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Jun 15, 17

Trans & Queer Media Under Attack from Alt-Right Trolls

In the past few weeks, trans and queer-friendly sites on social media have come under attack from a coordinated network of trolls, bullies and self-described “centipedes” obsessed with waging cyber warfare against so-called “social justice warriors.” This attack was planned-out ahead of time on sites like Reddit, 4chan/pol and God Emperor Trump, and more than a thousand of the vilest human beings on the internet participated in it.

While the contemptible vermin who carried out this attack insist on describing it as “dark humor,” it was actually a campaign of terroristic intimidation that included thousands of death threats backed up by Nazi-themed images such as this one:

And messages such as this:

The first target of the attack, Sophie LaBelle of Assigned Male Comics, was forced to go into hiding after her home address was shared widely on fascist web forums and her Facebook page was hacked. She also had to cancel a public event after the venue received credible threats of violence.

The Solidarity Antifascist Network has nothing but revulsion for the scum who carried out this attack, but we are not here to express outrage. We are here to impose consequences.

Meet Alexander Hauser, who wishes the murder statistics were higher for trans people:

More information about Alexander here.

Meet Eddie “Bumper” Kunna, who participated in the raid on Assigned Male Comics and a follow-up raid on Miles the Bisexual, where his name appears on this list of people banned for posting Nazi memes:

More info about Eddie here.

Other people believed to have posted Nazi imagery on both the Assigned Males Comics and Miles the Bisexual pages include Camille Chnoukouk (a Marine Le Pen supporter from Santa Clarita, CA), “aspiring combat medic” Gerardo Velasquez III (who claims to attend the “Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance”), Marcus Jones of Buffalo, NY and Noah Jones, from Newmarket, Ontario.

You would think a night shift manager at McDonald’s would be far too busy to participate in Nazi shenanigans online, but that’s exactly what Alexander Tickle (more information about him here) was doing – hopefully not on company time!

Meet Jesse J. Nemeth (more information about him here) has a lot of opinions, including that former president Obama should be lynched for some reason:

He also seems to have been really, really scared of Antifa “moving guns and ammo” into New Orleans to help knock down the statues of his beloved Confederate leaders. It turned out not to be necessary, Jesse – they’re all gone now and your people couldn’t do anything about it. Jesse is included in this list because he posted memes as part of the raid on AMC.  Turns out it’s easier to participate in internet bullying than to face off with actual Antifa toting imaginary guns in protection of a Robert E. Lee statue. Who would have thought.

Meet Cole Thomas of Irvine, CA (originally of Riverside). Cole is apparently some sort of evil mastermind dedicated to rooting out all “safe spaces” for transgendered people:

We thought we’d pay some attention to Cole’s “safe spaces” while he’s at it. Cole studies digital video and production at the Art Institute of California in Orange County. Cole’s passions in life include “video games and freedom”. Perhaps some of his teachers or fellow students would be interested in his opinions about this and other topics:

Last (for now) comes William “Bill” Gorkie (his info here). Bill is a big guy at 6/3” and 250 pounds (brown hair, brown eyes) and an NRA certified instructor. With super-toughness bursting out of him in every direction like that, we’re not sure why he felt the need to help persecute a trans web comic author. Must be some sort of underlying issue with him.

While the Assigned Male Comics Facebook page was under the control of the hackers, we obtained the names and identities of hundreds of people who participated in the raid in one form or another. You may believe you cannot be held accountable for your actions, but you are wrong. Whether you sent death threats or participated in doxing or merely laughed along from the illusory safety of your bedroom, we know who you are. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that this is the end of it.

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