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Nov 10, 20

This Week in Fascism #82: Proud Boys Attack Sacramento; Trump Calls on Supporters for Help

Welcome fellow antifascists!

We’ve got a massive column for you this week! First, we have a report back from Antifa Sacramento about how people pushed back against violent gangs of Proud Boys and MAGA fans last Saturday, how far-Right trolls are attempting to sow discord online in support of Trump’s attempts to steal the election, armed Qanon supporters arrested on their way to a polling station, plus lots of news, doxxes, and a call to action in DC!

We’ve got a lot to cover, so lets dive in!

Report Back: Anti-Racists and Antifascists Clash with Proud Boys at the Capitol in Sacramento

While many spent Saturday, November 7th celebrating in the streets because of the electoral defeat of Trump (TM) fascism, Sacramento did not. Instead of a citywide dance party, anti-racists and unaware liberals spent the day confronting Trump supporters at the state Capitol, yet again.

Coordinating with the Stop the Steal campaign, Angelene Shewfelt, a schoolteacher from Modesto, scheduled an event on Saturday at 10:00 am via Facebook to contest the developments of the recent election. Hundreds of right wing Trump supporters attended the Sacramento rally. As the news broke about Trump’s electoral defeat, locals looking to celebrate were confronted instead with an angry motorcade of Trump flags on lifted pickup trucks from the surrounding burbs and violent Proud Boys on the Capitol lawn.

The Right has been building networks throughout the region through anti-mask events and ‘Stand up to Tyranny’ campaigns against the COVID restrictions by CA Governor, Gavin Newsom, including an election night Trump rally attended by many right-wing evangelical Christians. On Saturday, Trump supporters, Proud Boys, Three Percenters, and other Alt-Right, militia and MAGA groups that showed up to rally weren’t very happy. 

Saturday began with garden-variety MAGA hats and evangelicals but quickly devolved as militant groups arrived. A motorcyclist was seen in a Three Percenters jacket. He was observed being told: “Don’t start a fight, but don’t back down from one either.A large MAGA flag caravan from Placerville arrived around noon. Many flying Blue Lives Matter, Trump, Gadsden, and Pine Tree flags. One of the trucks even sounded an obnoxious train horn.

Shortly after, Proud Boys armed with knives and bear mace were located providing security around the makeshift stage on 10th Street, including Brandon Witte and Cole Scott. By 5:00 pm, street brawling between Proud Boys and local BLM/anti-racist protesters had broken out. Roving bands of Biden/Harris victory revelers were selectively and randomly attacked by increasingly hostile Trump supporters. At this point, law enforcement arrived and attempted to separate the right-wing group from counter protesters. The police and CHP in riot gear immediately focused all their attention on the BLM/anti-racist side, leaving their backs to the violent right-wing attendees. The pigs were met with shouts of, “No justice, no peace. Fuck these racist ass police,” and celebratory dancing. Despite the police presence, multiple skirmishes continued to pop off.

While most of Saturday’s events ended around 6:00pm, there were multiple reports of Proud Boys verbally and physically assaulting people. They maced multiple participants, catcalled women around the Capitol, harassed LGBTQ individuals, and threatened to lynch Black counter-protesters. Others reported Proud Boys driving a red pickup truck with members ready to jump out of the bed, following anti-racist protestors to their vehicles. Proud Boys allegedly ambushed isolated counter-protesters far from the Capitol late into the night, including a report of a street medic whom was almost pushed off a bridge, and attacks on anti-racists as far away as East Sacramento.

Thankfully a counter demo was quickly assembled to respond to this threat early in the afternoon. We know that radicals in Sacramento are eager to confront fascism, and for those that put themselves on the line knowingly and willingly, we celebrate you. However, we’d like to state that it’s important to understand the threat you are specifically confronting. Covering up well so not to be identified is just as important as mentally and physically preparing for the inevitable confrontation. Staying tight and developing a strong line of defense among you and your comrades is also important.

We do not find acceptance or satisfaction in what happened downtown on November 7th. This was yet another wake-up call for our community, and we at Antifa Sacramento hope that we can all learn from these events, to mobilize faster and more securely in the future, to better know the threat we face and overcome it.

Unfortunately as we’ve noted before, a Biden presidency doesn’t end fascism in the states; 4.7 million Californians voted for Trump November 3rd. We’re witnessing but a new chapter in a prolonged fight for the west coast and beyond.

Death to fascism, By Any Means Necessary. Love and Solidarity, Antifa Sacramento


Eighteen-Year-Old Neo-Nazi Harry Vaughan Given No Prison Time for Terrorism Charges

Harry Vaughan, an 18-year-old neo-Nazi from London, has been sentenced to two years of detention in a young offenders’ institution, suspended for two years. Vaughan plead guilty to multiple terrorism-related offenses and two charges of possessing indecent images of children. A prolific poster on online Nazi forums, he shared weapons and explosives manuals with other fascists and disseminated white nationalist propaganda on Fascist Forge, a Sonnenkrieg Division website.

Vaughan’s father is a clerk for the House of Lords and according to the BBC, the judge noted at the trial that Vaughan was an “A-student.” The article even quotes Richard Smith, head of the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command, saying that Vaughan is a “very intelligent young man.” His privilege might explain why, despite the severity of the charges, including two related to child pornography, he received such a light suspended sentence.

#StopTheSteal Hashtag Gains Traction

A hashtag first popularized by Roger Stone during the 2016 election is seeing a resurgence on social media in order to skew the vote counting process in Donald Trump’s favor. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, #StopTheSteal “serves primarily to dispute Democratic votes in urban, multiracial areas.” The campaign originated during the 2016 Republican primary in order to expose supposed voter fraud committed by Democrats.

The most notable protests advocating stopping the vote count occurred in Maricopa County, where Pizzagate promoter and Alt-Lite grifter Mike Cernovich led the heavily armed crowd in a chant of, “Stop the steal!” Deplatformed InfoWars host and Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones appeared at another far-Right rally in Phoenix to push the same agenda. Both Jones and Cernovich are associates of Roger Stone. Other online promoters of the hashtag include VDARE contributor and Groyper leader Michelle Malkin, Canadian white supremacist Faith Goldy, and fascist propagandist and OANN host Jack Posobiec. Ali Alexander, a far-Right Twitter personality known for spreading conspiracy theories about Kamala Harris’ racial background, also promoted #StopTheSteal by sharing a website aimed at connecting people with different MAGA protests across the country to his 148.7k followers. The SPLC also reports that Tea Party Patriots and the anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America were involved in the organization of the protests.

Armed Right Wing Protesters Gather in Harrisburg to Protest Election Results

On Saturday November 7th, Trump supporters gathered at the capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to protest their loss of the 2020 presidential election. After Joe Biden was declared winner of the state and Democrats took to the streets to celebrate, the pro-MAGA group gathered in the early afternoon to counter-protest. According to the Christopher Mathias at the Huffington Post, notorious conman and troll Jonathan Lee Riches was there chanting the fascist slogan “It’s okay to be white.” As GOP Rep. Jim Mueser addressed the crowd, the man next to him waved a sign bearing the logo for “America First,” a podcast hosted by Holocaust denying, neo-Nazi “groyper” and “Unite the Right” attendee Nick Fuentes. Another attendee waved a sign that said “Standing Back and Standing By for My President,” a reference to Trump’s orders to the Proud Boys at the first presidential debate in September.

According to Mathias, different speakers took the megaphone to advocate for Kyle Rittenhouse to be released from prison. Rittenhouse shot and killed two protesters, injuring a third, in Kenosha, WI following the shooting of Jacob Blake by police. Armed militias were also present, including Three Percenters and followers of Daryl Stevens, and many attendees carried sidearms. Many rally goers were also seen sporting shirts and hats promoting QAnon, a far-Right and anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that’s been linked to a string of violence.

Racist Counter-protesters in Graham, NC Wave Confederate Flags

A silent, law-abiding march called “Peaceful Push to the Polls” in Graham, NC was met with a small, but aggressively racist counter-demonstration on Tuesday. The peaceful protesters walked silently to the polls carrying signs featuring anti-racist messages, walking only on the sidewalks and refusing to engage with law enforcement. A photo published by Blue Ridge Public Radio shows a small group of right-wing counter-protesters holding confederate flags while trampling a Black Lives Matter flag. A video from the scene showed the right-wingers waving the flags while, ironically, singing the national anthem.


Two Men Arrested in Philly for Attempting to Intimidate Vote Counters Linked to Qanon

On Friday, November 6th, two armed men were arrested after police were tipped off that they were headed to the Philadelphia Convention Center to drop off fake ballots where votes were being tallied for the presidential election. WPVI-TV reports that, “Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, Joshua Macias, 42, and Antonio Lamotta, 61, both of Chesapeake, Va., have been charged with Concealed Firearm Without a License, a third-degree felony, and Carrying a Firearm on Public Streets or Public Property, a first-degree misdemeanor. A woman was also with them, but she was not placed under arrest, officials said.”

As CNN reports, “Both men were carrying loaded handguns, and police found an AR-type rifle in the Hummer, authorities said at a news conference Friday. About 160 rounds of ammunition were found in the weapons and the vehicle, authorities said.”

The vehicle the two men were driving had a hat and window sticker with the QAnon logo indicating these men were followers of the QAnon conspiracy cult. As we’ve previously reported:

At the heart of Qanon lies the belief, inherited and passed down from past conspiracy theories, many directly stemming from anti-Semitic sources, that a shadowy collection of “Satan worshiping pedophiles” which in turn controls Hollywood, the media, the Pope, and liberal elite politicians – are all involved in ritual child human sacrifice, sex trafficking, blood drinking, and cannibalism. These elites make up the “deep state” and only Donald Trump can bring them to justice. Leaking information about this epic conflict, is an anonymous person from within the intelligence community (but somehow not the deep state) with Q level security clearance that has knowledge of this whole plot and has been leaving clues, known as “Q-drops,” on racist far-Right boards like 4chan and 8chan (because where else would a senior official do so?). Q’s followers then take the seemingly nonsensical clues, known as “crumbs,” that are posted online and try and make sense of them.

QAnon has swept the internet and communities all over the country and has inspired it’s followers into some dangerous and violent actions. The growing concern around QAnon conspiracy and it’s followers has even lead the FBI to label QAnon a domestic terror threat. Efforts by Twitter and Facebook to shut down the spread of QAnon-related disinformation has proved too little too late in many respects as the growing concern of QAnon continues to motivate it’s followers to carry out violence.

17 Year Old Neo-Nazi Jailed For Terrorism Offenses

The Metro UK reports that 17 year old Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) member Paul Dunleavy has admitted to a handful of crimes that fall under the category of terrorism. According to the Metro UK, “Dunleavy kept a haul of knives, shotgun cartridges, bullet casings and air rifles in his bedroom, plus face coverings and camouflage face paint and makeshift targets. The ex-Royal Air Cadet, who can be named for first time following a court ruling, had researched how to convert a blank-firing gun into a live weapon. He admitted nine counts of collecting terrorism information under section 58 of the Terrorism Act.”

Feuerkrieg Division was a small, now disbanded, international accelerationist group. FKD members idolized fascist individuals like Adolf Hitler and James Mason, who wrote the fascist manifesto Siege. FKD members used telegram to communicate and expand on their violent fantasies of civil war and the creation of the white ethnostate. Dunleavy’s arrest follows arrests of FKD members around the globe including several of their members in the US who, among other things, planned violent attacks against the ADL, gay nightclubs, antifascist researchers and others.

For more information on Feuerkrieg Division, head over to Unicorn Riot for access to leaked chats.


Joshua Spradlin, Proud Boy of Newkirk, Oklahoma

Sunny South Dallas ARA has identified Newkirk, OK resident and Proud Boy Joshua Spradlin. The Proud Boys are an SPLC-designated hate group who’s ideology include islamophobia, queerphobia, ultra-nationalism and misogyny. Despite pitiful attempts to hide the fact that their ranks include neo-Nazi’s, the group continues to be fertile ground for anti-Semitism and fascism. Joshua Spradlin is no exception. Sunny South Dallas ARA were able to capture screenshots of Spradlin’s denial of the Holocaust (a central argument in neo-Nazi spaces) and his posting of the Kekistan flag, which is intentionally similar to the Kriegsfahne or war flag used by the Wehrmacht or defense force of the Nazi party during WWII.

According to Sunny South Dallas AFA, Spradlin works as the Casino Manager at Native Lights Casino in Newkirk, OK. Folks are encouraged to contact the casino and kindly inform them that they have a member of a violent hate group working in a management capacity. Please be pleasant when calling! Chances are they aren’t aware of Spradlin’s affiliations!

Contact information:
Phone: (580) 448-3100
Email: [email protected]

Daniel Aguirre, Far-Right Militant of Glendale, California

Antifascist activist Molly Conger identified militia wannabe Daniel Aguirre of Glendale, California. Aguirre is a vocational nurse registered with the state of California and he spends a lot of time online fantasizing about killing BLM and antifascist protesters. Aguirre’s fascination with violence toward leftists is alarming and sick. As Conger points out, he even talks about “cutting the raised fists off of protesters and seeing a pile of rotting, severed body parts cut from his political enemies.”

As a registered nurse, this man is trusted with patient’s safety. If you are also deeply concerned about Aguirre’s proximity to vulnerable people, please consider reaching out and reporting him to the California Board of Vocational Nursing.

Contact the Enforcement Division (to file a complaint against a Licensed Vocational Nurse or Physical Therapist):  916-263-7827

Paul Pecore, Proud Boy of Altona, NY

Sunny South Dallas AFA identified another Proud Boy as Altona, NY resident Paul Pecore. In addition to being a member of the SPLC-designated hate group, he’s also a proud supporter of the Boogaloo movement who’s followers fixate on and fantasize about a civil war in which Boogaloo Boys take up arms against the government and replace it with a white ethnostate. Altona residents be on the lookout for this guy!

Wyatt C. Winn, Boogaloo Boy of Prosper/Frisco, Texas

Antifascist activist and researcher Rod Sterling 161 has identified a Boogaloo group leader and COVID truther as Prosper/Frisco, Texas resident Wyatt C. Winn. Last year, Winn got busy protesting COVID shut-downs and restrictions put in place to slow the spread of the virus. Readers may remember him as one of the paramilitary leaders who engaged in a standoff with the Ector County Sheriff back in May. The standoff took place at Big Daddy Zane’s Bar in West Odessa, TX when the bar owner decided to open against state orders. Winn and others guarded the entrance while armed but were eventually arrested for violating the state’s order.

Since then, Winn has continued to participate in far-Right organizing and content sharing on social media. More recently, Rod Sterling 161 reports that Winn continues to “network with other militia and Boogaloo groups to oppose what he sees as the rise of communism via COVID restrictions, and to train for violence.”

For more information on Winn, head to the thread.

Bryan Davenport, Constable and Far-Right Conspiracy Theorist of WIlliamsport, Pennsylvania

Antifash Gordon released the identity of Bryan Davenport, Pennsylvania Constable and far-Right conspiracy theorist after he came onto the radar by arming himself and blocking a polling place in Williamsport, PA. Based on the twitter thread, it appears that Constable Bryan Davenport is a proud member of a militia, although we haven’t identified which one.

In addition to voter intimidation, buying into satanic conspiracy theories including pizzagate, it comes as absolutely zero surprise that Davenport is also a fan of Roger Stone and InfoWars host Alex Jones. This man is armed and working in a position of power and Williamsport residents should be cautious of him.

Marc Macleod, Neo-Nazi of Citrus Heights, California

Antifa Sacramento comrades dropped the dox on neo-Nazi Asatru leader Marc Macleod of Citrus Heights, California. Macleod is the Folkbuilder Coordinator for the Asatru Folk Assembly, a far-right pagan religious group known for their preferential treatment of ‘eurocentric’ whiteness, white supremacist versions of paganism, and ties to neo-Nazi groups across the country. As stated by Antifa Sacramento:

“Asatru Folk Assembly was founded by Stephen McNallen in 1994. Although paganism is not inherently racist, sexist ,or homophobic, the Asatru Folk Assembly sets itself apart from other pagan groups by emphasizing traditional gender roles and racial exclusivity by treating LGBTQ people as aberrations, and welcoming only, in their words, ethnic European folk.  McNallen himself has written pamphlets and released video diatribes on his views on race. While there is much to be said regarding the ever-evolving conception of whiteness, the Asatru Folk Assembly subscribes to a mythologized and ahistorical conception of whiteness, badly veiled as pride in Europeanness. The Asatru Folk Assembly is so infamous for its bigoted positions, it has been formally denounced by over a hundred Pagan organizations.”

As Antifa Sacramento reports, “As the Folkbuilder coordinator, MacLeod holds a leadership role and is responsible for building and maintaining a worldwide network of folkbuilders by recruitment and vetting.” Macleod has ties to white supremacist and neo-Nazi organizers throughout the state of California and the rest of the country including groups like the Golden State Skinheads (GSS), Sacto Skins, and Blood and Honor.

For a more detailed report of Macleod, Asatru Folk Assembly and their connections to neo-Nazi organizing, head over to Antifa Sacramento’s blog.

David Naetzel, Far-Right Individual of Oceanside, California

Antifash Gordon has exposed the identity of far-Right individual David Naetzel of Oceanside, California. Naetzel made it onto the radar after threatening to shoot Hilary Clinton and hang Nancy Pelosi on the app Parler. AFG indicates that Naetzel participates in what’s called “stochastic terrorism.” Stochastic terrorism is a form of communicating that emboldens followers to act on their rage in ways that are violent and meant to intimidate communities. According to AFG, if you “push enough dehumanizing messages endorsing violence against those you deem to be your enemies, and if enough people hear it, *someone* will act on it.”

Naetzel has amassed 15,000 followers and posts frequently about his motorcycle, guns, and his desire to shoot politicians and participate in violence. According to a statement from Naetzel’s employer, Hawthorne Cat, Naetzel is currently under investigation and does not represent the views of the company. Oceanside residents should be aware of this individual, given his desire for violence and terror.

Marvin Van Loon, Boogaloo Boy of Clinton Township, Michigan

On Friday, November 5th, Rod Sterling AFA identified Boogaloo Boy Marvin Van Loom after it was discovers that he was armed with an AR-style handgun and Sig Sauer pistol and heading to a Detroit, Michigan protest. Van Loon, who works as an IT Specialist at Tech Enterprises at St. Clair Shores, is active in Boogaloo chats, is a supporter of Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, and talks openly and casually about violence toward antifascist activists. At the time this dox dropped, it appeared that Van Loon had been monitoring the protest activity on the ground in Detroit and was working to coordinate with other members who’s violent rhetoric seemed to be escalating as the night went on. As far as has been reported, no altercations between Van Loon erupted and protesters came to fruition, but it’s worth being mindful of who this individual is, his proximity to and familiarity with weapons, and his desire for violence against leftist activists. Detroit residents stay vigilant.

Dane Bowen, Neo-Nazi, Three Percenter & Retired Cop of Bonanza, Oregon

Rose City Antifascists have identified a Bonanza, OR retired cop, neo-Nazi and III% militia member as Dane Bowen. Bowen, who spent 21 years as a helicopter crew chief in the US Airforce and then an additional 6 years working as a reserve Klamath Falls Police Officer, came to the attention of our comrades while posting blogs under the pen name “Mel Chizedek” for the American Nationalist Aryan Party. According to Rose City Antifa, “The pen name appears to be a reference to Melchizedek, an obscure biblical priest/king also mentioned in the Book of Mormon, a religious text whose recent esoteric extrapolations have played important roles in the PNW militia movement.”

His blog posts are overtly anti-Semitic and Bowen consistently takes quotes from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Bowen also has a profile under the name “h53jolly” on the MyMilitia networking platform. Bowen has previously been a leader of the fringe, anti-government and pro-second ammendment militia group III% Security Force, a group that was too extreme for even the regular III% militia members who eventually disavowed connections to the III% Security Force. According to RCA, Bowen offered up his security force’s services to republican candidates in the state of Oregon.

Given what we know about white supremacist recruiting in law enforcement and military settings, it’s not surprising that someone with Bowen’s history has found him a home in neo-Nazi organizing. Community members with more information about Bowen are asked to reach out to Rose City Antifa by email at [email protected] or by phone (971) 533-7832.

You can read the full report on Bowen by following this link.

Michael Ottis Wilson, Oath Keeper Militia Member of Lebanon, Ohio

Antifash Gordon has identified Oath Keeper militia member and far-Right extremist Michael Ottis Wilson of Lebanon, Ohio. According to the SPLC,

“The Oath Keepers, which claims tens of thousands of present and former law enforcement officials and military veterans as members, is one of the largest radical antigovernment groups in the U.S. today. While it claims only to be defending the Constitution, the entire organization is based on a set of baseless conspiracy theories about the federal government working to destroy the liberties of Americans.”

Wilson, owner of Lifer’s Supply Co Ltd., posts alarming and violent threats and fantasies on the social media application Parler. According to AFG, Wilson is fixated on killing journalists live on-air as well as leftist and antifascist activists. He has been using his platform to try to identify BLM protesters as well as making statements to try to encourage other comrades into violent action.

“Either we start fighting back or we lose forever,” he states on Novemeber 5. “You bleed a little now or a lot later.”

Lebanon, Ohio residents are asked to be aware of Wilson. Folks who are motivated can also reach out to Parler app to ask them why they continue to host members of the far-right who are actively planning violence against anyone who they deem their enemy.

Henry Hoeft, Boogaloo Boy of Columbus, Ohio

Twilight Zone AFA has exposed Henry Hoeft, a Boogaloo Boy based in Columbus. Hoeft is an associate of violent Boogaloo insurgent Mike Dunn, who has been platformed by Vice News. In addition to disseminating accelerrationist propaganda online, Hoeft’s MeWe posts also indicate that he is prepared to carry out acts of violence. One of Hoeft’s social media posts shows him pulling a handgun on a state trooper from inside of his car. Another features an image of a large purchase of the explose tannerite. Hoeft marched alongside Mike Dunn at an armed demonstration in Virginia in October, and has ties to a local militia in Ohio.

A former infantryman, Hoeft’s last known job was a CNC technician for Ohio Steel Industries. If you are concerned about Hoeft, Twilight Zone AFA asks that you tweet at MeWe and ask them to stop hosting Boogaloo chats like the ones Henry is a part of. You may also Tweet at Vice News and ask them to stop platforming Boogaloo Boys and other fascists.

“IL Gun Owners Together” Exposed

Chicago’s Anne Frank Army has documented militia activity in IGOT, an Illinois-based organization with ties to We the People III%, local Proud Boys, and Patriot Front IL.

The IGOT Facebook group was created by Carl Arriaza, who is known for stalking and making threats against activists and journalists. He also helped organize a rally in support of Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, outside of the detention center where he was awaiting trial.

  • Shawn Canning of Jefferson Park organizes with both We the People III% and IGOT.
  • Jimmy Bolf of Killdeer, IL recruits for the militia group Patriot Front IL and spoke at Arriaza’s “Free Kyle” rally.
  • Richard Poisso of Bartlett, IL is involved with both Patriot Front IL and WTP.
  • Proud Boy Edgar Gonzalez and IL Rep of the 66th district Allen Skillicorn also appeared at IGOT’s Kyle Rittenhouse rally. After IGOT was first deplatformed on Facebook, Skillicorn used his connections to have the group reinstated.

Five Fascist Fuckers by Minnesota United Against Fascism

Our Comrades over at Minnesota United Against Fascism put together a one-page document for Minnesota Worker’s Alliance titled “5 Fascist Fuckers” that exposes five Minnesota fascists. The idea behind the document is to warn the community of individuals they deem dangerous. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Brandon Dominic – Proud Boy Sergeant at Arms
  • Joseph “Joe” Henry Dunsmore – Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement Member
  • Samual Smith – Owner of Off the Grid Armory and Itasca Sports Rental
  • Trevor Valescu – Patriot Front Midwest Director
  • Julius Jaeger de Roma – Owner of Club Jager

To read more about each individual, follow this link!

Call to Action!

Proud Boys and other pro-Trump street gangs are mobilizing to march on DC. For more information on a counter-demonstration, go here.

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