hoping that by reaching out to concerned antifascist communities, I can play a small role in better understanding how radicalization happens, so that we can try and prevent it together.”

Vanguard also noted how the forum shifted from discussing fascist theory to organizing real-world paramilitary groups, and “that it is critically important to shut down these forums before this tipping point is reached.”

Two Men Arrested in New Jersey, One Plotting Terror Attack, Other Had a Grenade Launcher

Law enforcement arrested two men for planning separate and unrelated far-Right terror attacks in the Sussex County, New Jersey, population just 141,000 in 2017.

Michael Zaremski, a 25-year-old EMT, was arrested after police investigated him for sending pictures of his ex-girlfriend wearing Nazi paraphernalia to her employer, and found that he had stockpiled automatic weapons emblazoned with the same markers used by the Christchurch shooter, and according to the New York Times, had “material on his computer that suggested he was curious about committing a mass shooting at a hospital.”

Joseph Rubino, a 57-year-old gun dealer, appears to have been selling homemade semiautomatic weapons and distributing far-right literature at gun shows. Rubino was only caught after crashing his van on the way home from a gun show. After agents searched his home, they found a grenade launcher, 17 additional semiautomatic weapons, and more far-right propaganda materials.

As noted by the Times, both men were discovered by accident. For Zaremski, police were investigating his harassment of an ex. For Rubino, he was only caught because he crashed his truck, despite being on the radar of federal law enforcement.

Unicorn Riot Exposes Neo-Nazi Serbian Arms Dealer in the Canadian Navy

Iron March user MOONLORD, a Serbian arms dealer, was revealed by Unicorn Riot to be Boris Mihajlovic, a 29-year-old Reservist in the Royal Canadian Navy. Mihajlovic was previously active in Blood and Honour, a neo-Nazi group attempting to infiltrate the punk and hardcore scene.

On the Iron March forums, Mihajlovic traded messages with a user known as FrenchSoldier, and arranged an arms deal in which he would provide the French resident with handguns, an AK-47, and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement Member’s Classroom Presentation Becomes White Nationalist Hit on Internet

As reported by Atlanta Antifascists:

On November 16, 2019, student Charles Robertson posted a video of his class presentation for a writing class at Georgia Southern University in southeast Georgia. The YouTube video, titled “Irreplaceable”, presents the theory that “replacement” immigration from non-white countries is a kind of genocide aimed at destroying white people. The “great replacement” conspiracy theory is a well-known predictor of white supremacist violence and has been cited in mass murder manifestos such as that of the Christchurch shooter.

During his presentation, Charles Allen Robertson advertised the organization American Identity Movement (AmIM) by featuring an image of its banner on the screen. AmIM is a white nationalist group formerly known as “Identity Evropa”, and under that name is currently being sued for its role in Unite the Right at Charlottesville, VA, 2017. Afterward, in the comments of the YouTube video, Robertson engaged with commenters, basked in their praise, and gave out information on the racial composition of his class. Commenters began to abuse one of Robertson’s classmates – briefly audible in the video – with racial slurs. The video quickly went viral in multiple far-Right communities, including 4chan’s /pol/ network. The viral video currently has almost three thousand comments and over ninety thousand views.


Norman “Chris” Henk, Proud Boys Recruit in Pennsylvania

Twitter troll @SylvioHunt was exposed this week as Norman “Chris” Henk, a Proud Boys recruit.

Online, Henk posts Anders Breivik memes and various Proud Boys propaganda, and engages in the harassment of leftist activists.

Currently, Henk works as a Conductor for New Jersey Transit. You can tweet to them @NJTRANSIT.

Josh L’Heureux and Tyler Rose, US Navy Sailors and San Diego Proud Boys

Twitter user Death Cab for Scooby exposed two Proud Boys, Josh L’Heureux and Tyler Rose, both Proud Boys and enlisted members of the US Navy stationed in San Diego.

You can tweet to the base at @NavBaseSD, or you can email their Public Affairs Officer at [email protected]

Richard Cameron Boster, Neo-Nazi in Lebanon, Ohio

Panic! in the Discord exposed Richard Cameron Boster, of Lebanon, Ohio, as a member of the neo-Nazi Iron March forum today.

On the forum, Boster went by the name Sonnenrad, where he promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and referred to homosexuality as a “perversion of nature that must either be dealt with through counseling, medical intervention or total removal from society.”

As of 2016, Boster was working of Ascensus, a financial services company. You can reach out and inquire about his employment status via their online contact form.

Maxwell Myers, Daily Stormer Book Club, American Identity Movement at the University of Washington

Eugene Antifa exposed Maxwell Lucas Myers, a student at the University of Washington, as a member of both the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer Book Club and the American Identity Movement.

In 2017, as a high school senior, Myers was a member of the Cascadian Coffee Company Discord server, an online hub for some of the most extreme members of the far-right in the Pacific Northwest, including Kaleb Cole, leader of the Washington cell of the Atomwaffen Division.

Eugene Antifa has requested that people inform the University of Washington of Myers’ ties to violent far-right groups. You can call *67 206-685-6194 or email them at [email protected]

High School Member of Atomwaffen Offshoot Placed on 10 Day Suspension

Eugene Antifa reports that they have uncovered a high school student at Mead High School and living in Spokane, Washington who is a member of an Atomwaffen Dvision offshoot group, the Feuerkrieg Division. The group reports that currently the high school student is on a 10 day suspension from the school and is also being investigated by law enforcement. Spokane, Washington is near where a recent neo-Nazi paramilitary training camp was organized, as part of ‘The Base,’ a neo-Nazi accelerationist network.

Call to Action

Prison Break, the IGD column curated by the fine folks at Certain Days, reports that antifascist prisoner Gage Halupowski has been transferred. Please, take a moment to write a letter of support and let Gage know at this new facility people are thinking of them and have their back.

Gage Halupowski, #21894460
Snake River Correctional Institution
777 Stanton Blvd.
Ontario, OR 97914-83305

Need some tips on writing political prisoners? Check out this guide here.

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