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Oct 2, 21

Trinidad, CA: Sheriffs Arrest one Treesitter, Others Take to the Canopy

Report from Redwood Forest Defense on arrest of a treesitter during ongoing forest defense in Northern California. More updates here.

Trinidad, CA – A treesitter protesting Green Diamond clearcutting operations was arrested while attempting to climb a one hundred and fifty foot tall redwood tree slated for logging.

“They say that we’re tresspassing, but all settlers are tresspassing on stolen land,” said Rena after their arrest. Rena declined to give a last name.

The area where Rena was arrested yesterday is slated to be clearcut under an active Green Diamond logging plan, but has been protected by treesitters for the last year and a half.

“They’re destroying stolen land on the premise that its sustainable, but it’s actually contributing to a climate crisis that destabilizes all of our futures,” Rena said.

Other treesitters remain aloft in the grove. The activists report that their safety is being jeapordized by Green Diamond security cutting sections off the end of climb lines, and now by sherriffs removing caution tape put in place by treesitters to signal the presence of treesits to timber fallers.

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