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Dec 16, 19

This Week in Fascism #40: You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, we’ve got a neo-Nazi radio producer claiming that antifascists faked two years worth of social media posts, a Unite the Right 2 organizer headed to jail, doxxes of Proud Boys, a fascist firefighter getting… fired, and how you can help protect a farmers market in Indiana.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Antifascists Expose International Networking Between US, Russian Far-Right

Atlanta Antifascists released a new article on the international ties of white nationalist attorney and leader Sam Dickson, who traveled to Russia in 2018 alongside associate Michael Dominy, meeting with Russian far-Right leaders.

Radio Producer Outed as Neo-Nazi, Claims Two Years Worth of Posts Fake

Last week, Kirk Widlund was exposed as a neo-Nazi by Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists, who documented two years worth of racist posts from the 710KNUS producer on VK, a Russian social networking site popular with the far-Right. Widlund used the account under his real name, with the custom URL “AdolphPhan,” to post racist memes, neo-Nazi propaganda, and speeches from American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell.

Since then, Widlund has claimed that the posts are fake, and 710KNUS host Steffan Tubbs has backed him up, threatening the antifascist group with a libel suit. Colorado Springs responded by releasing a full archive of Widlund’s social media posts, dating back nearly two years.

9News Denver reporter Jeremy Jojila noted in a thread that Widlund had used the account to announce news that he only later made public on his radio show. On April 14, 2019, Widlund posted “Twitter, the last ZOG platform that I was allowed to be on, finally ax’ed my account for calling out a Jewess who was pushing fake news.”

On April 15, 2019, Widlund appeared on-air with Tubbs, where he told Tubbs that “Twitter finally ax’ed my account.” Why? He accused a “verified liberal” of posting “fake news.”

If antifascists had faked Widlund’s neo-Nazi postings, they would have had to have insider knowledge of his life, including exactly why his Twitter account was banned, and would have correctly predicted the language he used (e.g. “ax’ed”) to discuss his ban.

A subsequent investigation by 9News reported that a 710KNUS program hosted by Peter Boyles had repeatedly featured guests from VDARE, a white nationalist website run by close friend of Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow.

Unite the Right 2 Organizer Fred Arena Pleads Guilty, Faces 25 Years

Unite the Right 2 organizer Fred Arena pled guilty to lying on a security clearance application, failing to disclose his membership in the neo-Nazi group Vanguard America.

Arena was exposed as a hate group member in July 2018 after antifascists infiltrated the Unite the Right 2 planning group and doxxed the members.

Arena’s sentencing is in January, where he faces up to 25 years in prison.

Former Proud Boys Associate Omar Navarro Arrested for Attempted Extortion, Criminal Threats, Stalking

Proud Boys associate Omar Navarro was arrested this week on felony charges of Attempted Extortion, Stalking, and Criminal Threats. Navarro’s ex-girlfriend, DeAnna Lorraine, named herself as the victim in the case in a press release issued December 7.

In July, Navarro tweeted that “I denounce the proud boys as of today. @DeAnnaTLorraine used the proud boys to threaten my life with eminent danger [sic] because I said I would expose the cocaine use including hers. I don’t mind getting kicked out of free speech rally to stand for truth.” In August, Lorraine was granted a restraining order against Navarro.

In 2016, Navarro was sentenced to probation after admitting to tracking his wife by planting an illegal device on her car.

Milo Snuggles up to Nick Fuentes and American Identity Movement

Falling star Milo Yiannopoulos has taken a shine to both the American Identity Movement, a re-brand of Identity Evropa, and Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist who marched in Charlottesville that is leading the “Groyper” movement which seeks to push the MAGA camp further into the Alt-Right. In recent weeks, Milo has promoted and shared posts from Patrick Casey and AmIM on his Telegram platform and recently interviewed Nick Fuentes on his YouTube channel.

Yiannopoulos’ show is part of a new online platform known as Censored TV, which features Gavin McInnes, Joe Biggs, and other Alt-Lite personalities.


Randy Luke Ireland, Proud Boy in New York, New York

Randy Luke Ireland, an NYC Proud Boy, was exposed by Alerta NYC this week.

Ireland works at New York Equipment Dealers, a wholesale supply company that operates Restaurant Supply World and an online auction site, in Brooklyn, NY.

You can contact them at *67 (718) 789-4560, or via their online contact form.

Jason K. Morris, Proud Boy in Valdosta, Georgia

Georgia Tattoo artist Jason K. Morris was exposed as a member of the Proud Boys this week, after posting a YouTube video where he tattooed Proud Boy leader and former InfoWars personality, Joe Biggs.

Morris works at Firehouse Ink in Valdosta, Georgia. You can leave reviews on their Facebook page here and via Yellow Pages here.

Michael Schoepf, Proud Boy in Fairview, California

Michael Schoepf was exposed as a Proud Boy in Fairview, California.

Schoepf is a member of Iron Workers Local 433 in Los Angeles/Las Vegas. If you wish to inform them about Schoepf’s membership in a far-Right pro-Trump gang, you may do so via their online contact form.

Jasper Collins, Fascist Firefighter… Fired

This week, Atlanta Antifascists revealed Jasper Collins’ new place of employment, the Jasper County Fire-Rescue in South Carolina.

Collins had previously been exposed as a fascist in May, when he was employed by Chatham County Emergency Services, where he was fired after a pressure campaign from antifascist activists.

Collins was again fired, this time by Jasper County Fire-Rescue on December 13th, 2019, one day after being exposed again.

Robert Donovan, Neo-Confederate White Nationalist in McEwen, Tennessee

Robert Donovan of McEwan, Tennessee, was exposed as a neo-Confederate this week.

As a side business, he runs Dixie Giftshop, selling flags emblazoned with various Confederate and neo-Nazi symbols. He uses social media to post far-Right propaganda, and appears to own the domain name

You can contact his employer by tweeting @QuadGraphics, or by calling 1-888-782-3226.


Antifascists Create Projection Targeting Patriot Prayer Associate Brandon Farley

Antifascists created a projection this week, reading “Brandon Farley: Sexual predator, sex pest, serial harasser, targets houseless + trans folx, minors/ Beware Brandon Farley,” and displaying tweets of Farley’s where he asked Atomwaffen, a neo-Nazi group linked to five murders, to “take appropriate action” against specific leftist activists.

Farley is a videographer in Portland, Oregon, and a close associate of Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer. He has a history of harassing female-presenting antifascists, talking about his sexual obsessions about specific people on Twitter and sending them small sums of money via PayPal.

Farley later sent threatening messages to antifascist activist Luis Marquez, reading, “I’ll Murder you in the Street and Fuck your Corpse in front of Everyone. Show Yourself to Me, Bitch.”

Call to Action

Help Stop a White Nationalist Group Member from Disrupting a Farmers Market

American Identity Movement member Sarah Dye, aka Volkmom, has applied for a booth at the Farmers Market in Columbus, Indiana.

Dye previously had a booth at the Bloomington Farmers Market, leading to a wave of protests this past summer.

The Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement is requesting that people contact the Columbus Farmers Market and inform them that a prospective vendor has a history of bringing white nationalist groups and members to her booth. You can write the Columbus Farmers Market at [email protected], or call them at *67 812-371-1866.

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