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Jun 22, 20

This Week in Fascism #65: DHS Doesn’t Think Boogaloo is far-Right & FBI Says ‘ANTIFA’ Will Pay You in Bitcoin

Welcome, fellow antifascists!

This week, we’ve got the Trump campaign using a Nazi symbol in a Facebook ad, a MAGA shooter in New Mexico, massive “Blue Leaks” from Anonymous, plus doxxes of Proud Boys, NSC-131, and some everyday fascists going mask-off due to anti-police protests.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Trump Campaign Uses Nazi Symbol in “Anti-Antifa” Facebook Ad

The Trump campaign tested a Facebook ad this week, using the red triangle that marked the political enemies of Nazis in concentration camps. The campaign ran 88 versions of the ad, a number that is commonly employed as alphanumeric code on the far-Right, for “Heil Hitler.” The first sentence of the ad, “Dangerous MOBS of far-left groups are running through our streets and causing absolute mayhem,” contains fourteen words. This is a number of some significance to neo-Nazis, who often reference the “14 words” coined by white supremacist David Lane (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”). The two codes are often strung together by neo-Nazis as “1488.”

After outrage built online, the ads were removed by Facebook for “violating our policy against organized hate,” a Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone told CNN. The Trump campaign and administration have a history of using neo-Nazi imagery in their outreach. In July 2016, Trump tweeted an image of Hillary Clinton featuring a Star of David and a pile of cash, calling her a “corrupt candidate.”

In February 2018, the Department of Homeland Security issued a press release with a headline suspiciously similar to the 14 Words. “We Must Secure The Border And Build The Wall To Make America Safe Again,” the memo read. HuffPost reporter Jessica Schulberg revealed that Katie Miller, wife of Trump advisor Stephen Miller, was involved in editing that document. In 2019, the Southern Poverty Law Center leaked a trove of Stephen Miller’s emails, showing that he regularly shared articles from white nationalist website VDARE.

In April 2018, ICE figures showed that 1488 people had been mistakenly arrested by the agency, and later released after their citizenship claims were reviewed. In September 2018, the Health and Human Services Department issued a press release claiming they had lost track of 1488 children in their care.

Donald Trump Jr. has repeatedly shared far-Right memes on his social media accounts, has followed white nationalists, and appeared on white nationalist podcasts, and his girlfriend, Trump campaign advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle, posed for pictures with neo-Nazi Jovi Val in January 2019. Trump himself has shared tweets from groups and individuals associated with the white nationalist and anti-Semitic Groyper movement, including Michelle Malkin and the movement’s main organization, America First, which is led by Unite the Right attendee, Nick Fuentes.

Steven Baca, MAGA Supporter, Shoots Protester at New Mexico Rally

Steven Baca, a one-time candidate for city council, shot a protester at a protest in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last week. Protesters were advocating for the removal of a statue depicting Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate. In 1599, Oñate led the Ácoma Massacre, slaughtering 800-1000 Indigenous Pueblo, and ordering that any surviving men over the age of 25 have a foot removed as punishment.

The New Mexico GOP initially condemned the shooting in a press release, but then formally retracted that statement. Instead, they planned a rally with the New Mexico Civil Guard, the militia group threatening protesters.

NPR reported that the crowd “advanced” on Baca prior to the shooting, but video of the incident clearly shows the man grabbing a protester and throwing her to the ground. Baca also attacked a second woman, grabbing a woman from behind and throwing her off the statue. After the police did nothing after witnessing these assaults, protesters attempted to drive Baca away, at which point he shot one of the protesters.

Baca, the son of a former Sheriff’s Deputy, was not charged for the incident, has not been charged in connection with the shooting, but is facing battery charges related to assaulting three women at the protests.

Shortly after the shooting, there was a rush to sanitize the shooting and distance it from the far-Right. Militia “expert” JJ MacNab tweeted that the “The shooter was not there with the NM Civil Guard, the leader of whom is anti-racism and is in a mixed marriage.” MacNab declined to elaborate on the “anti-racism” of the militia’s defense of a statue celebrating the genocide of Indigenous people at the hands of a Spanish Conquistador.

Relatedly, after a Politico article claimed that “Intel report warns that far-right extremists may target Washington, D.C.,” the Department of Homeland Security tweeted, “Another work of fiction by @politico. The @DHSgov intel bulletin does NOT identify the Boogaloo movement as left-wing OR right-wing. They are simply violent extremists from both ends of the ideological spectrum.”

Besides being factually inaccurate, this analysis provides a justification for the federal government to harass and intimidate autonomous anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist activists with investigations and trumped-up criminal cases.

A machine-learning analysis of the term “Boogaloo” from the Network Contagion Research Institute notes thatm “Language on 4chan seems to associate the term to “race war” and more coded conspiracies such as ‘dotr,’ or day of the rope, a reference to the Turner Diaries, and refers to a fantasy to instigate a civil war and murder race traitors. These acts would presumably be accomplished by “rwds,” a code for Right Wing Death Squads, such as the Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi domestic terror organization.”

A Bellingcat investigation by Jason Wilson and Robert Evans found that Boogaloo Facebook groups are rapidly attracting a new following, who may not have an explicitly racialized ideology. In late May, a Wall Street Journal investigation reported that Facebook’s researchers found that 64% of people who joined extremist groups on the service did so because of the site’s recommendation algorithm.

Yet there is also a concerted effort within the Boogaloo movement to co-opt the protests for their own goals. Left Coast Right Watch’s Abner Hauge leaked a Boogaloo PR manual that advised militants, “Speak their language and use their language to subtly inject pro-2A messaging…. Do not wear Confederate, Threeper, pro-Trump, or any obvious right-wing patches or insignia on your gear.”

Boogaloo supporters that have recently been arrested for planning violent acts, primarily within the context of the continuing Black Lives Matter protests and the uprising following the police murder of George Floyd, have also done so not to “support” the movement or its goals, but instead to set off a deepening violent conflict between the State and protesters. This logic follows a similar line of thinking found within the concept of “Helter Skelter,” a racist strategy pushed by Charles Manson and later, James Mason, the ideological founder of the Atomwaffen Division.

If readers are interested in donating to a medical fund established for the injured protester in New Mexico, local activists have established a GoFundMe for his care.

Facebook Removes Proud Boys, American Guard Pages After Evidence of Coordinated Attacks

Facebook removed over 1,000 Facebook and Instagram accounts belonging to members of the Proud Boys and the American Guard this week.

“On May 30, the social media’s internal monitors started seeing traffic from both organizations indicating they intended to send armed agitators to ongoing protests sparked in the wake of the death of George Floyd,” reported ABC News.

The Philadelphia Proud Boys attended a rally in support of Philadelphia police captain Louis Campione, who threatened to arrest a Unicorn Riot journalist for inciting a riot after the journalist was beaten by a white vigilante posse claiming they were protecting the Christopher Columbus statue in South Philadelphia. In Salem, Oregon, a law enforcement officer was caught on camera coordinating with armed Proud Boys during a standoff with Black Lives Matter protesters.

Researcher Alexander Reid Ross compiled a map of incidents involving the far-Right at anti-police protests across the country.

“Blue Leaks” Dumps Massive Amount of Police, FBI, and Fusion Center Data

Anonymous is claiming credit for the release of a massive leak of FBI, Fusion Center, police surveillance and intelligence reporting spanning over a decade.

According to Wired:

DDOSecrets counts the data of more than 200 state, local, and federal agencies in the leak. Some of the agencies with the most sheer quantity of information in the leak’s dataset do appear to be intelligence fusion centers, like the Missouri Information Analysis Center, the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center, the Joint Regional Intelligence Center, the Delaware Information and Analysis Center, and the Austin Regional Intelligence Center. The group also includes a handful of regional FBI Academy alumni associations and Infragard, a San Francisco–based group devoted to sharing information between the FBI and the private sector.

Already, people have been publishing some interesting finds, including that the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security views “medics” and volunteers with the National Lawyers Guild to be part of “extremist” protest groups and the FBI thinks that “Antifa” is paying people to be “violent” through Bitcoin on websites like, which is in reality, a satirical website.

The ultimate goal of such reporting and promotion of far-Right conspiracy theories, is to paint broad social movements with the brush of “violence” and “terrorism” in order to justify a wide crackdown on dissent and grassroots organizing.

‘Vehicle Ramming Incidents’ at Black Lives Matter Demonstrations Rise in Number

According to NPR, there has now been over 50 “vehicle ramming incidents” recorded at Black Lives Matter demonstrations since the uprising began in late May of 2020:

Right-wing extremists are turning cars into weapons, with reports of at least 50 vehicle-ramming incidents since protests against police violence erupted nationwide in late May.

At least 18 are categorized as deliberate attacks; another two dozen are unclear as to motivation or are still under investigation, according to a count released Friday by Ari Weil, a terrorism researcher at the University of Chicago’s Chicago Project on Security and Threats. Weil has tracked vehicle-ramming attacks, or VRAs, since protests began.

The 20 people facing prosecution in the rammings include a state leader of the Virginia Ku Klux Klan, as well as a California man who was charged with attempted murder after antagonizing protesters and then driving into them, striking a teenage girl. Video footage of some attacks shows drivers yelling at or threatening Black Lives Matter protesters before hitting the gas.


Gavin McIness Off YouTube

According to the Daily Dot, Proud Boys founder and multimillionaire racist Gavin McInnes is now off YouTube:

Far-right personality and Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes has been allegedly banned from YouTube due to violating the platform’s community guidelines on “glorifying or inciting violence.”

In a message posted on Telegram Monday afternoon, McInnes said that YouTube had booted him from its platform.

“I’m kicked off YouTube y’all,” he wrote. “I’m told they are also going after accts that feature me in any positive light.”


Jordan Tyler Camacho, Proud Boy, Jacksonville Florida

Identify Dixie uncovered a Jacksonville, Florida Proud Boy by the name of Jordan Tyler Camacho. Camacho, who operates the still active twitter account under the handle @DudeICalledThat, currently works at a Jacksonville T-Mobile store as a Sales Associate.

Camacho is not quiet or reserved about his Proud Boy affiliation and is seen in a handful of social media posts referring to himself as an active member. Camacho regularly defends the SPLC-designated hate groups views and has even actively recruited for them. He also spends a lot of time trolling antifascist accounts, which comes as no surprise to anyone.

Camacho has a lengthy criminal record including a Domestic Battery charge, which makes sense given how utterly misogynistic he is. Camacho can be seen in these photos posing with members of the neo-Nazi motorcycle gang Southern Sycles and American Guard Co-Founder Ryan Ramsey.

Feel free to reach out to T-Mobile either here or here to ask how they feel about employing someone with such hateful and dangerous views.

Jason Moore, III% Militia, River Oaks Texas

Antifascist researcher We Will Be Ruthless identified a member of the Texas Elite III% Militia, Jason Moore of River Oaks, Texas. Moore has posted to his social media indicated his preparation to head to protests around the Fort Worth area to commit violence toward protesters. Moore also appears to have ties to more overt white supremacist groups, as indicated by his Kekistan Flag patch on his plate carrier. Originating in gaming culture, the Kekistan flag has become a dog whistle and symbol of the far-right.

Moore’s social media presence has become increasingly violent as of late, even encouraging others to take action with him. Moore has connections with law enforcement and has been showing up to rallies and protests since 2017. Moore drives these work vehicles around the Fort Worth area and community members should know that he poses a very real threat to their safety.

Tyler Fraser, Proud Boy, Willamette Valley, Oregon

The Antifascist activist behind the twitter account @bathtubhellrat exposed a member of the Willamette Valley, Oregon Proud Boys, Tyler Fraser. Tyler works for Affordable Towing and those who are up to it are encouraged to call them and ask why they employ racists.

Minnesota Proud Boy Vetting Doxxes

Minnesota United Against Fascism released a series of videos this week from a Minnesota Proud Boy vetting video conference. For your viewing pleasure:

Adam N. Maiale, Fascist in New York City

Antifascist activist running the twitter account @anarchalist identified New York City fascist Adam N. Maiale. Maiale put himself on the radar when he was trolling New York City Antifa’s mentions on twitter.

Maiale’s posts are anti-Semitic, queerphobic and include Pepe the Frog, a neo-Nazi dog whistle and ADL-designated hate symbol. Maiale’s posts often include conspiracy theories including that he believes China is responsible for the coronavirus.

Adam works in sales at Ocrolus and you are encouraged to reach out to them and ask them why they employ someone with such fascist and dangerous beliefs.

Link to Ocrolus contact page.

Paul Tereshyn of Sudbury, Canada

Anti-Racist Sudbury has been receiving threatening and fascist messages from a man they identified as Paul Tereshyn of Sudbury, Canada. Tereshyn works for Royal LePage Realty Team as a Sales Representative. Though it seemed like Royal LePage was looking into Tereshyn, as of June 16th, 2020, Tereshyn was still with their company.

Aaron Solomon of Austin, TX

Antifascist researchers Sunny South Dallas AFA uncovered the identity of Austin fascist Aaron Solomon. According to his sister, Austin has spiraled into fascism for the last 15 years and recently began encouraging his friends to drive to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle, WA to hurt women, especially trans women. This man is incredibly dangerous and the community should be warned of his presence.

Stuart Hurlbert, Minutemen Militia Supporter, San Diego, California

Associate professor of wildlife biology and department chair at San Diego State University, Dan Barton published a dox on his twitter profile of his California State University colleague emeritus and Minutemen militia supporter, environment fascist and local predator Stuart Hurlbert.

In 2007, Hurlbert assisted the Minutemen, who are an anti-immigrant militia, by using his school email address to track down and dox a female student. Hurlbert is also involved with the Californians for Population Stabilization, an anti-immigration group who once hired neo-Nazi Parker Anthony Wilson.

Hurlbert has contributed dozens of articles to The Social Contract, a now-defunct white-nationalist publication. Hurlbert continues to use his SDSU email to the university and biology department listservs. Hurlbert regularly sends fascist content to SDSU biology graduate students, including students of color. The students are understandably furious over his continued protection and emeritus status by SDSU and have started a petition for his removal that you can sign. It includes details of Hurlbert’s activities and a timeline of his behavior:

Sean Kauffmann aka Boog Fuhrer of Tuscon, AZ

Researcher Gwen Synder uncovered the identity of terrorgram participant and neo-Nazi Sean Kauffmann, who goes by the name Boog Fuhrer. During a custody battle, his ex-wife disclosed Kauffmann’s history of violence and fanaticism with fascism as reasons for the courts to award her custody. At that point Kauffmann reached out to known neo-Nazi terrorist Jarrett William Smith aka Anti-Kozmic, for advice on how to get rid of his guns. In the chats, he discloses that his firearms are unregistered.

In his moment of panic about the possibility of the state seizing his firearms, Kauffmann uploaded documents with his legal name, effectively doxxing himself, to the terrorgram chat. Also worth noting is Kauffmann’s lengthy history of violence, including a domestic violence charge. What started as violence in young adulthood has blossomed into a full-blown fascist ideology including participation in Nazi fight videos and targeted harassment toward the Black Lives Matter protesters. Kauffmann even admits to being involved in a Nazi postering and propaganda campaign throughout Tuscon. More flyers can be seen here.

Given his recent escalation of showing up to harass and confront BLM protesters, it is particularly alarming that he is also bragging about his knowledge of black powder and tannerite explosives. He is definitely an accelerationist and posts pretty regularly about his fantasy of violent revolution, including but not limited to rape, in which he frequently mentions the mother of his children.

Sean Kauffman is a danger to the community. Be aware that he is willing to engage in violence if confronted and is likely carrying weapons on him.

John DeJong Henry, Fake Antifascist Activist

Antifascist medic and researcher Hakan Geijer recently uncovered the person behind the grifter account, @WeAntifascists as John Dejong Henry. He has been posing as an antifascist activist. He’s a grifter with no history of antifascist work and he is pretending to represent a movement that he is not actively a part of. Antifascism is a leaderless movement and we shouldn’t let it be co-opted by attention-seeking grifters with no history of antifascist work.

Gordon MacKenzie, NSC Dixie, Jeffersonville, Indiana

Antifascist researcher and activist Antifa Garfield, released a dox of neo-Nazi and NSC-131 Dixie chapter member Gordon MacKenzie of Jeffersonville, Indiana. NSC-131 are a far-right extremist group. NSC stands for Nationalist Social Club and the 131 references “anti-communist action.” Most of what is known of MacKenzie comes from his neo-Nazi instagram account where he uses the screenname “Gabb3r.”

MacKenzie’s fall into fascism is well-documented through his social media, indicating that his radicalization started when he relocated to Indiana. Evidently, as of at least early 2020, MacKenzie was involved with the white supremacist group and SPLC-designated hate group Patriot Front, given that he is pictured here in their official uniform as well as circumstantial evidence of Patriot Front activities in his town of Jeffersonville, Indiana.

NSC-131 was started by neo-Nazi Chris Hood, of New England. NSC Dixie is a newly developed chapter and hardly appears to be more than 2 months old. MacKenzie appears to be an early member, posting in mid May that he went on a camping trip with NSC Dixie and sparred in front of a swastika flag with fellow NSC members.

On June 6th, NSC Dixie held a small neo-Nazi rally at the Roane County Courthouse in Kingston, TN. MacKenzie can be spotted in the photos that were taken of the event wearing a shirt with a sonnenrad on it. The sonnenrad is a symbol created by ancient-europeans and then appropriated by the Nazi party and continues to be used by neo-Nazi’s today.

Before and after the rally, MacKenzie was seen driving around with a handful of other neo-Nazi’s shouting racist slurs and violent threats, at one point even flashing firearms. He isn’t shy about his affinity for guns, which combined with his dangerous ideology, make him a serious threat to the community.

Antifa Garfield is asking that community members please spread this information and make local communities near MacKenzie and elsewhere aware of his neo-Nazi activism. If you have any information on NSC or NSC Dixie, especially the Roane Courthouse Rally, please email tips to [email protected].

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