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Jun 3, 21

Toronto, ON: Action Against Company Helping to Build Transmountain Pipeline

The following communique was originally posted to North-Shore Counter-Info. We re-post it here.

Last night, a statement was made at the Toronto Branch of LEDCOR, and some small, but necessary, action was taken.

For those who won’t see the photograph, the front of the building was tastefully redecorated! You can now read LEDCOR’s new slogan “NO PIPELINES ON STOLEN LAND” written on the corner facing International Blvd and Carlingview Dr. We also took the liberty of opening up some of the windows, to let some fresh air into their polluted offices.

LEDCOR must know – all of so-called Canada must know – the destruction of the natural world and the violation of Indigenous sovereignty will continue to be resisted. These lands will be defended. And the colonial-capitalist death machine will not take its profits easily. LEDCOR was the target of this action for their participation in the construction of the Transmountain Pipeline Project, which crosses through unceded Secwepemc territory without consent. Because of their activities, over 1,000 rivers and streams, including the Coquihalla River and the Fraser River, are at risk, along with many kilometres of forests, at-risk species, and a great many people who have been connected to that land for generations. We act in solidarity with the Tiny House Warriors and the Braided Warriors out West.

Despite attempts by the flaccid media, the RCMP, and state puppeteers to hide the truth, resistance is everywhere! Indigenous land defenders and some of their settler accomplices are fighting tirelessly at the Fairy Creek Blockade to save the last 2.7% of old growth forest on Vancouver Island at this very moment. We send our love to the land defenders and the 1000 year old trees they protect.

This week we learned that a mass grave of 215 murdered Indigenous children was found at the Kamploops Residential School. This truth, not yet history, is both devastating and entirely consistent with business-as-usual. There is so much grief, and one clear course of action: Destroy this genocidal colony. Fire to the system that kills children to sustain itself.

Night time excursions involve just a few pals and masks, making them a fun COVID-safe activity to enjoy with friends! Target the corporations, the institutions, and the people responsible for the ongoing death and destruction of this breathtaking world. The waters are not helped with retweets, nor are the forests or grasslands. Let small sparks of solidarity like this light your fires again and move you to action. Be in honorable relationship with this land and the peoples Indigenous to it. Kiss the soil beneath your feet and disappear into the night.

Be safe. Wear a mask. Fuck Canada 4ever.

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