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December 28

Trinidad, CA: Indigenous Activists Occupy Lighthouse Slated to Be Placed Over Burial Grounds

Indigenous activists and allies are occupying the Trinidad lighthouse memorial in Trinidad, California in order to prevent the lighthouse from being moved and placed on top of the Tsurai ancestral village and burial grounds. Folks are asking for calls to be made to the construction company out of Eureka, California – Wahlund Construction (707) 268-0150.

Thomas H. Joseph II 发布于 2017年12月28日周四

Read more about the ancestral village here: https://www.tsuraivillage.org/

Statement from the action:

“Four people have climbed 15 ft up the Trinidad lighthouse memorial to protest the relocation of it onto the Tsurai’s ancestral village. Where the Trinidad Civic Club plans to move the TLM would permanently disturb a cultural site. We are here in solidarity with the Tsurai Ancestral Society. We would like the TLM project stopped until further consultation with tribal people.”

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