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Sep 12, 18

Turning Point USA and Michael Flynn to Speak Alongside Far-Right Parties Linked to Current Neo-Nazi Rallies In Germany

From September 14th to the 16th, far-Right conspiracy website The Gateway Pundit will sponsor the Phyllis Schlafly’s Gateway Eagle Council, which will bring together a variety of far-Right activists, media makers, Alt-Right youtubers, and even representatives of far-Right parties in Europe. This collection will include conspiracy theorists associated with Pizzagate and InfoWars (Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Cassandra Fairbanks, and Gateway Pundit staff), that make up (oh do they!) the “New Right.” Professional huckster, James O’Keefe. Various speakers from the US military and law enforcement will also grace the stage, such as Michael Flynn (who worked for a short amount of time in the Trump White House), Joe Arpaio, and Anthony Shaffer. Representing Turning Point USA will be their figure heads, Charlie Kirk and Candance Owens, TPUSA is billionaire backed with also links to the Alt-Right.

Repping the Christian Right will be none other than Ralph Reed of the evangelical and far-Right Faith and Freedom Coalition and formerly with the Christian Coalition. Holding it down for elected Republicans who love them some neo-Nazis is none other than Rep Steve King, who regularly shares white nationalist and neo-Nazi content on social media.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, the conference will even open its doors to Alt-Right youtuber Steve Molyneux, who as a “racial realist,” and argues that there are IQ and genetic differences between races, a long disproven theory that has been used to justify a host of repressive measures.

Then there are the workshops, from the joys of abstinence to my personal favorite: “Inconvenient Facts: How rising temperatures and increasing CO2 are benefiting the Earth and humanity.”

Moreover, the conference will go international, and play host to Petr Bystron, an MP with a “populist” political party (according to Breitbart), or the neo-fascist anti-immigrant party who’s members have been shown to be sympathetic to neo-Nazism (according to others), otherwise known as the Alternative for Germany party. Also speaking will be Dominik Tarczynski, an MP with Poland’s ruling far-Right Law and Justice party, which also grew popular in opposition to immigrants and refugees.

If the Alternative for Germany, or AfD name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you might have heard that they were involved in organizing far-Right rallies in Germany that were attended by masses of neo-Nazis and far-Right rioters, after a German-Cuban man was stabbed and killed during a fight involving a Iraqi and a Syrian man. The recent rallies in Germany have featured literally thousands of neo-Nazis and far-Right supporters hunting the streets for immigrants, antifascists, and anyone that does not look “German.” The leader of the AfD even stated, “after a murder, it is normal that people act crazy.”

According to Enough is Enough who has reported on the ground from the demonstrations:

The cops speak about two people with iron bars in front of the train station before the fascist gathering even started. Another part of the police document speaks about 100 masked fascists with stones who were “looking for migrants”. The cops are also speaking about 20 to 30 fascists who attacked the jewish restaurant “Shalom” in Chemnitz in their document. The fascists yelled “Leave Germany, you jewish pig!”

Federal minister of interior Horst Seehofer did not only deny the hunts against migrants took place, after Chemnitz he also said: “Migration is the mother of all problems.”

On Sunday night 2500 fascists took the streets in Koethen. Mobilized in less than 24 hours in a province town with 26.000 residents. Journalists got attacked and fascists were openly calling for a national socialist state on the German territory. The fascists were chanting “National socialism now now now!

Alongside a variety of far-Right, neo-Nazi, and neo-fascist German groups and political parties, and AfD has been mobilizing demonstrations against migrants as well as to protest antiracist mobilizations. As The Atlantic described the recent far-Right protests:

Thousands of protesters, led by far-right and neo-Nazi groups, rioting and flashing Nazi salutes…One journalist shared footage of protesters chasing dark-skinned bystanders in targeted attacks, while others showed the crowds chanting “foreigners, get out of our city.”

Though there has been a historic presence of neo-Nazi groups in Saxony, what happened in Chemnitz was largely unprecedented—and not just because of the scale of the riots. “What is interesting about this is you obviously had a mix of people on the far-right side,” Marcel Dirsus, a political scientist at the University of Kiel, told me, noting the confluence of AfD supporters with more extreme groups such as the far-right, anti-Islam nationalist movement Pegida. Though the AfD has attempted to distance itself from groups like Pegida in the past, some within the party have called for making common cause with them in order to mobilize more supporters. In Chemnitz, Dirusus said, “it seems the radical wing of the AfD won out.” Indeed, one of AfD’s lawmakers, Björn Höcke, was pictured last week marching alongside Pegida founder Lutz Bachmann.

In response, the German State has tightened surveillance on the AfD, citing their growing connections to neo-Nazis and the far-Right. Meanwhile, as the Socialist Worker, pointed out:

In reality, it is immigrants and refugees who are the victims of violence at the hands of German residents. More than 2,200 attacks on refugees were recorded last year, ranging from arson attacks on refugee housing to hate crimes in the streets. Just days after Chemnitz, three German men beat a Syrian man with an iron chain in Wismar.

In the US, the coming together of former Trump officials, military brass, the Christian far-Right, campus groups backed by big money, far-Right conspiracy hacks, and academic factions of the Alt-Right – along with international representatives of growing far-Right parties, should be seen as the threat that it is.

While the centrist and DNC aligned media has by and large pronounced the various neo-Nazi and white nationalist factions within the Alt-Right to be dead in the water, at the same time, in just the past month a member of DHS, a writer at the Daily Caller, and a Trump speech writer were all fired for their connections to white nationalists and the Alt-Right. Clearly the collection of speakers at the Eagle Council, bringing together both Trumpists, members of the Alt-Right, and international players in a variety of far-Right parties, signals that far from leaving the stage, white nationalism, albeit in a different form and even with a few token people of color to cheerlead it, still is fast becoming the politics as usual for ‘conservatives.’

The conference will take place at the Marriott St. Louis Airport from Friday the 14th, to Sunday the 16th. Local activists are encouraging people to call 314-423-9700 with any concerns.

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