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May 28, 17

Twin Cities, MN: Identity Evropa Neo-Nazi Organizer Outed as Pedophile

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Thomas Michael Marks is a known Pedophile and Nazi.

The 54 year old Roseville, Minnesota White Nationalist organizer has been arrested in an undercover Child-sex sting in August, 1997. Marks answered an internet ad for a company in Yuma, Arizona offering enticements of ”the young at heart.” This is a known code phrase for those interested in sex with children. The placed Ad was part of an undercover operation and Marks was arrested after flying into Yuma and meeting with his “sex-tour liaison” at a motel. According to court documents Marks was interested in overnight stays with pre-teen girls and booked a three day stay with several 8-year old girls. After raiding his residence federal agents discovered child pornography downloaded to his computer. Marks was a teacher before getting arrested in the Child-sex sting.

Thomas Marks has been going to meet ups of Identity Evropa and Alt Right MN in the Twin Cities. He is actively recruiting and organizing “healthy, strong, white boys” to be part of his ideal “White Ethno-Nationalist country” through The Daily Stormer and Alt Right MN/Identity Evropa’s chat rooms. For all of them, his username is “TheEnWhitenedOne.” Since Marks is unemployed he spends much of the day incessantly posting and lurking online. On February 25th, 2017, Marks and fellow Neo-Nazi Alexander Rowson (who was recently doxed) participated in an (attempted) “White Lives Matter” rally at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Both he and the rally got shut down by antifascist protesters. He lives with his retired mother Sandra Marks and his wife Mioko Kiyooka Marks, who ironically is not white.

Members of Identity Evropa have been responsible for putting up posters and stickers with racist and white supremacist content on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus and throughout Minneapolis. Marks has expressed support and encouragement to members who posted swastika filled flyers across the cities on The Daily Stormer forums.

Documents from Thomas Michael Marks’ Court Cases:

Federal Cases:

  • 2_97-mj-01592-BGS (Travel in Interstate Commerce, or Conspire to do so, for the Purpose of Engaging in any Sexual Act (as [Defined] in Section 2245) with a Person under 18 years of Age
  • 99-cr-00243-DSD (Travel With Intent To Engage In Sexual Act With a Juvenile)

Minnesota State Cases:

  • 62-K8-97-002518 [POSS COCAINE 5TH DGR (Not
    applicable – GOC)]


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Information about fascist activity in Twin Cities of Minnesota.

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