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Jul 1, 19

Toronto in Solidarity with Hamilton Pride Defenders

Report on solidarity actions from Toronto, Ontario which was originally posted to North Shore Counter-Info.

In Toronto, anarchists and other community members gathered this evening to mark the call for solidarity with Hamilton queers and Pride defenders. We first held a viewing of Inside-Out, subMedia’s recent Trouble installment on prisons, which was an insightful look at the insidious, pervasive system we’re up against.

We then took to the streets with banners and leaflets to spread the word and show our solidarity with all queers facing repression in Hamilton, and especially Cedar, who remains in jail.

Fuck prisons, fuck police, a special fuck you today to Fred Eisenberger, and love and solidarity to the queer rebels.

Bonus, a few other Toronto actions we noticed and appreciated today:

  • A postering crew who stopped by and joined in on our demonstration
  • Some comrades who used a GO bus (facebook link) to spread the word between here and Hamilton

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