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Feb 25, 20

This Week in Fascism #47: Rose City Antifa Exposes far-Right Activist on Jury Trial of Antifascist

Welcome, fellow antifascists!

This week, we’ve got a fascist murderer convicted on all charges, Proud Boys associate Roger Stone going to prison, “Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett being exposed as an anti-Semite and shouted off of a college campus, Straight Pride organizers being drowned out of their own rally by a full brass band, and new far-Right doxxes of Proud Boys, a Hammerskins member, a troll from Portland’s Liberation, and a neo-Nazi.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Jeremy Christian Found Guilty in Far-Right Knife Attack

This week, Jeremy Christian was found guilty of twelve charges, including two counts of murder and one count of attempted Murder in Portland, Oregon. Prior to the murders, Christian frequently posted on social media about the necessity of turning the Pacific Northwest into a white ethnostate, a longtime goal of white nationalists. He also attended at least one event sponsored by far-Right group Patriot Prayer, though they refused to pose for photos with him after he began throwing up Nazi salutes even as they rallied with members of openly racist groups like Identity Evropa and the KKK.

Though Christian’s lawyers argued that the attack was not racially motivated, the incident began when Christian started shouting racist and anti-Islamic slurs at two young Black women on a Portland train on May 26, 2017. Three men – Ricky Best, Taliesin Namkai-Meche, and Micah Fletcher – stepped in to defend them, and Christian attacked them with a knife. Best and Namkai-Meche were killed, but Fletcher survived a stab wound to the throat.

For an in-depth account of Christian’s trial, see this report from It’s Going Down.

The court has yet to set a sentencing date for Christian, who remains in the custody of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

Solidarity to Christian’s victims and their friends and family.

“Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett Revealed as Anti-Semite

Leaked 2017 chats from Liberty Hangout, a self-described “libertarian” media outlet founded by Caitlin “Gun Girl” Bennett and her fiance Justin Moldow, appear to show the two of them engaging in anti-Semitic banter.

In the past, Liberty Hangout has posted memes on social media denying the Holocaust, and hosted white nationalists and white supremacists like Augustus Invictus, Kyle Chapman, and Christopher Cantwell on their podcast.

For more, see the full article.

Proud Boys Affiliate Roger Stone Sentenced to 40 Months, Milo Kicked Out of Court for Snoozing

Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison on charges of lying to Congress, obstructing justice, and witness tampering.

Stone is a longtime supporter of hate group the Proud Boys, who held a rally in support of him in January 2019, and a primary force behind their entry into mainstream Republican politics. Stone has utilized the Proud Boys has a private security force on various occasions and in Florida, marshaled their rank-n-file against voter recount demonstrations.

Reporter Jared Holt noted that far-Right Telegram channel-haver Milo Yiannopoulos was present at the sentencing, but was kicked out after falling asleep.

As @SFKissinger remarked on Twitter, “He’s so broke he can’t afford to pay attention.”

Juror in Trial of Antifascist Exposed as Far-Right Activist Tristen Barhite

On Tuesday, following a hung jury verdict in a misdemeanor harassment case against Portland-based antifascist activist Luis Marquez, Rose City Antifa revealed that the lone holdout voting for guilty plea was Tristen Barhite, a member of the far-right III% Oregon State Militia, and a frequent attendee at events sponsored by the far-Right Patriot Prayer. Barhite has frequently posed for photos

Marquez was accused of pushing far-Right activist Gregory “Bike Nazi” Isaacson, a Holocaust denier and consistent presence at far-Right events in the Pacific Northwest, into a parked vehicle. Law enforcement only began pursuing the matter after Patriot Prayer organizer Joey Gibson sent an email to Portland Police Bureau Lt. Jeff Niiya entitled “ANTIFA scumbag Luis Marquez trolling bicyclist at Trump impeachment rally – YouTube.”

Gibson exchanged friendly text messages for months with Niiya, with Niiya providing Gibson with the location of leftist protests and even activist movements at events, eventually resulting in an investigation of the relationship. The investigation, conducted by the Portland Police Bureau, unsurprisingly cleared the Portland Police Bureau of any wrongdoing.

Marquez’s trial resulted in a hung jury, with only one holdout voting to convict him. On Thursday, February 19th, Rose City Antifa revealed that the juror was Tristen Barhit, a far-Right activist who has been photographed posing with Patriot Prayer leaders at various far-Right events.

On Friday, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office Spokesman told Oregon Live that they were reviewing the allegations made in the article. The same day, Marquez announced on Twitter that the state had declined to refile charges against him.

“I am happy to announce the state will not be taking me back to court – I want to thank my legal team, friends and family and comrades for standing with me during this time. Thank u all! 161,” Marquez tweeted.

Far-Right Extremist Attacks Two Hookah Bars in Germany, Killing Ten People

43-year-old Tobia Rathjen went on a shooting rampage this week, killing ten people, including his own mother, and leaving behind a racist, far-Right manifesto explaining his actions.

Rathjen’s manifesto lists a number of Muslim-majority countries that “must be completely destroyed,” which presumably explains why he targeted hookah bars, whose staff and clientele are often of Middle Eastern descent. Though he did not use the word “incel” to describe himself, in the manifesto, he reveals that “for my whole life I haven’t had a wife or girlfriend.”

After murdering nine people at two bars in Hanau, Rathjen drove back to his residence, where he murdered his mother.

“There are many indications at the moment that the perpetrator acted on right-wing extremist, racist motives, out of hatred towards people of other origins, religion or appearance,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters. “Racism is a poison. Hate is a poison and this poison exists in our society and is already to blame for many crimes.”


Emma Mitchem, Portland’s Liberation in Eugene, Oregon

On Saturday, February 22, far-Right activists gathered in Portland, Oregon, to protest the treatment they received during a rally organized by the Ku Klux Klan on February 8th.

Though KKK activists called off their rally the morning of the 8th, members of Portland’s Liberation, a far-Right group started by longtime Patriot Prayer associate Haley Adams, attended anyway. Portland’s Liberation was quickly shouted down by activists and fled, while the activists had a dance party.

The members of Portland’s Liberation were joined on Saturday by Alan Swinney, a Proud Boy best known for attempting to organize a violent Providence rally where members of the group would ambush specific leftist protesters.

Patriot Prayer’s LaDon Jean Deatherage attacked a protester, while attendee Emma Mitchum called one protester an “ugly f*****.”

Researcher Nick Lee covered the rally, documenting it via video clips in a Twitter thread.

Emma Mitchum is a Sales Associate at Jerry’s Home Improvement in Eugene, Oregon. You can call the store at *67 (541) 689-1911 to let them know that their employee is a supporter of a violent far-right group.

Zachary West, Nationalist Connect in Pueblo West, Colorado

Colorado Springs Antifascists exposed Zachary West, a user of a Nationalist Connect, a service promising to connect white nationalists with each other.

West is a gamer who runs a YouTube channel called The Voice of Nationalism, where he reposts videos of fascist leader Oswald Mosley.

West works at Papa John’s in Pueblo West, Colorado. You can call them at *67 (719) 547-7676 to ask why they’re employing a Nazi.

Joshua Wallace, Hammerskin in Jamestown, California

Antifa Sacramento exposed Joshua Wallace, Jamestown, California, as a member of the white supremacist Hammerskins, a neo-Nazi skinhead gang founded in the late 1980s.

Wallace works at Sierra Pacific Industries, at their Sonora, California location.

You can contact his employer by calling *67 (209) 532-7141 to inform them that Wallace is a member of a violent hate group.

Jake Morrson, Proud Boy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Jake Morrison, a member of the Florida National Guard, was exposed as the President of the Broward County Proud Boys this week.

You can contact the Florida National Guard’s Public Affairs Office by calling *67 (904)823-0166, or by emailing [email protected].

Martin Meyers, “Anarcho-Capitalist” and Proud Boy Affiliate in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists detailed the story of Martin Meyers, an anti-Semite and “anarcho-capitalist” who rallied with the Proud Boys, led by Louie Huey, to crash a Bernie Sanders rally.

Meyers recently received over $1,600 with from his fellow Proud Boys after claiming he was attacked “with a spiked club” by his 17-year-old girlfriend, who was apparently paying half the bills in his household. (Seventeen is the age of consent in the state of Colorado.)


Ohio University Students Kick “Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett Off Campus

Kaitlin Bennett; former Turning Point USA representative, InfoWars contributor, and Liberty Hangout grifter – was recently exposed as an anti-Semite and was greeted by hundreds of students at Ohio University throwing toilet paper and chanting “Where’s your diaper?”

Despite claims from Bennett that students “started a riot,” Ohio University Police issued a statement:

“Contrary to allegations circulating on social media, the incident did not rise to the level of a riot. There was strong language, and allegations that some unknown person[s] in the crowd splashed water, but there were no reported injuries or violence, and no one was arrested during the event.”

Bennett was surrounded by student protesters for the duration of her visit, and left less than two hours after arriving.

For a full account, see the write-up from It’s Going Down.

Boston’s Solidarity Against Hate Chases Fascists Out of Roxbury

A mass mobilization in Boston chased a pro-police rally out of Roxbury on Saturday.

Super Happy Fun America, the rebrand of the Kyle Chapman-founded far-Right group Resist Marxism that sponsored August’s Straight Pride Parade, held a pro-police rally outside police headquarters in Boston.

During the Straight Pride Parade, the city spent approximately $600,000 on overtime wages for police, who brutalized peaceful protesters by attacking them with bikes, indiscriminately pepper-spraying crowds, and arresting counter-protesters, only to have the charges dropped by the District Attorney.

For Saturday’s pro-police rally, approximately 15 people showed up, including members of the Soldiers of Odin splinter cell the Patriot Saints along with members of hate group, the American Guard.

They were outnumbered nearly 5:1 by approximately 75 leftist protesters, including a full brass band, who shouted them down, forcing them to end their rally early.

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