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Jul 14, 20

This Week in Fascism #68: Caught With Your Hand in the White Supremacy Jar

Welcome fellow antifascists!

We’ve got another jam-packed column for you this week! First up “National Conservative” Tucker Carlson’s head writer turns out to be – gasp! – a flaming racist and sexist! Plus, we bring you the tale of a former American Guard member who now sits on a local School Board. We then map out the neo-Nazi group the Nationalist Social Club, and explore their connections to Refuse Marxism, which has now rebranded as “Super Happy Fun America.” All this plus action, prisoner, and intelligence updates!

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Tucker Carlson’s Head Writer Resigns In Disgrace After Years of Racist and Sexist Comments Discovered

CNN broke the story last week that the head writer for Tucker Carlson Tonight, 29 year-old Blake Neff, was in fact a long time poster on an anonymous online forum known for extreme racism and sexism. After the news broke, Neff quickly resigned from the show, and on Monday, Tucker Carlson addressed the controversy on his highly-watched TV show by attacking the “ghouls” delighting in Neff’s firing and said they would be “punished.” As he has done in the past when faced with controversy, Carlson then took the rest of the week off for a ‘planned’ vacation, a move designed to remove him from the news cycle.

Neff had worked with Carlson for years and bragged online about the degree of his influence. Neff also helped Carlson on his book, Ship of Fools, and also wrote for his online publication, The Daily Caller. While at the Caller, Neff covered the Alt-Right, and even interviewed the neo-Nazi organization the Traditionalist Worker Party headed by Matthew Heimbach at the 2016 RNC, fielding them softball questions to a mass audience which helped platform their fascist and ethno-nationalist worldview. According to the book, Everything You Love Will Burn, Heimbach would later meet with RNC elected officials for a closed door discussion about integrating the Alt-Right into mainstream politics.

Carlson himself has in the past been no stranger to scandal; having been caught on tape making sexist and racist statements on a radio show while also celebrating his massive wealth. Tucker’s show has also won the praise of neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and the Alt-Right, who claim his embrace of reactionary white identity politics acts as a funnel into fascist movements. Tucker was also a key-note speaker at the recent “National Conservative” conference, which flirt[ed] with fascism,” according to Jewish Currents:

Tucker Carlson, whose Fox News show has become easily the most influential white nationalist media platform in the United States, gave a keynote address dripping with venom against the press, minorities, and the organized left, at one point openly expressing skepticism of democracy. University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax, in a panel on immigration, mused that “our country will be better off with more whites and fewer nonwhites.” John Bolton, Donald Trump’s national security advisor, invoked the term “America First” during his remarks. “We all know the historical association ‘America First’ has for some people,” he said, before dismissing those concerns out of hand.

Over the years, like with Blake Neff, Carlson has had to fire multiple people working at the Daily Caller once their connections to the Alt-Right and white nationalism were thrust into the open. This includes Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler and white nationalist writer Scott Greer among many others. For a deep dive, go here. This history become even more troubling when coupled with the fact that many are pushing Carlson to run for president in 2024.

London Police Officer Exposed as Member of National Action, Arrested for Child Abuse Images

21-year-old Benjamin Hannam, a probationary officer with the Metropolitan Police in London, was charged this week with membership in a ‘terrorist organization,’ the neo-Nazi National Action, a crime in the UK, as well as possession of child abuse images. So much for the 14 words!

National Action is a splinter cell of the far-Right British National Party (BNP), focused on direct action for what they call “revolutionary nationalism,” or overthrowing the government in order to institute a fascist state. The group heavily influenced many neo-Nazi formations in the US that were part of the Alt-Right current and also have been linked to various murder plots.

Samuel Caskey, Identity Dixie and The Right Stuff Associate, Arrested for Defacing Public Property

Longtime white nationalist troll Samuel Caskey was arrested after posting stickers featuring a QR code for The Right Stuff, a neo-Nazi podcast network. Police refused to disclose the charges Caskey is facing. For more info, read the full report on .HateWatch.

Patriot Front Holds Rally in Chicago, Gets Scared When Antifascists Leak the Event

An interview with an antifascist who infiltrated neo-Nazi group Patriot Front revealed some of the group’s inner workings. Prior to the rally, which was supposed to be a secret flash event, It’s Going Down broke the story that the group planned to rally in Chicago for July 4th. The group’s rally ended up taking place after midnight and drew just 50 people, compared to the nearly 200 attendees at their February 2020 march in Washington, DC.

Black Lives Matter March Held in Martinez, California Despite Threats from Far-Right

After weeks of threats from armed Trump supporters, a neo-Nazi flyering campaign, vandalism to a Black Lives Matter street mural which was cheered on by Tucker Carlson, and the spray painting of “White Lives Matter,” this weekend saw over 2,000 take to the streets in support of Black Lives Matter and heavily outnumbered a small group of far-Right counter-protesters.

Former American Guard, Current School Board Member Jason Muscara Hosts Pro-Police Rally

Jason Muscara, a member of the Killingly, Connecticut School Board and former Vice President of the Connecticut American Guard, hosted a pro-police rally in the small town this week. However, the Norwich Bulletin, which covered the event, did not mention Muscara’s hate group ties. The American Guard are designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, and the Anti-Defamation League referred to them in 2017 as “hardcore white supremacists.”

In October 2019, after Muscara’s membership in the American Guard was revealed by antifascist researchers, he told the Hartford Courant that he’d left the group one year prior. However, American Guard founder Brien James, commenting on a news piece about Muscara, claimed that, “This young man left our group over a girl he stole from another member. Young people silliness. He had no problem with our beliefs when we knew him.”

However, Muscara continued to attend far-Right events hosted by Resist Marxism, including an October 2018 rally in Providence, Rhode Island, in which members of the Proud Boys crossed a police line to attack protesters. In November 2019, he was elected to the School Board of Killingly, Connecticut, on a platform promising to bring back a racist mascot, which had been removed by the school in July.


Bowl Patrol Leader Andrew Richard Casarez aka Vic Mackey of Orangevale, California

On June 17, 2015, a young white man named Dylann Roof walked into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina and murdered nine Black worshipers in an act of racial terror. Roof was taken into custody and on April 10, 2017, and was sentenced to nine consecutive sentences of life without parole after formally pleading guilty to state murder charges.

Roof’s act of terror garnered quite the following by other white supremacists, primarily in digital spaces. One such group calls themselves the “Bowl Patrol,” named for the bowl haircut worn by Roof. Bowl Patrol are neo-Nazi accelerationists who fantasize about a racial holy war wherein civil war breaks out and white supremacists can take up arms in order to create a white ethno-state.

Bowl Patrol members are known to have ties to other accelerationist groups such as Atomwaffen. While most of their work is shitposting racist, misogynistic, and queerphobic memes, they aren’t a group to be ignored. That shitposting seeks to inspire individual acts of terror to achieve their white supremacist goals.

As court documents reveal, Chris “Crying Nazi” Cantwell threatened Bowl Patrol member “Cheddar Mane” in an attempt to find the real identity of Bowl Patrol leader “Vic Mackey” in June 2019, after Mackey had spent years trolling Cantwell. Cantwell is currently facing federal charges of extortionate interstate communications, as well as cyberstalking.

After nearly a year of research, antifascist researchers Anonymous Comrade Collective in collaboration with 161 Partisan, were able to successfully identify the ever elusive Vic Mackey as Orangevale, California resident Andrew Richard Casarez. Please head over to their blog to read the full story. All doxxes are success stories, but this one is huge. Congratulations to the comrades who contributed to this solid work.

NSC-131 New England Members Doxxed, No-Show to Own Rally, NSC Dixie Gets Arrested

Cameron Savage Anthony, 25

Antifash Gordon released a handful of doxxes this week of NSC-131 members from the Boston/New England area. To start, “NSC-131” stands for “Nationalist Social Club,” and “131” is alphanumeric code for “ACA” or “anti-communist action.” They’re American fascists – still Nazis – but the word “socialist” doesn’t play well with them, hence the “Nationalist social” pun.

The group is run by Chris Hood, who was Patriot Front’s northeast NDO before he was kicked out for stealing print shop money to buy weed. After that, he joined The Base before forming the NSC-131. More on Hood’s background here. The Base was an accelerationist neo-Nazi group that broke up in January, after their leader was doxxed and three members were arrested for attempted murder in Georgia.

First up is Cameron Savage Anthony. This 25 year old has been involved in the white power movement since at least 2009. After the dox was posted, Cameron jumped into the mentions to correct some facts for us. By Cameron’s own account, he has been involved in the white power movement “since 2009. Ex AS c18 and Outlaw Hammerskin.” AS stands for Aryan Strikeforce (more on that later) and c18 is Combat 18.

Cameron Anthony joined the Stormfront forums in June 2013, connecting with the Connecticut White Wolves/Battalion 14 back in December 2013. He used the handle “wildcard95.” From there, Barry Balleck’s “Hate Groups and Extremist Organizations in America: An Encyclopedia” says that Anthony joined Aryan Strikeforce in 2014, before the crew fell apart due to arrests in 2016/2017.

And Anthony was far from immune to Aryan Strikeforce’s legal troubles. In June 2017, he was arrested for threatening a Latino man with a knife and a baseball bat. In October 2017, Anthony was arrested again, this time for assault and battery. In the fall of 2019, he attended a Patriot Front banner drop in Hartford, CT, alongside National Socialist Movement members Sarah Flynn and Anthony Petruccelli, and former Resist Marxism spokesman Michael Moura (black baseball cap). Moura and Petruccelli are also NSC-131.

By March 2020, Cameron Anthony, using the name “Cam Savage,” was in Telegram chats for The Organization, a group of neo-Nazis who planned to use the COVID-19 crisis to forcibly seize the town of Sandwich, New Hampshire, and turn it into a white ethnostate. The group was renamed “Natural Order,” and their plan was foiled when antifascist researcher @161EUG exposed The Organization’s founder as 17-year-old Zephyr Garrison, a high school student in New Hampshire.

By June 2020, Cameron Anthony was a member of the NSC-131, joining the NSC-131 at a pro-police rally sponsored by Straight Pride organizers Super Happy Fun America.

Anthony Petruccelli, 45, Lynn, MA

Meet Anthony Petruccelli, 45, Lynn, MA, a neo-Nazi whose involvement in the movement spans almost 30 years. Lately, he’s been active with Super Happy Fun America and the NSC-131. If you’re in Boston, you might have come across Anthony Petruccelli when he served as the official t-shirt sales-Nazi at Super Happy Fun America’s Straight Pride Parade in August 2019.

Petruccelli’s been a longtime member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, one of the groups currently being sued for their involvement in the deadly Unite the Right rally in 2017. In June of 2019, Petruccelli and the NSM showed up at the Detroit Pride Parade, where the group screamed racial epithets at marchers, urinated on the Israeli flag, and attacked a woman. The police protected the NSM the whole time.

At 3:44 in this video, you can see the NSM leader “Commander” Burt Colucci attack a woman, throwing her to the ground. The police did nothing about that, and even protected the Nazis as they marched through the parade. Anthony Petruccelli himself has a violent rap sheet going back 26 years.

In an online bio from several years ago, Petruccelli notes that he admires David Lane and The Order, and regularly corresponds with white nationalist Matt Hale, currently serving a 40-year prison sentence for attempting to have a federal judge assassinated. Since the fall of 2019, Petruccelli has been acting as a mentor for newer groups, serving to connect the 1.0 white nationalism of the NSM with the more recently formed accelerationist groups like The Base.

In January, three members of The Base in Georgia were arrested for planning the assassination of a couple they believed to be antifascist activists. Last week, prosecutors in the case revealed that a “racially motivated violent extremist” in Boston has been serving as a go-between for the three men while they’ve been incarcerated awaiting trial. There’s a good chance they’re NSC-131.

In March, NSM member Timothy Wilson was killed in a shootout with the FBI while attempting to bomb a Missouri hospital to take advantage of the COVID crisis. Like Petruccelli, Wilson was an adherent of David Lane and The Order. Petruccelli eulogized Wilson in the now-defunct NSM Media chat on Telegram, calling him a “solid brother” and writing, “I’ll See You Someday in Valhalla 88,” alphanumeric code for “Heil Hitler.”

The NSC-131 has deep ties to Straight Pride organizers Super Happy Fun America. In May 2020, they did security for a ReOpen rally sponsored by SHFA. Since getting caught organizing with neo-Nazis at their June 27, 2020 pro-police rally, Super Happy Fun American has claimed they don’t know them. But their ties go back years.

The NSC’s leader, Chris Hood, has been attending Super Happy Fun America events since 2017, back when they were called Resist Marxism. And Anthony Petruccelli served as SHFA’s official t-shirt sales-Nazi, along with fellow NSM member Sarah Flynn, carrying the Straight Pride banner at the August 2019 Straight Pride Parade.

Michael Ryan Nazzaro of Derry, NH

Antifascist researcher Antifa Garfield discovered the identity of NSC member Michael Ryan Nazzaro. In the months before NSC’s creation, Michael Nazzaro participated in a Telegram chat of northeast United States neo-Nazis called “The Organization” (TO). “The Organization” was led by another New Hampshire neo-Nazi named Zephyr Garrison who was exposed by @161EUG as a member of Feurkrieg Division. The Organization later went on to become a short lived and failed neo-Nazi group called Natural Order (NO).

Mike is 30 years old and grew up in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. A few years ago, he moved to Derry, New Hampshire, and it’s been confirmed that he lives in an apartment in downtown Derry.

Michael posted in TO/NO chats under the Telegram username “Revolt662” and went by “Mike” He chatted with other neo-Nazis about creating a white ethno-state in New Hampshire, illegal weapons sales, and encouraged his Nazi friends to harass/hurt a Massachusetts student.

It is unclear exactly how Michael became associated with NSC, but it is probable that he was introduced to NSC by the defacto NSC co-founder Zachary Brackett, who rose to a leadership position in Natural Order under the screen name “Harold Waters”/”Herewald88.”

However, it is clear Michael is an NSC member. In one March 2020 post on Michael’s personal Instagram, he shows himself shooting in some New Hampshire woods. An NSC propaganda photo published around that time shows members hiking and practicing shooting and Michael can clearly be seen.

In the NSC pictures, Michael is very clearly wearing the same exact shirt and jeans, and has the same gun tucked in his waistband as he does in his personal Instagram post. Michael also appears in several other NSC propaganda photos, and is identifiable by his Adidas hat that he frequently wears in both personal social media photos and neo-Nazi propaganda photos.

Michael’s personal social media also tells us a lot about him. His go to username “mnazz89” can be found on Instagram interacting with Chris Hood, NSC, and other neo-Nazis. On TikTok, Michael makes a number of concerning posts. In one post he shows off his assault rifle and suggests he wants to shoot #blacklivesmatter protesters and in another threatens to run over protesters. There are numerous other homophobic and racist posts across his profile.

Michael Nazzaro is employed as a junior buyer at @xma_omnispectra which makes microwave and electronics parts. Concerned community members are encouraged to reach out to XMA Corporations by leaving feedback here, or calling their NH headquarters. Their phone number is 603-222-2256.

Michael Moura, founding member and former spokesman of Resist Marxism

Meet Michael Moura, founding member and former spokesman of Resist Marxism, the precursor to Super Happy Fun America. He was always a Nazi. He’s just open about it now.

And just like the rest of his new crew, the NSC-131, he’s got some big snitch energy, but we’ll get to that later. Moura started his career in the far-right in 2017, when he joined Resist Marxism as its spokesman and organizer. He was Resist Marxism’s official spokesman, if you go by old press clips, and he also served as one of their two lead organizers, along with Super Happy Fun America Vice President Mark Sahady. At their rallies, he spoke on the usual white nationalist dog whistles about restricting immigration.

Fun Fact: That same article also notes that Mathias Thorpe was one of Resist Marxism’s organizers. Thorpe is also a member of the openly neo-Nazi Patriot Front. He joined back when NSC-131 leader Chris Hood was running the northeast cell.

Moura’s social media was always a fucking mess, full of homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic posts. But even though he was part of Resist Marxism, which presented itself as a conservative #MAGA group, the Nazi always shined through. He routinely liked racist content from neo-Nazi groups like Patriot Front, and maintained a friendship with Holocaust denier Augustus Invictus.

In May 2018, internal Resist Marxism chats were leaked to the public, showing that the group was just a front for far-Right organizing, hiding behind a “free speech” banner, but cracking Holocaust jokes when they thought nobody was listening. In October 2018, Moura helped organize a Resist Marxism rally in Providence, RI, where the cops let a group of Proud Boys cross a police line to attack counter-protesters.

In the winter of 2018, Moura thought his girlfriend was cheating on him with Jason Muscara, (also discussed earlier in this column) a member of the American Guard, and using the pseudonym “Glen W. Parker,” began sending messages to the North Shore Antifa Facebook page, including Muscara’s home address. Moura also sent them his girlfriend’s employment information, encouraging North Shore Antifa to get her fired. He essentially tried to use antifascists to abuse his girlfriend. Local antifascists saw right through this however and ignored him.

At the same time, a Facebook account pretending to be an antifascist, using the name “Pirro Payne,” popped up, sending threats to the same targets, threatening the daughter of American Guard NH President John Camden, whom Moura also suspected of flirting with his girlfriend.

The members of Resist Marxism suspected Moura, but still let him serve as their spokesman and co-organizer. Resist Marxism had strong ties to Chris Hood’s neo-Nazi Patriot Front, and had them do security at a December 2018 “debate” on immigration. In January 2019, Moura began organizing Resist Marxism’s return to Providence, fantasizing about another violent attack on protesters.

The Proud Boys’ Alan Swinney organized the “security” chat, with Moura serving as the Resist Marxism liaison within the private chat. The group traded photos of specific leftists they planned to attack, and the weapons they’d use. The chats were leaked, and the rally was called off due to the bad press. Moura was humiliated as an organizer.

A few months later, Moura popped up as a founding member of a far-right TradCath group called Revolt Through Tradition, a rebrand of the “blue bloc,” Boston Free Speech. In the NSC chats, someone asks about Boston Free Speech. NSC-131 leader Chris Hood (screen name “131′) notes “They’re RTT [Revolt Through Tradition] now.” He notes their neo-Nazi ties, adding, “They’re green PF [Patriot Front].”

But RTT never really got off the ground. In the fall of 2019, Michael Moura was arrested for stalking his ex-girlfriend, violating a restraining order 35 times. And that’s just one of four restraining orders that women have against him. We really can’t emphasize the connection between misogyny and the far-right enough. It’s easy to miss if you’re only focusing on their racial ideology, but GamerGater, incel forums, and MRA message boards are massive pipelines to Nazi ideology.

But Moura was recently released from jail, and he’s been coming out masked up to NSC-131 events. On June 30, he joined the group for Super Happy Fun America’s pro-police protest. On July 4, NSC-131 held a cookout and posted a photo to their public Telegram channel with their faces blurred out. But Emily Phillips, aka Psyche Invictus, the ex of Holocaust denier Augustus Invictus, also posted photos that day. Check the date and check Michael Moura’s t-shirt, displaying the logo of the violent white supremacist Rise Above Movement.

Months ago, the NSC announced a July 11th rally, but this week, got scared when Solidarity Against Hate publicly announced a counter-protest, claiming they never announced a rally, despite screenshots from their Telegram channel and a graphic announcing the rally from the group. On July 11, the NSC failed to show up for its own rally in Boston.

In other bad news for the NSC, several members of the NSC Dixie chapter were arrested after attempting to disrupt a Black Lives Matter rally in Rogersville, Tennessee.

Caleb Rose, Garon Archer, Craig Spaulding, and Sean Kauffmann were arrested at a Black Lives Matter event in Rogersvile, Tennessee. Rose, Archer, and Spaulding are confirmed members of NSC Dixie, while Sean Kauffmann is better known as “Boog Führer,” a presence on the accelerationist Telegram channels known as “Terrorgram.” Rose and Spaulding are former members of far-right tradcath group the Legion of St. Ambrose.

Pete Dardas of the Berks County Sheriff’s Department

Antifascist researchers using the pseudonym Firestorm on Fash we able to track the racist social media posts from Constable Pete Dardas of the Berk County Sheriff’s Department. His Facebook posts are littered with meme’s about “Black on Black crime” and “refusals to apologize for being white.” He regularly posts racially insensitive content in response to the recent wave of removals of confederate and other racist monuments.

As you might expect, he posts plenty of anti-ANTIFA propaganda as well as sexist content. He also posts a ton of sexually charged content, which makes us wonder if the memes are indicators of his behavior in real life, or more importantly, on his shift.

Finally, he posted a diatribe in response to the George Floyd Uprising where he includes some thoughts on the Philadelphia Police Commissioner. He includes his belief that protesters who block highways deserve to be run over, his desire to shoot and kill protesters, his belief that blue lives matter over Black lives and that BLM should be labeled a terrorist organization.

Dardas uses his social media to make veiled threats toward minority groups and activists and given his position of power at the Berks County Sheriff’s Department, it’s clear that his is an absolute danger to the community. After this dox dropped, an understandably outraged community contacted the Berks County Sheriff’s Department calling for Constable Dardas’ removal and as of July 8th, the Dardas had officially resigned.

Steven Bryan Bledsoe Jr of Fort Worth, TX

Antifascist activists using the pseudonym Sunny South Dallas AFA uncovered the identity of Fort Worth, Texas neo-Nazi Steven Bryan Bledsoe Jr. He has been identified as a Nazi skinhead. He is known to wear clothing with Nazi symbols such as a variation of the wolfsangel used orginally by the waffen-SS, the military branch of the Nazi party. He is also seen wearing a shirt with a death’s head or totenkopf on it. The totenkopf was used by the 3rd SS Panzer division during WWII and were found to have committed a litany of war crimes.

Bledsoe’s social media is filled with Nazi imagery. His Tumblr hosts photos of children doing the roman salute, 1488 references, photos of his Nazi tattoos like the appropriated Thor’s Hammer and the iron cross, and the sonnenrad or black sun, an image that is frequently used among neo-Nazis.

His twitter account includes plenty of racist commentary including his problematic feelings on interracial relationships and his thoughts on stopping racism that includes making everyone white, while his facebook includes references to the Ku Klux Klan. He’s also openly antisemitic. He is apparently part of the Fort Worth fetish and kink scene so others in the scene should be aware of him and share this information with your communities.

We are unsure of his employment at this time so tipsters are encouraged to reach out to reach out to Sunny South Dallas AFA via twitter.


Twitter Sweeps Generation Identity Accounts From Platform

Following a pressure campaign from activists, Twitter has banned white nationalist Generation Identity accounts from its service, including that of Identitarian Movement Austria leader Martin Sellner.

Sellner is a longtime white nationalist who was connected to the Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant, after Tarrant donated €1,500 to Sellner’s organization prior to the shooting.

Super Happy Fun America Associate Dianna Ploss Fired After Viral Racist Rant

Super Happy Fun America associate Dianna Ploss, a talk radio host at WSMN in New Hampshire, was fired this week, after she released a video of herself screaming at Latinx workers, saying “It’s America. Speak English!”

When a Black man attempted to deescalate the situation, Ploss says, “Because he’s a black man. He’s gonna protect the brown man from this white woman.”

While it’s not unusual for racist outbursts to go viral, this is the first case we at This Week in Fascism have seen of the racist releasing the rant themselves, expecting accolades from her social media followers, and ending up jobless instead.

Following a petition to get her fired, her employer issued the following statement: “Dianna Ploss is no longer associated or affiliated in any way with  WSMN or Bartis-Russell Broadcasting, LLC.”

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