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Oct 22, 17

Toronto: Collective Action Beats Evictions in Parkdale!

We are very pleased to report that Phil, Brandon, and Kelly have beaten their evictions! They will stay in their homes and continue to contribute to neighbourhood life in Parkdale. Congratulations to our neighbours!

Last Friday the three tenants, along with members of Parkdale Organize, delivered a letter to their landlord at his place of business. They demanded he stop the evictions proceedings against them by today, Friday, October 20, or else face organized neighbourhood action. This week they spoke out in the media and organized to take their actions further. This afternoon they received a letter from their landlord’s lawyer stating that the eviction notices have been withdrawn.

Our neighbours’ actions demonstrate that when organized, working class people can put a stop to landlords trying to push us out of our homes and neighborhoods. Their victory shows that working class people being pushed out of Parkdale, whether from the apartment buildings or the smaller rentals, is in no way inevitable. As long as we continue to organize and build our power we can make Parkdale a neighborhood where no one is evicted so that others may profit.

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Rent strike campaign organized by residents in Toronto, Canada.

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