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Oct 13, 20

This Week in Fascism #78: Light the Sky

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Welcome fellow antifascists!

This week, we’ve got reports on a failed Boogaloo plot to kick off a so-called “civil war,” a look at how Right media is trying to connect the plot to anarchists, how the media blamed antifascists for a shooting in Denver they were not involved in, police state getting all surveillancy, doxxes, and information about two upcoming mobilizations: one in Boston and the other in San Francisco!

With no time to lose, let’s get into it!


Militia Plot to Kidnap Michigan Governor Thwarted by Feds

Six far-Right Boogaloo Boys and militia members were arrested in Hartland, Michigan last Thursday for plotting to kidnap and execute governor Gretchen Whitmer at her vacation home. Seven more men, members of the Wolverine Watchmen militia, are facing terrorism charges for planning a related attack on the State capitol and attempting to “instigate a civil war.” An FBI informant confirmed that the group occasionally met in person for field training, attempted to create IEDs, and plotted to violently overthrow the state government and kill police officers.

As Mother Jones reported:

On Thursday, 13 men in Michigan and elsewhere were charged by state and federal authorities for allegedly plotting to violently overthrow state governments and kidnap and possibly kill Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Several had a history of posting far-right memes on social media, including posts in support of Boogaloos, a loose-knit group of armed provocateurs that advocates for a new civil war in the United States, and whose adherents have killed police officers and whose ranks include white supremacists. Other posts celebrated Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old facing homicide charges after gunning down three protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last month.

The FBI charged six individuals with conspiracy to kidnap Gov. Whitmer, and the state of Michigan separately charged seven others with “providing support for terrorist acts,” among other charges. Brandon Caserta, one of the six described in an FBI affidavit, posted several memes endorsing the deadly shootings by Rittenhouse. One shows Rittenhouse laughing underneath the text: “when you’ve smoked 3 commies before you can legally smoke cigarettes.”

Another showed a convoluted meme depicting a man stuffing his foot in a wood chipper—an allegory for how politicians passing gun laws will only embolden Boogaloo extremists.

Two of the militia members charged, Michael and William Null, were also seen at demonstrations against Governor Whitmer’s COVID-19 restrictions, even appearing on stage alongside guest speaker Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf. Despite the group’s plans to violently target law enforcement, Leaf refused to condemn the militia and expressed no regret for sharing a stage with them, saying that the extremists “have always been nice and respectful to him” and “deserve a fair trial.”

As The Independent wrote:

Michigan residents have called for Barry County sheriff Dar Leaf to resign, after it emerged that he had shared a stage with one of the men arrested in the alleged foiled plot to kidnap governor Gretchen Whitmer. William Null, a member of the Michigan Liberty Militia group, was arrested alongside 12 others last Friday in relation to the alleged plot to kidnap the governor at her summer home. Mr Null has been charged with material support for terrorist acts and possessing firearms in commission of a felony, WWMT reported. Following the suspect’s arrest last week, it was reported that sheriff Leaf had shared a stage with Mr Null at a protest against Ms Whitmer’s stay at home order in May, alongside other members of the militia group.

Just hours after the arrest of these right-wing terrorists, Trump took to twitter to attack Governor Whitmer over statements she made accusing the president of “[inciting] more domestic terror” with his rhetoric. He accused her of doing “a terrible job,” complained that she did not thank his administration and the Justice Department for foiling the kidnapping plot against her, and demanded that she put at end to statewide COVID-19 restrictions. Back in April when armed militia members overtook the state capitol in protest of the statewide shutdown, Trump praised them, tweeting, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”

Far-Right grifters on social media and Fox News also attempted to paint one of those involved in the plot, Brandon Caserta, as a left-wing anarchist. As It’s Going Down documented however, the man was in fact a far-Right Libertarian and so-called “anarcho”-capitalist. Grifters on the Right however, seized on several videos that Caserta had made in front of a crudely drawn “anarchy” flag in which he railed against the police and called Donald Trump a “tyrant.” In other videos, Caserta talked about Voluntaryism and the “Non-Aggression Principle,” both terms associated with anarcho-capitalism, which is a far-Right ideology who’s leaders like Murray Rothbard worked to build direct coalitions with white nationalists, paleoconservatives, and the far-Right. Caserta’s social media footprint also includes Jordan Peterson, Project Veritas and support for the Kenosha killer, Kyle Rittenhouse.

Protester’s Phones in Portland “Exploited,” Toxic Chemical Weapons Deployed by Federal Agents in Portland

Emails obtained through public records requests reveal that a federal counter-terrorism unit was sent to Portland, OR to exploit the cell phones and communication devices of protesters in July 2020 in order to identify and track networks of protesters. The unit, known as the Fly Team, was created by Robert Mueller following the September 11th attacks in 2001 to collect evidence and gather intel in terrorism investigations. According to the House Committee on Homeland Security, some protesters’ cell phones were held by DHS for months after their arrests. The emails contain no evidence that feds overstepped their legal authorities, since “unconsented physical searches” and “physical surveillance” are powers granted to the FBI. However, as Mattathias Schwartz reports for NYR Daily, the records prove that the government “acted using capabilities designed to meet a real threat of terrorism.”

Findings from the Chemical Weapons Research Consortium also confirm that federal agents used toxic chemical munitions against protesters in Portland starting in mid-July, in an effort to quell the uprising in response to the police killing of George Floyd. Smoke grenade canisters containing hexachloroethane were collected from the site by volunteers. According to The Intercept, these HC smoke bombs have been shown to cause nausea, vomiting, chest pain, kidney, liver damage, are suspected carcinogens, and have devastating effects on the environment. The Department of Defense phased out production of these grenades for combat use due to the injuries and fatalities caused by the chemical. Protesters reported severe symptoms lasting weeks after exposure. Expired tear gas canisters were also recovered from protest sites in the city. The long term health effects of these chemical weapons are not yet well understood.

Denver Patriot Rally Ends in Gunfire by 9news Security Guard; Media Immediately and Incorrectly Blames Antifa

On Saturday, October 10th, far-right and MAGA supporters convened at Denver, Colorado’s Civic Center Park for a “Patriot Muster” rally organized by John “Tig” Tiegen. Tiegen is veteran of the United States Marine Corps and his claim to fame is his participation in Bengazi, an experience he co-authored for the book 13 Hours. Tiegen’s been known to rub elbows with far-Right figures including Steffan Tubbs, a fascist-adjacent conservative radio host for KNUS.

The event took place at Denver’s Civic Center Park and was met by leftist counter-protesters who organized their own event “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive.” Far-Right protesters and leftist counter-protesters were separated by barriers and riot cops, with about 80 yards of space between the two events. While Tig, former Proud Boy and fascist podcaster Louie Huey, and about 150 other Trump supporters and far-Right individuals prayed, recited the Pledge of Allegiance, talked about their love for the US and their issues with BLM and Antifa, roughly 200 counter-protesters chanted and handed out food to houseless folks and folks in need.

Around 3:30 PM as the crowd began to disperse, an altercation took place between two attendees. One shot was fired by a third person, killing far-right protester Lee Keltner. The Denver Post initially reported the shooter was an antifascist. However, as details of the event became more clear, the suspect was identified as Matthew Dolloff, an employee of the Pinkerton security force, hired as a contractor by 9news. Since the shooting, 9news has reported that although Dolloff reported that he was associated with Pinkerton, Pinkerton has denied any affiliation with the shooter. According to 9news, Dolloff was improperly licensed. A tweet by Denver Police Department confirmed the shooter had no association with the antifascist movement.

Photographic and video evidence shows deceased far-Right protester Lee Keltner slapping the security contractor, then unloading a cloud of bright yellow-orange pepper spray towards him, and immediately being shot. Footage also shows Keltner in a tense exchange with a leftist protester moments before the shooting, where he can be heard using the N-word, can of pepper spray in hand.

Far-Right propagandist Andy Ngo wasted absolutely no time spreading the misinformation put out by The Denver Post, in an attempt to paint Denver’s antifascist activists as violent killers, followed quickly by other opportunistic grifters such as Tim Pool and Dinesh D’Souza.

Colorado activists have confirmed that Keltner has a history of far-Right organizing. He assaulted and harassed leftist protesters at a Black the Blue rally in Berthoud, Colorado earlier this summer, and was identified by Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists as the one of the assailants. Photographic evidence from the event shows Keltner attacking a BLM protester while holding a box of stolen doughnuts. After the protest, Keltner went onto Facebook to brag about the attack, promising to “put the boots to some antifa scum” at the suggestion of a friend.


Jimmy Madden, Neo-Nazi out of Fox, Oklahoma

The antifascist activists behind the twitter account Antifascist Trash Panda have identified Fox, Oklahoma resident and neo-Nazi Jimmy Madden. Madden is a supporter of the British Union of Fascists, a British political party that was started in 1932 by Oswald Mosley. BUF was disbanded by 1940 but still lingers in fascist spheres today.

Madden’s anti-Semitism is as prevalent as you could expect given his support of and subscription to BUF. Madden’s social media profiles are filled with racist and antisemitic content. His posts are of explicit hatred of Black people and calls for ethnic separation.

There is no specific call to action for Jimmy Madden, but Fox, Oklahoma residents should be aware of him.

Genevieve Peters, Fascist Trump Supporter of Warran, Michigan

Our good comrades Vigilant AFA have identified a Warren, Michigan resident, fascist Trump supporter Genevieve Peters. Peters is orginally from Playa del Rey, California but relocated to study at CMU in Michigan. Vigilant AFA indicates that Peters has previously worked in education, but now spends most of her time rallying for Trump and inciting racial violence.

Timothy Clayton Ryerson, Far-Right Militia, Oregon

Rose City Antifa have uncovered the identity of Timothy Clayton Ryerson, a far-right militiaman who has been a regular presence at Portland actions over the last few weeks. Ryerson attended the fascist rally in Portland on August 22nd, 2020 alongside neo-Nazi’s and Proud Boys, as well as events organized by far-right collaborators Audra Ann Price & Shelby Steven Walman.

Ryerson, who sometimes goes by John Dee, was filmed while shouting and threatening leftist activist Laura Jedeed as she filmed him and others walking down the street with their AR-15s on Sunday, October 11th. Screenshots captured in far-right Facebook groups by Rose City Antifa show Ryerson taking credit for stealing the Nightmare Elk out of downtown Portland.

According to Rose City Antifa, Ryerson works as a Bail Bond Recovery Agent in Washington state. His license number is # 536 and you can contact his agency and report him by following this link here.

Jedediah Kane Veino, Proud Boy currently of Las Vegas, Nevada

Antifash Gordon dropped two doxxes this week, starting with Las Vegas Proud Boy and active duty AirForce member Jedediah Kane Veino. Veino attended a Resist Marxism rally in Providence, Rhode Island where they attacked protesters.

Alongside the Proud Boys were other far-Right groups like Patriot Prayer, American Guard and notable far-right organizers Joey Gibson, Tiny Toese and Dane Menough.

To notify the United States Airforce that their active duty member Jedediah Kane Veino is an active member of an SPLC-designated hate group, follow this link here.

Thomas Clay Deighton, Proud Boy of Sarasota, Florida

Our final dox of the week is Thomas Clay Deighton of Sarasota, Florida. 26 year old Deighton, also known as “Hammy,” runs the Telegram channel “Hammy’s Cesspool of Bullshit,’ where he regularly posts anti-Semitic, neo-Confederate, and racist content. Antifash Gordon highlights a handful of the racist memes including one of the “Day of the Rope” which, as AFG puts it, is “a genocidal fantasy invented by neo-Nazi William Pierce, from his dystopian novel The Turner Diaries. The “Day of the Rope” is what comes after white people win the race war, and finally execute all white race traitors.”

Deighton, along with his antisemitism and genocidal racism, is also queerphobic, frequently making the tired and false connection that LGBTQ people are secretely pedophiles, a popular trope among members of the far-right. AFG points out that Deighton is obsessed with the Boogaloo movement and accelerationism, using imagery found among those with similar beliefs like SS bolts and skull masks. Gordon indicates that Deighton is a 3rd degree Proud Boy who was in attendance at West Fest, the annual Proud Boy gathering.

Deighton works as a mechanic at Wilde Jaguar and Land Rover and those who are able can contact them and let them know they have a member of the SPLC-designated hate group, the Proud Boys, by following the links below:

Twitter: @wildejaguar
Phone: 941-924-3019
Contact Page:

Take Action

On Saturday, October 17th in San Francisco, CA:

On Sunday, October 18th in Boston, MA:

“Super Happy Fun America” (formerly “Resist Marxism”) has decided to call a rally denouncing “far left violence,” a theme they organized another failed rally around a year or so ago. This, coming from people who praise Kenosha murderer Kyle Rittenhouse and are in league with the people caught planning murders in Portland, is sadly typical of the hypocrisy and crocodile tears of the fascist right.

It’s not original but it is a message. This comes at a time when their leader, Donald Trump, has been loudly refusing to agree to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose the upcoming election and broadly signaling to his supporters that he will support their violence against his opponents. Like most cowards, the people in SHFA need to work themselves up to violence by making a display of themselves. This is what this rally at this time is about: preparing themselves to accept and, if they work up the nerve, participate in violence against anyone who might object to Trump’s agenda or to his stealing an election.

Fascism is no match for a united people. The people of Boston have proven time and again they see through SHFA’s lies, and that they will come out against fascism, racism, and the Trump agenda regardless of threats from the right. We have, again and again, humiliated and sent home SHFA, “Resist Marxism,” and a veritable graveyard of now-defunct local far right formations (anyone remember “Boston Free Speech”?). They want to be a badass street-fighting force- we have turned them into a meme page with the occasional under-attended street rally. We do this by turning up, getting loud, and making clear: Boston is the people’s city and no place for fascists. Join us on October 18th to make the message clear once again.

More info here.

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