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Oct 6, 20

This Week In Fascism #77: ‘Back the Blue’ Rally in Mansfield Salutes Hitler; GOP Operatives Work to Suppress Voters of Color

Welcome fellow antifascists!

This week, we’ve got reports on neo-Nazis openly throwing up Hitler salutes at a Blue Lives Matter rally, GOP operatives working to suppress the voting rights of working-class people of color, a Seattle Proud Boy gets fired, antifascist prisoner David Campbell is coming home, plus action updates and doxxes!

We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s jump into it!


Neo-Nazis Rally With Police

Members of the neo-Nazi group, the Nationalist Social Club-131 (the numbers standing for Anti-Communist Action), an off-shoot of Patriot Front, rallied in Mansfield, Massachusetts last week, standing in solidarity with a “Back the Blue” rally. Neo-Nazis threw up Hitler salutes right in front of the other demonstrators, while counter-protesters rallied against them.

The Nationalist Social Club is run by former Patriot Front member Chris Hood, who who himself has been a apart of a variety of far-Right and neo-Nazi groups across the far-Right spectrum. Before being kicked out of Patriot Front for stealing money to buy weed, Hood was close to Proud Boy street brawler, Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, who’s east coast group “Resist Marxism,” attempted to hold rallies in the Boston area, but were shutdown time and time again by massive antifascist opposition on the streets.

Nationalist Social Club at Back the Blue Rally SOURCE: Solidarity Against Hate – Boston

In recent months, members of the Nationalist Social Club have attempted to find a home for themselves within pro-police and Blue Live Matter protests in their region, as have other far-Right and white nationalist groups who have attempted to embed themselves within the growing wave of reaction against Black Lives Matter.

DHS Pushed Pro-Rittenhouse Talking Points and Stance

Leaked documents show that the DHS pushed the Trump administration and others to adopt a series of talking points in support of pro-Trump militia shooter Kyle Rittenhouse and the pan-far-Right group, Patriot Prayer in Portland. According to NBC:

Federal law enforcement officials were directed to make public comments sympathetic to Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager charged with fatally shooting two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, according to internal Department of Homeland Security talking points obtained by NBC News.

In preparing Homeland Security officials for questions about Rittenhouse from the media, the document suggests that they note that he “took his rifle to the scene of the rioting to help defend small business owners.”

Another set of talking points distributed to Homeland Security officials said the media were incorrectly labeling the group Patriot Prayer as racists after clashes erupted between the group and protesters in Portland, Oregon.

Far-Right Trolls Engage in Voter Suppression

Far-Right Republican trolls Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are facing felony charges for their roles in a robo-call scheme targeting voters of color in the state of Michigan. According to the Daily Beast:

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel filed a slew of charges against Burkman, 54, and Wohl, 22, including conspiracy to commit an election law violation and using a computer to commit the crime of election law – intimidating voters. Prosecutors allege the two political operatives were using a robocall system aimed at scaring Detroit voters away from using mail-in voting ballots. The calls, which were made in August, went out to nearly 12,000 Detroit residents.

Both Wohl and Burkman face four felony counts and a maximum sentence of 7 years in prison. The voice on the call attributed to Wohl and Burkman attempts to trick listeners into not sending in mail-in ballots, falsely warning that the information would be used to track fugitives, collect on credit card debts, and enforce “mandatory vaccines.” The calls also told residents to “beware of vote by mail.”

Meanwhile in Minneapolis, Liban Osman, who is as the center of a new attack video from far-Right grifter outlet Project Veritas, is now stating on Fox 9:

[T]hat he was offered $10,000 by community activist Omar Jamal to say he was collecting ballots for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Liban Osman admits the Project Veritas video footage looks incriminating, but he said the group deliberately left the full context on the cutting room floor. Project Veritas used two separate videos he posted on Snapchat while driving in his car to make it appear as if he was illegally picking up ballots and offering money for votes, he said.

Omar Jamal, who he had not met previously, told him Project Veritas would pay him $10,000 to say he was harvesting ballots for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Project Veritas denies manipulating or misrepresenting its undercover video and claims it never offered Liban Osman $10,000.

As This Week in Fascism readers will remember, Project Veritas has a long history of manipulating their footage in order to advance their narrative.

Trump Supporter Shoots At Vehicle During Pro-Trump Caravan

The driver of a truck participating in a pro-Trump rally opened fire on another vehicle in Ohio. According to a local news report:

[A]n Ohio man participating in a parade supporting President Donald Trump fired a gun at the vehicle of a man he had an altercation with during the parade near Columbus, according to the Hilliard Division of Police.

The investigation determined that the driver of the Ford, Todd Crawford, 58, of Homer, Ohio, fired a single shot from a 45-caliber pistol into the cab of the semi-truck, police said.

Crawford was participating in the Trump rally when the shooting took place. He turned himself into police a few hours after the shooting and has been transported to the Franklin County Jail, police said.


Not So Sad For Your Boy: Seattle Racist Loses Job

Seattle Proud Boy Sean-Michael David Scott, known for his racist and anti-Semitic views, has lost his job at a gutters and windows cleaning service. As long as Sean remains content to associate with the slime of the racist far-Right, he can expect more organized community opposition.


Thomas C. Martin, Right Wing Death Squad Group Member, Formerly of Magnolia, Texas

Antifascist researchers Ruthless We have identified United States Marine Corps Infantryman and member of the Facebook group, “Right Wing Death Squad” as Thomas C. Martin forerly of Magnolia, Texas. RWDS is a private Facebook group that hosts racist, anti-semitic, misogynistic, queerphobic and bigoted content. Thomas isn’t just a fly on the wall in this group, he actively engages in posting about killing communists and his antisemitic views about Jewish people, which is particularly alarming given his role in the Marine Corps.

According to Ruthless We, Thomas has been under investigation by the Marine Corps for his Facebook comments before but given the immense secrecy of the military, the outcome of that investigation is unknown. When Thomas was a student at Magnolia West High School, he was arrested for comments he made about shooting up his school. The escalation from planning a school shooting, to joining the military where he was given formal training in killing people, to his engagement in far-right organizing should be especially concerning to the Marine Corps and the community at large.

John Benton, Identity Dixie Member of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Antifascist researchers Identify Dixie have uncovered the identity of Winston-Salem neo-Nazi podcaster and Identity Dixie member as John Benton. Benton, who uses the pseudonyms Freelance Autist aka Freelance Elf aka DutchElf, was the host of the Bongo Bongo Bookclub podcast, which was originally hosted on The Right Stuff soundcloud.

Benton’s social media is filled with antisemitic content, including referencing to 1488. He showed up in the Unicorn Riot discord leaks as well, at one point posting “you don’t ironically make nazi propaganda.” Benton hates Black people, believes Black people shouldn’t have the right to vote, and fantasizes about ethnic cleansing. He also openly and fiercely hates women which is no surprise because misogyny and the far-right go hand-in-hand.

Benton worked at Flow Honda Service Center until, of course, community members saw the dox and reached out. Benton is currently unemployed.

David Watson, Proud Boy of Apopka, Florida

Ruthless We has identified “Right Wing Death Squad” Facebook group admin, neo-Nazi and Proud Boy David Watson from Apopka, Florida. Watson works in tech and spends a good amount of time creating neo-Nazi propaganda for his fellow Proud Boys and his RWDS group.

Watson is primarily on Parler, Facebook and Twitter, where Ruthless We was able to capture screenshots of his fascist content. He is openly supportive of Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, who showed up to protect businesses in Kenosha, WI, after protests broke out in response to the police shooting Jacob Blake. Kyle shot three leftist protesters, killing two of them. Watson’s RWDS page hosts anti-Semitic content that he posts himself. On Twitter, he posts adoring photos of Hitler with the text “HE WAS RIGHT.”

It appears that Watson works in tech support from home. Apopka residents as well as residents of surrounding areas, please be aware of this person. He is a threat to the community.

Kolton Kenneth Tolleson, Ex-Navy Seal, Boogaloo/Texas Guerrilla Militia Member of Texarkana, Texas

Twilight Zone AFA has uncovered the identity of Texarkana resident Kolton Kenneth Tolleson. Tolleson is a proud Boogaloo movement member, TikTok-er, ex-Navy veteran and member of the Texas Guerrillas Militia. According to Twilight AFA, Tolleson gained some popularity after speaking at an Austin vigil for anti-police protester Garrett Foster. Foster was killed by a motorist who drove his vehicle through a crowd. Foster approached the motorist who then pulled his firearm, shot and killed Foster. Being present and speaking at anti-police actions is a typical Boogaloo tactic that has been used to infiltrate and co-opt the current anti-police movement.

Tolleson is well known in the Boogaloo movement for his TikTok videos and is a fan of fashwave. Tolleson uses TikTok to raise money for the militia group he’s is a part of, The Texas Guerrillas Militia and to be able to travel to protests. He regularly posts videos and photos of himself with fashwave edits on his social media. Unsurprising is his strong desire toward silencing BLM and anti-police supporters. Here is a video of him advocating the preservation of Confederate monuments.

Twilight Zone ARA encouraged you to report his TikTok @/kenbrooks1187.

Luis J Gomez, 4th Degree Proud Boy, ‘Legion of Skanks’ Comedian & Violent Fascist of Belle Mead, New Jersey

Antifascist activists Firestorm on Fascism have identified Belle Mead 4th degree Proud Boy and local fascist Luis J. Gomez. Gomez is a comedian from the “Legion of Skanks’ crew and identifies as “supremely racist.” In a video recording of a podcast, an audience member stands up to confront the white supremacy among the comedians, Gomez immediately resorts to violence, which makes sense given that violence is rewarded among Proud Boys. The Proud Boys wasted no time reporting on the events with a blog on the official Proud Boys website. He’s violent, racist, and has a major platform. Luis Gomez is a danger to the community.

Take Action

Anti-fascist Prisoner David Campbell Coming Home Soon

From the Anarchist Black Cross Federation:

It was his commitment to antifascism and his community that brought him out to the protest that night, and the combined support of his community that helped him through his sentence. He describes the broad contributions of letters, books, visits, and donations as leaving him both awestruck and humbled. We know the strength of our movement is determined by the continued support of our comrades.

Despite the precarity of the world David is coming back to, let’s give him the welcome home he deserves. If you haven’t already, please consider donating what you can to his fund, as there are still uncovered expenses resulting from the arrest, and any additional financial support will help make his transition easier.

Donate at

Solidarity Against Hate to Rally Against ‘Back the Blue’

This Wednesday 10/7, America Backs the Blue plans to hold a rally at Wollaston Beach in Quincy. Please join anti-racist and anti-fascist groups at 3:45 PM with noisemakers and signs to drown out their hate and show them that they are outnumbered here in the Boston area. For more info, go here.

Proud Boy Leaders and Other Alt-Losers to Rally In San Francisco

Berkeley Antifa reports that: “On Saturday October 17, a band of far-Right nationalists, racists, and grifters plan to gather in Dolores Park in San Francisco. They claim it’s against “big tech censorship” because some of them have been deplatformed after spreading conspiracies and engaging in online harassment.

Rally attendees include the so-called “Black Rebel,” a neo-Confederate activist who attended Unite the Right and Portland based white nationalist, Haley Adams. Stay tuned for more info.

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