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Feb 10, 20

This Week in Fascism #45: Patriot Front Hides Behind Cops in DC, Former ‘Campus Reform’ Troll Outed as White Nationalist

Welcome, fellow antifascists!

This week, we’ve got a white nationalist who formerly worked for Campus Reform, doxxes of a Nazi podcaster known as “Southern Dingo,” a Patriot Front member in Virginia, and news of antifascists countering white nationalist rallies in Portland and Washington, DC.

Without further adieu, let’s begin!


Patriot Front Travels to DC to Cower Behind Police, Gets Their Campsite Leaked

On February 8th, 2020, approximately 120 members of Patriot Front, a neo-Nazi group, marched in Washington, DC, protected by a line of cops.

However, antifascists quickly leaked that the group was staying at the Pocahontas State Park, driving there in rented vans to ferry the members of the group.

Just two years ago, when Patriot Front’s Discord was leaked to independent outlet Unicorn Riot, the chat showed 149 members. In leaked chats, members were told that rape was an acceptable form of punishment for women who did not obey traditionalist gender roles, and the group discussed using “ethnostate rape gangs” as a police force.

Based on estimates from current infiltrators, Patriot Front is believed to have approximately 200 members nationwide. In the past several months, the group lost their New England Network Directing Officer after he was reportedly kicked out of the group for embezzling funds to purchase marijuana, and several members have been doxxed by antifascist activists.

In September, the group’s plans to bombard nationwide college campuses with neo-Nazi propaganda were disrupted when antifascists leaked the plans on It’s Going Down.


Michael J. Thompson, aka “Paul Kersey,” Racist Propagandist and Leadership Institute Employee

Right Wing Watch exposed pseudonymous blogger “Paul Kersey,” the persona behind the racist blog Stuff Black People Don’t Like and a contributor to white nationalist outlet VDARE and Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance.

“Paul Kersey” is actually Michael J. Thompson, who began working for the conservative Leadership Institute as part of their Campus Services Program in 2010, where he contributed articles to Campus Reform. In 2011, Thompson contributed his first piece to VDARE.

Thompson on left, poses with Scott Greer on right. Greer was fired from The Daily Caller after it was revealed that he was also working with Richard Spencer on his Radix publication. Photo from Daily Caller office in 2017. SOURCE: Cassandra Fairbanks /

By 2012, Thompson had left the Leadership Institute to become a contributor to WorldNetDaily, the same year that WND began routinely publishing pieces on “Black mob violence.”

Both Campus Reform and WND have refused to comment on Thompson, and have attempted to cover their connection to him by deleting his contributions to their sites.

Louis Jeffery “Jeff” Giovingo, aka Southern Dingo, Self-Described “Nazi” and Host of the Southern AF Podcast

Antifash Gordon exposed Bowl Patrol’s “Southern Dingo” as Louis Jeffrey Giovingo, of Ouachita Parish, Louisiana.

Giovingo, who goes by “Jeff,” attended the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Two months later, he launched the Southern AF podcast, where he has hosted Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler, former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke, antisemites and GOP Congressional primary candidates Patrick Little and Paul Nehlen, “Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell, and the Bowl Patrol’s Vic Mackey.

Giovingo’s current associations are strongest with the Bowl Patrol, a group of white supremacists who praise Dylann Roof and encourage mass shootings. “Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell was recently charged with extortion, after threatening to sexually assault the wife of another Bowl Patrol associate, “Cheddar Mane,” unless he revealed the identity of Bowl Patrol leader “Vic Mackey.”

Jack Espinoza, aka “Black Israelite,” Leader of Atomwaffen’s Michigan Cell

Panic! in the Discord outed Iron March user “Black Israelite,” the leader of Atomwaffen’s Michigan cell, as Jack Espinoza of West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Espinoza does not appear to work or attend school, and lives with his parents. Activists have asked that concerned parties inform his parents about his association with a violent hate group via the contact page for his father’s company.

Robert Javid, Arlington, Virginia, Member of Neo-Nazi Patriot Front

Death Cab for Scooby exposed Robert Javid, a Patriot Front member in Arlington, Virginia.

Javid used his Facebook account to spread Patriot Front propaganda, saying it was for a group called “Sons of Columbia,” a reference to a Patriot Front Telegram channel.

Javid is an apprentice beekeeper for Virginia Honeybees. You can contact them via their website.


KKK Calls for Rally, Fails to Show in Portland

Steven Howard, former Imperial Wizard of the North Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, organized a February 8th rally in Portland, which he and his KKK buddies failed to actually show up to.

However, approximately 200 antifascists did attend, as part of a counter-protest organized by Rose City Antifa, PopMob PDX, local antifascist crews, and included a “Banana Bloc” of folks dressed in banana costumes playing brass instruments.

However, the far-Right wasted no time spinning the event not as Portland residents coming together to defend their community against the KKK, but as another example of “ANTIFA teRRoRiSm,” with Patriot Prayer affiliate Andy Ngo claiming that the “antifa mob… directed violence at journalists, law enforcement and property.”

Nick Lee, an independent researcher who attended the event, reported witnessing “no serious violence” and that antifascists even had to deescalate at least one situation where a far-Right rallier attempted to fight them. Despite this, police “rushed the park crowd, raising tensions,” according to journalist Shane Burley, who provided video of the event.

In a show of solidarity with the KKK in a common front against antifascists, members of the Proud Boys also attended the event. Alan Swinney, a Proud Boy who last made headlines for planning a mass assault on protesters at a since-cancelled Resist Marxism rally in Rhode Island, was hosted by far-Right organizer Haley Adams.

However, Swinney, who has historically butted heads with Proud Boys Chairman and current GOP Congressional Primary candidate Enrique Tarrio, claimed in a Facebook post that the Proud Boys are “trying to drive all the alphas out of the group with their toxic masculinity so these beta cucks can get back to meme posting without all the gross violence. Pathetic. Every single one of them should be ashamed of themselves.”

Numerous far-Right grifters were pushed out of the anti-KKK rally as well, including Brandon Farley who has readily threatened numerous community members with violence. Ironically, Farley was arrested by police on a misdemeanor charge of second-degree disorderly conduct while numerous other far-Right grifters and livestreamers were pushed out of the demonstration.

Students Push White Nationalists Out of Event After Being Ignored by Campus Security

At Brock University in Ontario, students banded together to push white nationalists Leigh Stuart and Chris Vanderweide out of a social justice forum held at the school this week.

The two far-Right activists have a long history of interrupting leftist events and harassing members of marginalized communities. But when student told the event organizers that the pair were in attendance, neither the organizers nor the school’s security acted to protect the community.

The students acted to deescalate the situation and safely remove the pair, blocking their path at the event but leaving a clear exit. As the students wrote in a reportback for It’s Going Down, “Whether we’re at school or in the streets, we can’t rely on authority figures to prioritize our safety – especially when we’ve been forcibly marginalized by that same authority and their institutions.”

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