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Feb 28, 17

Twin Cities IWOC Podcast: Stories from the Inside, “The Water Ain’t Right”

Stories from the inside is produced by the Twin Cities Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee or IWOC. It features stories from people inside Minnesota’s prisons about what it’s like to be there, how they’re working to build power, and how prisons keep our whole society chained up. Let us know what you think at

The first episode sheds light on the conditions inside the Stillwater Prison located in Bayport, Minnesota through testimonies shared by several folks incarcerated there.

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Members of the IWW have created the IWOC, the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, which functions as a liaison for prisoners to organize each other, unionize, and build solid bridges between prisoners on the inside and fellow workers on the outside. Prison is a setup, a big business, there to make money off the People. Neither the setup, nor the slavery inside of prisons can be combated without the conscious participation of prisoners and the working class on the outside through mutual aid, solidarity, and the building of working relationships that transcend prison walls and the politics of mass incarceration. The IWOC has been actively reaching out to prisoners while at the same time prisoners have been reaching out to the IWW for representation and assistance in building a prisoners union. The IWOC has taken up the cause and is helping prisoners in every facility organize and build a union branch for themselves, which will together form a powerful IWW Industrial Union.

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