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Mar 5, 17

Toronto, Canada. Antifa Shut Down Fascists Report Back

Racists, Fascists and Nationalists planned an Anti-Islam rally at Nathan Phillip Square to protest against the proposed M103 bill which protects Muslim people from hate crimes. The fascists argue that this is infringing on their “free speech” and they need to protect the constitution or some bullshit like that. Any normal human being would have actually read the bill and had no problem with it as it makes complete sense. When we heard about this rally we were ready to shut it down. There has been a rise in Islamophobic attacks in Toronto the past few weeks so we had to be ready for this. Read more 

I arrived an hour early and met up with my first and we quickly scoped out the scene and started walking around the square. Nothing was happening yet so met up with fellow comrades and all masked up and headed out. We arrived as the liberals were making their speeches, chanting and drumming and all that liberal stuff. Then, the action squad got word that the fascists were setting up at Old City Hall, just across the street. We rushed over there ready to shut them down but were quickly disappointed as no one was there. Other radicals were though so we stayed and got talking and converged on a bigger plan.

We then spotted three Soldiers of Odin in full uniform and rushed back to the square to see if it was going down. I spotted off to the side the fascists setting up mics and getting ready and no police protecting them yet, my comrade and I rushed in behind as soon as the one lady started saying some fucking racist bullshit speech. Quietly, from behind we ripped the mic out and started pulling on the cable trying to destroy it. We were quickly surrounded and started fighting the racists when police of course jumped on us. My comrade was detained by three cops and I broke free from the one. I ran back and grabbed the others and we all mobilized to the front, now it was going down!

Unfortunately Toronto’s liberals are very strong but we don’t have the radical presence we need. We weren’t able to shut them down as we planned but we had great minor victories. The Rebel, a racist piece of shit wannabe journalism outlet showed up and we shut them down fairly quick, we pushed them right out very fast and smooth. Other neo nazi media outlets were there and same thing, no one talked to them nothing to twist around with editing just fully masked antifa blocking cameras and making racists afraid again. Although the racists were still talking with their shitty mics we had enough of a presence to drown them out and we used that time to hand out pamphlets and explain to liberals why they need to mask up and protect themselves from doxxing as well as the importance of more radical ideas. I’d like to think we opened some people’s minds but the “official rally de-escaltors” were almost as bad as the fascists and wanted everyone to stay on one side and not engage the racists and “chant louder.”

As the rally proceeded we spotted one fuck with the classic I’m mad because I’m white and no longer have power hat or I should say Make America Great Again hat on, filming everyone so we rushed over stole the hat and ran away with it. That one felt really good but I’d be lying if I wasn’t afraid when they chased me down. The rally was coming to an end and the maybe 30 racists were now leaving of course with an escort by the racist pigs but we were able to push them against the wall and scare the shit out of them before more pigs came back. We smashed their signs and got right up to them and thankfully I actually heard some say, “We are never doing this again” and “This is crazy, I am terrified right now.” Even better one comrade got detained and everyone quickly swarmed around the pigs and we got him free and the police dispersed after that pretty fast. These are our streets.

In short, we need more comrades. These are people who applaud the white terrorist who murdered six in Quebec, these are people with power who not just want, but will harm and murder immigrants and minorities. It is our duty to stop this. Chanting and drumming is not enough anymore, just showing up at the rally’s is not enough. We need to stomp these fascist shits out of our city.


Photo by Mack Lamoureux

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