The Turkish Invasion of Afrin and International Solidarity


In this interview we talk with a Turkish born anarchist that now lives in the United States, but has spent time in Kurdistan, about the recent Turkish invasion of Afrin and what it means for the ongoing social experiment happening in Rojava.

We start off by discussing the history of the region and its importance for anti-authoritarians and anarchists, as it is a social movement that while growing out of nationalism and Leninism, has distinctly rejected the State as a form of social organization and in turn embraced feminism, ecology, and Democratic Confederalism.

We then move on to discuss both the goal of the Turkish invasion of Afrin; to crush the Kurds and potentially destroy the autonomous communities within Rojava, as well as talk about the role of the United States, both during the fight against ISIS, and in the current context of Turkish aggression, along with a host of other State actors, while addressing some critiques and questions that have arisen during the battle of Raqqa.

We end by discussing what solidarity could look like, both in terms of support, and ways that people could organize in their communities, and in tandem with Kurdish organizations here in the United States and beyond.

More Info: Kurdish Question and recent Unicorn Riot coverage.

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