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Dec 15, 20

This Week In Fascism #87: MAGA and Far-Right Clamor for Violence as Proud Boys Launch Attacks

Welcome fellow antifascists!

What a week it has been! As Trump seems to topple towards the edge, his supporters and even some members of the Republican party continue to amp up violent rhetoric, while far-Right violence on the streets continues in DC, Olympia, and beyond. We’ve got news and analysis on all of it, along with doxxes and more!

Let’s dive in!


Right-Wing Threats and Calls for Murder and Violence Explode as Trump Reaches End of Presidency

Pro-Trump and far-Right social media is exploding in anxiety and anger as Trump nears the end, as his legal attempts to launch a coup continue to be shut down and thwarted.

As Tess Owen in VICE reported:

On Monday, far-right internet forums were awash with bellicose rhetoric about civil war and armed resistance.

“We have to pray that Trump does NOT concede under any circumstances after Monday’s faux electors convene,” one user wrote on MyMilitia, an online organizing hub for anti-government extremists. “When the time comes and the call goes put (sic), we must assemble en masse & armed, and refuse to move after our case is heard.”

One of the top posts on TheDonald, a pro-Trump message board, outright called for killing people in response to the election. Moderators even pinned the message to the top of the board.

Michigan State Sen. Gary Eisen, a Republican, hinted in an interview with a local radio station on Monday that the state GOP was planning some kind of interference with electors casting their ballots. Asked whether he could promise that it would be a safe day in Lansing, where the state Capitol is located, Eisen replied “No.”

In the face of these threats, the Michigan state legislature closed it’s office. As ABC News reported:

Ahead of Monday’s meeting of Michigan’s 16 electors at the state Capitol in Lansing, officials announced the state legislature’s office buildings will be closed due to “credible threats of violence.”

“The Senate has closed its own workspaces tomorrow based upon recommendations from law enforcement. The decision was not made because of anticipated protests, but was made based on credible threats of violence,” McCann said late Sunday night, without adding any details about the threats.

Meanwhile in Arizona:

Electoral College members voted in an undisclosed location due to threats. “We have seen increasingly escalating rhetoric and threats throughout the week and decided to move this for the safety of everyone involved,” Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs told CNN.  

According to the Washington Post:

Last week, an “enemies” list of state and federal officials who rejected Trump’s baseless election conspiracy theories floated up from the dark corners of the Web, with home addresses listed and red targets over their photos, the latest in a string of threats to public officials.

The list falsely accused swing-state governors, voting systems executives and the former top U.S. cybersecurity official responsible for securing November’s presidential election of “changing votes and working against the President” in a treasonous attempt to “overthrow our democracy.” The names from the list shared on social media included the hashtags #remembertheirfaces and #NoQuarterForTraitors.

What will result from these escalating and continuing threats of violence, even from some sections of those within the State itself – remains to be seen – however the State seems largely happy as long as this violence plays out in the streets against autonomous resistance movements and does not disrupt the ability of the State to physical govern.

Antifascists Across the Country Show Up to Counter Fascists on Saturday December 12th

On Saturday, December 12th, Proud Boys and other MAGA-aligned members of the far-Right showed up in major cities across the country to protest the election results, show support for Trump, as well as intimidate and attack anyone deemed “ANTIFA” or “BLM.” What resulted was mass violence toward bystanders and counter-protesters, reported stabbings of Proud Boys in self-defense, multiple attacks on antifascists, attacks on historic Black churches in DC, and the shooting of a Black antifascist protester.

From coast to coast, far-Right and neo-fascist gangs like the Proud Boys, with protection from the State, were able to engage in violence against counter-protesters with seemingly total immunity. Here’s a roundup of what all went down.

Police Tell Proud Boys in Sacramento, “Watch Your Back”

Antifascists in Sacramento, California again mobilized against the far-Right street gang the Proud Boys who again rallied alongside Trump supporters at the state capitol. Police were captured on video speaking to members of the Proud Boys in a supportive nature, telling them to “Watch their back” and “best of luck.” There were sadly however, several arrests of counter-protesters. Please support the local bail fund here.

Antifascists Mobilize Against Far-Right; Antifascist Shot for Second Week in a Row in Olympia, WA

Antifascist activists marched toward the Capitol building in downtown Olympia and were met by members of the far-Right who, according to independent journalist Alyssa Azar, launched fireworks and other projectiles in the antifascists’ direction. Azar captured footage of right-wing extremists made up of Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys, and other Trump supporters attacking antifascist protesters. At one point, members of the far-Right deployed bear mace. Medics were immediately responsive and rushed in to administer aid to those who were maced. Fascists were pushed back until they were behind the police line and continued to throw glass bottles at antifascist protesters. Antifascist chanted “No cops! No KKK! No Fascist USA!” Azar’s account indicates that at this point, the police started deploying stun grenades. Once the group of about 50 – 80 fascists were pushed behind the police line, antifascist protesters cheered and began to head back to their cars. One Proud Boy, later identified as Levi Romero, was recorded as screaming anti-Semitic racial slurs at counter-protesters. In past videos, Romero has argued that white nationalists and neo-Nazis are his “best friends” and logical allies of groups like the Proud Boys, who just want to bring “nationalism” to America.

Azar went on to report that as antifascists got closer to their cars, far-Right protesters managed to pop up along the route threw rocks at the antifascists trying to leave. Around 2:00 pm, an armed far-Right protester shot a 19-year-old Black antifascist protester, who, according to independent videographer Melissa “Claudio” Lewis, is out of surgery and still recovering in the hospital as of Sunday, December 13th. Lewis reports that the bullet went through our comrade’s lower abdomen, and he is expected to fully recover.

Authorities refused to release the name of the shooter but antifascist researchers Washington Nazi Watch were quick to identify him as Forest Michael Machala. Machala has been arrested on 1st degree assault, according to the Washington Post. Additionally, Proud Boy Tyler Dean Sherrill was also arrested for intimidation with a weapon.

After the shooting, police kettled antifascist protesters and shot munitions at them, targeting the medics in the group. Azar indicates that SWAT had the majority of the group completely surrounded and were firing CS gas into the crowd while everyone struggled to find a way out of the chaos.

Anti-Racist and Antifascist Demonstrators Defend Black Lives Matter Plaza; Drunken Proud Boys Attack DC Residents and Historic Black Churches

Hundreds of Proud Boys, Groypers, and MAGA supporters from around the country descended upon the nation’s capital on Friday, December 11th for a 2nd round of the #MillionMagaMarch. Thousands of (mostly drunken) fascists marched, mobbed, and terrorized the streets of downtown DC in an effort to assert their dominance over the city and attack their political enemies. The New York Times and The Washington Post both reported several stabbings, some being Proud Boys, such as Corey Owen Nielsen of Minnesota. Nielsen was part of a gang of Proud Boys who surrounded and beat a Black counter-protester, only to have the person defend themselves and then be arrested by police. Multiple members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) were also injured and hospitalized.

Many of the Proud Boys were clearly highly intoxicated, with hundreds drinking in the streets for hours. Antifascist activist Molly Conger captured photos of Proud Boys buying alcohol, while others noted that members of the far-Right group were seen to be drinking in the streets openly outside of Harry’s Bar, a de-facto hub for the far-Right during the mobilization. Later on, the alcohol would provide metaphorical lighter fluid to their already tense and aggressive presence.

Law enforcement played a negligible role in protecting the community from the violence. Footage of mobs of Proud Boys attacking individual antiracist protesters has now been widely shared on social media and report on by even the mainstream press. One video posted by antifascist activist Chad Loder captures Magan Marie Stevens joining a group of Proud Boys brutally attacking a woman and her friend, both DC residents who were trying to get home. Stevens is the girlfriend of Oregon Proud Boy Alan Swinney and who presently resides in the custody of Multnomah County Corrections. Independent reporter Benjamin Dietz captured video showing hundreds of Proud Boys screaming in the face of what is assumed to be an active member of the military, before turning violent and beating the man onto the ground. According to Doug Buchanan, Spokesperson for the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, a total of eight people were taken to the hospital for injuries.

In other parts of the National Mall, Proud Boys were filmed ripping down a Black Lives Matter banner from the Asbury United Methodist Church, a historic Black church, and burning it, a scene that is aptly described in a press release by Senior Pastor Reverend Dr. Ianthor M. Mills as being “reminiscent of cross burnings.”

The two churches which were vandalized include the Asbury United Methodist Church which was founded in 1836 and the Metropolitan AME, founded in 1872. According to Raw Story:

On Saturday, Proud Boys ripped down a Black Lives Matter banner from Asbury United Methodist Church, a historically Black congregation that rose to prominence in DC during the Reconstruction era. The Proud Boys doused the banner with lighter fluid and incinerated it in the street outside Harry’s Bar to cries of “fuck antifa” and “fuck BLM.”

Washington DC Metro Police confirm a second Black Lives Matter banner was stolen from Metropolitan African Methodist Church. Police are investigating both incidents as possible hate crimes. Rev. Ianther M. Mills noted in a statement released on Sunday morning that the church’s forebearers have maintained their faith through the Underground Railroad, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement, adding, “And now we face an apparent rise in white supremacy.” It was especially painful to see the church’s name in flames as she watched the video on Twitter, she said, describing it as “reminiscent of cross burnings.” Mills noted the double standard applied to the Proud Boys by law enforcement.

“Sadly, we must point out that if this was a marauding group of men of color going through the city and destroying property, they would have been followed and arrested,” she said. “We are especially alarmed that this violence is not being denounced at the highest levels of our nation, and instead the leaders of this movement are being invited to the White House.”

According to Jack Jenkins of the Religious News Service, the police have opened up an investigation into the banner burning as a hate crime. A livestream by Sacramento Proud Boy and fascist propagandist Eddie Block showed the burning in real time, as well as other events that shook out through the early hours of Sunday morning. His coverage showed intoxicated men getting their “2nd degree,” a cringe-worthy exhibition where a Proud Boy names five breakfast cereals while fielding a barrage of punches from other members of the SPLC-designated hate group. Block, who’s stream has been taken down, captured Proud Boys making direct threats to harm and maim antifascists and antiracist protesters, chugging cans of beer, sharing their collective belief that COVID is a hoax, and overwhelming displays of misogyny. Other video show Proud Boys calling by-standards, “p*ssies,” and “f*ggots.”

Proud Boys leader Chairman Enrique Tarrio was also in attendance. Off and on throughout the day he would bark orders at his MAGA-frenzied acolytes through a megaphone. According to Block’s stream, around 12:30 am Tarrio told the crowd to get out of the streets and head home but Block’s stream stayed live for another half hour as Proud Boys continued drinking. Other prominent members of the far-Right were also in attendance including disinformation troll Alex Jones and head Groyper Nick Fuentes, along with former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. According to the Washington Post, 23 arrests were made.

Hundreds Hold Rally in Boise, ID in Response to Neo-Nazi Stickers Being Placed at Anne Frank Memorial

In response to a series of neo-Nazi stickers bearing a picture of a swastika were placed up at the Anne Frank memorial in Boise, Idaho, several hundred people rallied and held a vigil to denounce white supremacy and fascism.

According to one local news report:

Around two hundred people showed up this afternoon at the Idaho Anne Frank Memorial in efforts to collectively stand against racism. “I felt it was really important to do this today because a lot of people are willing to let this sort of stuff fly by and ignore it,” said Ty Ty, an organizer of the rally. “I think it’s finally time for people of Idaho to stand up before it’s too late.” Ty is referring to the incident that occurred earlier this week, where 9 swastika racist stickers were placed throughout the memorial.

Antifascist researchers with Antifa Garfield exposed the creator of the stickers, Christopher A. Pohlhaus, a neo-Nazi from Texas, back in April of 2020.

Atomwaffen Division Member Sentenced to Sixteen Months in Prison for Threatening Violence Against Journalists

Johnny Roman Garza, a 21-year-old member of Atomwaffen Division from Arizona, was sentenced to 16 months in prison after plotting to send racist, threatening posters to journalists and advocates for marginalized groups. On September 8, 2020 Garza plead guilty to conspiracy to mail threatening communications, commit stalking, and to interfere with federally protected activities.

A statement from the United States Attorney’s Office reads:

On the night of January 25, 2020, GARZA placed a poster on the bedroom window of a prominent Jewish journalist that depicted a figure in a skull mask holding a Molotov cocktail in front of a burning home.  The poster contained the victim’s name and address and warned, ‘Your actions have consequences.  Our patience has its limits…You have been visited by your local Nazis.’

These flyers also featured recognizable Nazi symbolism. The one placed by Garza displayed a Totenkopf. Garza had also planned to place a racist poster at the home of a member of the Arizona Association of Black Journalists, but left when he could not find a good location for it.

Garza did not come up with the plan, but he researched the personal information and addresses of the group’s targets, who were mostly Jewish people and people of color. Fellow Atomwaffen Division member Cameron Brandon Shea organized the intimidation plot. Kaleb Cole, Washington chapter co-leader, assisted in creating the posters. They are scheduled for sentencing in March. A fourth individual, former Florida chapter co-leader Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe, will be sentenced in February. Prior to his February 2020 arrest, Kaleb Cole was driving the car when fellow neo-Nazi Aiden Bruce Umbaugh was arrested for possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of a controlled substance in November 2019.

Atomwaffen Division is an accelerationist neo-Nazi network, based largely on the ideas of former American Nazi Party member, James Mason. Members of the group have been charged for five killings across three different states since their inception.

Florida COVID-19 Data Scientist’s Home Raided by FDLE Agents

Seven months after being fired from the Florida Department of Health for allegedly refusing to “manipulate data” in order to speed up the state’s Re-Opening, data scientist Rebekah Jones’s Tallahassee home was raided by state police on the morning of December 7th. At around 8:30 in the morning last Monday, about ten agents possessing a warrant based on a complaint from the Florida Health Department entered her home, pointed guns at her and her children, and took all of her “hardware and tech” supplies.

FDLE spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger confirmed that tech equipment was seized from Jones’ home as part of an investigation after the Department of Health (DOH) filed a complaint that their emergency alerts system had been hacked. A message was sent out through the system that read, “It’s time to speak up before another 17,000 people are dead. You know this is wrong. You don’t have to be a part of this. Be a hero. Speak out before it’s too late.” Investigators claim the message was sent from an IP address associated with Jones’ Comcast account. Jones denies having the knowledge or skills to hack the alerts system.

Jones, an architect of Florida’s nationally praised COVID-19 dashboard, released a statement in early May announcing that she had been removed from her position at the Health Department after refusing to censor data in order to “drum up support for the plan to reopen.” In a whistleblower complaint filed in July, Jones alleges that Florida’s right-wing governor Ron Desantis wanted the state’s website to show that the percentage of positive tests was under ten percent, regardless of how high the real rates were. However, according to the Department of Health, Jones “exhibited a repeated course of insubordination.”

Following her dismissal, Jones created her own dashboard at, which she funded through donations. She claims that her phone and a computer used to run the site was seized by FDLE agents during the raid, along with flash drives containing proof that state officials lied about CDC reports in January, and evidence of illegal activities by the government. By seizing her property, the state has prevented her from continuing to report COVID-19 data. On December 8th, Jones discovered that Ron Desantis had recently appointed the judge who signed the warrant to search her house.

Geneveive Leigh at the World Socialist Website notes that the New York Times’ coverage of the raid seems to be aimed at discrediting Jones and repeating police narratives. For example, Patricia Mazzei’s article repeats FDLE’s claim that the officers did not point guns at anyone during the raid, but the footage shows police pointing a gun at Jones and then up the stairs where her family was located. Most mainstream coverage including the New York Times article also mentions unrelated criminal charges Jones faced in Florida for sexual cyber harassment. These charges were originally brought up by Governor Ron Desantis in order to discredit Jones after she went public after being fired from the DOH.

Leigh writes:

“The real culprit in manipulating data is the state. The entire strategy of the ruling class—to develop a ‘herd immunity without a vaccine—has been predicated on the suppression of data and the falsification of science.”

DHS, PPB Used New “Green Gas” Weapon Against Protesters, Gas Likely to Harm Portland Protesters Long-Term

On June 26th, President Trump signed an executive order to allow Portland Police Bureau officers to be deputized as state and federal agents. This order also allowed agents such as ICE and DHS officers to engage in a series of civil rights violations in an effort to clamp down on the ongoing rebellion after the police murder of George Floyd. These agents deployed tear gas, pepper balls, and a green, unknown substance that left those exposed with long-term, residual side-effects. Symptoms of exposure were markedly different from other types of tear gas that had previously been deployed and volunteer medic, Juniper L. Simonis, PhD, took note that this new chemical would need to be investigated in order to understand how it would impact the environment and those exposed to it. Simonis, who is a quantitative investigator with a doctorate in aquatic ecology, started their own project, the Chemical Weapons Research Consortium, to make sense of what the chemicals were and how they were expected to impact the ecosystem.

Much of the information was found on the canister itself, with some exceptions including the use of zinc chloride, also known in its gaseous form as hexite. Science and technology reporter Lynne Peskoe-Yang interviewed Simonis for science publication Future Human about the mysterious chemical compound. In her article, Peskoe-Yang states, “HC [hexachloroethane] is a highly regulated toxin, labeled as a ‘likely carcinogen’ and skin irritant by the Environmental Protection Agency,” and that Defense Technologies, an imprint of security equipment manufacturer Safariland, “ markets the HC canisters as ‘military-style’ smokers, even though the U.S. military actually stopped using HC in grenades in the 1990s due to its extreme toxicity.”

According to Simonis, gaseous zinc chloride, or hexite, is an integral component of the weapon but remains undisclosed by Safariland – the producer of the grenade. Simonis indicates that when the zinc chloride releases, it is “extremely dangerous to most forms of life.” The choice of Safariland to purposely omit the use of hexite is unnerving.

Among the differences between tear gas and hexite are the long-term impacts. Tear gas is supposed to be debilitating but short lived. Hexite, however, has remaining, long-term effects that can cause numerous problems, including gastrointestinal, respiratory, and dermatological symptoms. In the interview, Pescoe-Yang also indicates, “the most striking effects of zinc chloride toxicity in the street — vomiting, burning skin, coughing — are only the first onslaught of a chronic, unpredictable respiratory condition that can cause severe liver damage, fatigue, weight loss, and anorexia, in addition to difficulty breathing.” But beyond the symptoms is a bigger question of what lengths the federal government and elected officials are willing to go, and what they’re willing to expose us to, in order to keep us off the streets.

For the full story, check out the article here.


Becky Strohmeier, #StopTheSteal Rally Organizer of East Bloomington, Minnesota

Minnesota Against Fascism has identified #StopTheSteal and “Hold the Line” rally organizer Becky Strohmeier of East Bloomington, MN. Stroheimer, who is sometimes called “Blowhorn Becky,” is a follower of the QAnon conspiracy and has organized with members of the far-Right including militia members. Becky refers to anyone who doesn’t agree with her as “antifa terrorists,” positions BLM as her enemy, and spends a lot of time online doubling down on the false belief that Trump won the election. According to Minnesota Against Fascism, Becky is also one of the admins for the group Bloomington Patriots, which bills itself as a “grassroots government watchdog group.”

Head over to the thread for more information on Becky.

Wesley Michael Gober, Proud Boy of New York City

Antifascist researchers We Will Be Ruthless were able to identify NYC Proud Boy and licensed substance abuse counselor Wesley Michael Gober. Gober goes by “TheNobleHeart” on Parler where he makes no effort to hold back his support for the SPLC-designated hate group, the Proud Boys, or his hatred for “antifa.” Our comrades We Will Be Ruthless followed the link in his Parler profile to his shopify page where he sells merchandise that promotes violence. Apparently Gober used to own a rehab clinic called ‘Bright Light Recovery’ in El Segundo, which is terrifying considering how vulnerable people are when they first stop using substances. Like many other mental health direct service providers, Gober also has a profile on Psychology Today, while also referring to himself as “Antifa Killa” on Parler.

We Will Be Ruthless is asking folks who are inclined to help, to please take the following steps to hold Gober accountable for his participation and affiliation with the Proud Boys:

Lynden Bryce Adam Stewart, Proud Boy of Cosmopolis, Washington

Washinton Nazi Watch was able to identify Cosmopolis, WA Proud Boy Lynden Bryce Adam Stewart, as he prepared to head to Olympia, WA to cause violence toward antifascist and antiracist protesters on December 12th. In his Telegram chats, Stewart brags and boasts about his desire for violence and his plans to harm protesters he sees as his adversaries. Stewart has shown up to rallies before with his wife, Sarah Ann Jordan, and his mother-in-law. He uses the allure of violence against antifascist activists to encourage other Proud Boys to attend these rallies as well and discusses his families past violent acts with pride.

Casey George Michaelson, Proud Boy of Yelm, Washington

Next up from Washington Nazi Watch is Proud Boy Casey George Michaelson of Yelm, Washington. On Telegram, Casey was expressing his excitement to head to Olympia on December 12th to commit violence against antifascist and anti-racist protesters. In one post, he brags about bringing brass knuckles with him to the action. Like other Proud Boys, the possibility of harming anti-racist protesters is a powerful motivator for their organizing. Casey is easily identified by the tattoo on the back of his neck.

Robert Dean Knechtel, Proud Boy Affiliate of Lacey, Washington

Washington Nazi Watch brings up Robert Dean Knechtel of Lacey, Washington. Knechtel is a Proud Boy wannabe, a general contractor and tattoo artist. In chats, Knechtel posted excitedly about attending the rally in Olympia, WA. Knechtel even went so far as to post a video of him using a stun-gun he planned to bring to the rally, on himself.

Jordan Tyler Camacho, Proud Boy of Jacksonville, FL

Karma of Firestorm on Fascists has outed Jordan Camacho for bragging about his involvement in a possible hate crime this weekend in Washington D.C. In response to a thread documenting the violent attacks by Proud Boys that took place on Saturday, Jordan responded, “We burned their BLM sign too,” followed by a brown skintoned OK symbol emoji.

On the night of December 12th, Proud Boys and fascists marching through the streets of D.C. tore down the BLM sign from outside of the historically Black Asbury United Methodist Church and proceeded to light it on fire. This act of racist intimidation has been likened to the cross burnings of the Ku-Klux-Klan, and sources say it is being investigated as a hate crime.

Camacho was originally doxxed by Identify Dixie in June 2020, and was featured in This Week in Fascism #65. He has a lengthy criminal record including domestic battery charges, and he uses his Twitter account to recruit for the Proud Boys and harass antifascists. Unsurprisingly, he is also viciously racist and misogynistic. Check out Identify Dixie’s full thread here.

Adam White, American Patriots III% Member of Franklin Park, NJ

AntiFash Gordon has identified Adam White of Franklin Park, NJ as a member of American Patriots III%. Adam, a foreman at Banner Exteriors in Robbinsville, NJ, was an attendee at the violent pro-Trump protest in Washington D.C. on December 12th. He shares alarmingly violent messages on his Parler account, expressing his desire to “burn down” leftist establishments, discussing illegally carrying concealed firearms, and calling for the shooting of FBI agents.

Adam is a danger to the community. Please help by contacting Banner Exteriors and informing them that they employ a member of a violent hate group. View AFG’s full thread here for more information.

Chris Howell, American Patriots III% Militia Leader

American Patriots III% leader Chris Howell is a former police officer who was fired in 2009 after being charged for domestic abuse. He attended the December 12th protest in Washington D.C., and his Parler posts leading up to the event show him planning with fellow APIII member Adam White to “stomp” and “whoop on” Antifa.

AntiFash Gordon notes that these violent far-right rallies taking place across the country and at the capitol since Trump lost the presidential election bear close similarities to the March on Rome by Mussolini’s Black Shirts. After a long campaign of attacks against socialists, 25,000 squadristi troops marched toward Rome, leading the king to hand power to the fascists.

For more information, view the full thread here.

Anthony Mastrostefano, Proud Boy Leader in Las Vegas, NV

Anthony Mastrostefano, Leader of Las Vegas chapter of the Proud Boys

AntiFash Reno has exposed Anthony Mastrostefano, leader of the Las Vegas chapter of the Proud Boys. Mastrostefano’s personal Facebook account shows him armed and posing in front of a confederate flag. Photos on his alt account show his Proud Boys tattoo and his fourth degree Proud Boy status, meaning that the has already carried out physical violence against leftists. Tony is a key figure in Nevada’s far-Right scene, and attended the November 6th “Stop the Steal” rally in Las Vegas. He helped organize the Re-Open Nevada event that took place in Carson City on April 18th, as well as an anti-BLM counter-protest in Reno in May following the police murder of George Floyd. In 2018, he was present at the “Proud Boys Pub Crawl” where right-wingers pepper sprayed people in New Orleans and attacked them with flagpoles.

In national Proud Boys chats leaked by Unicorn Riot, Mastrostefano stated, “All I want to do is smash commies too. Actually I’m lying I’m way past just hitting them. When the time comes I will stop at nothing to fully eradicate them all!”

Tony’s extensive involvement in Nevada’s right wing community, his documented involvement in violence, and his threatening statements make him a danger to others, especially marginalized people and leftists. Community members should check out AntiFash Reno’s full doxx to familiarize themselves more with this fascist.

Matthew Chamberlain, Proud Boy from Tampa, FL

Antifascist Trash Panda, with the help of Pegasus AFA, has doxxed Proud Boy Matthew Chamberlain, of the Tampa area. Chamberlain uses his Twitter account to defend Kyle Rittenhouse’s shooting of three innocent proters in Kenosha, WI earlier this year. His posts are blatantly racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic. According to his LinkedIn profile, Chamberlain works at Automatic Gate Engineering as a security camera technician.

Help protect the community from this bigot by contacting Automatic Gate Engineering and alerting them to Matthew’s fascist views. For more information, view Antifascist Trash Panda’s thread here.

Corey Owen Nielsen, Proud Boy of Robbinsdale, MN

Minnesota United Against Fascism brings us Corey Owen Nielsen. Nielsen is a Proud Boy of Minnesota who traveled all the way to DC for the #MillionMagaMarch on December 12th. Things took a karmic turn for Nielsen when he attacked a leftist protester who then pulled a knife in self-defense and stabbed Nielsen in the lower abdomen. Nielsen has a history of showing up and assaulting leftist protesters in Minnesota. One such event took place on November 28th, 2020 at the Governor’s Mansion in St. Paul. Nielsen has been a familiar presence at both Stop the Steal and Hold the Line rallies in Minnesota, but we imagine he’ll be taking some time off given his recent injuries. Minnesota residents are encouraged stay vigilant and aware, as Corey Nielsen has a propensity for violence and is a member of the SPLC-designated hate group, the Proud Boys.

Mike Babbitt, West Sound Proud Boy Vetting Officer of Bremerton, WA

Our comrades at Rose City Antifa bring us our final dox this week. Meet Mike Babbitt of Bremerton, Washington. Babbitt is a former Idaho police officer and a military contractor and currently serves as the West Sound Proud Boy Vetting Officer. According to RCA, Babbitt helped organize the group of Proud Boys who attended the rally in Olympia on Saturday, December 12th. Babbitt’s Telegram posts are violent and Islamophobic, as you might expect from someone who worked for the Department of Defense and currently belongs to a hate group. For more information on Babbitt, head over to the thread, and thank you to our friends at RCA for bringing this monster into the light.

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