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Feb 2, 17

Meet the Two Alt-Righters Going After the Spencer Puncher

Richard Spencer getting punched is now old news and has gone viral over the internet, both making a mockery of Spencer, popularizing antifa, and also bringing more and more people onto the side of physical resistance to fascism and white supremacy. While all this is good, at the same time several within the Alt-Right have stood up to protect Spencer. This includes both people that run the crowdfunding site Wesearchr, which raises money for bounties on information, and is run by infamous, far-right internet troll Charles C. “Chuck” Johnson, with the help of other Alt-Right white supremacists like James Allsup from Seattle, as well as Al Stankard, the white supremacist that filmed the anti-fascist puncher and attempted capture their identity.

Charles Johnson has been involved in several journalism scandals involving paying people to make false claims in which he would then publish as fact. An example of his false reporting was in January 2014 when Johnson published an article reporting that New York Times reporter David D. Kirkpatrick was arrested for exhibitionism and posing for Playgirl. Johnson’s source for the Playgirl claim was a January 22, 1990, article in The Daily Princetonian, which was later revealed to be purely satire, which Johnson printed as fact. Johnson was also the one responsible for publishing the Instagram account of Michael Brown during the Ferguson uprising, claiming it showed Michael’s “violent streak.”

Charles Johnson.

Johnson also sued the State of Missouri to get Michael Brown’s juvenile record released in an attempt to detract from the fact that he was murdered in cold blood by Darren Wilson. In a related incident, he publicly doxxed two New York Times reporters who he claimed released Darren Wilson’s address at the time, a claim which was also inaccurate. On May 24, 2015 Chuck tweeted out that he would accept donations through his site “Got News” to help “take out” liberal activist DeRay McKesson. Twitter subsequently banned him from their platform. It’s also reported that Chuck Johnson helped the incoming Trump administration hand pick his cabinet, and we all know how well that went.

Currently owned by a corporate officer for Got News:
2770 Mesa Ave
Clovis, CA

As for the person that filmed the punch, Al Stankard, apparent Richard Spencer fanboy and confused rich kid, also known under his pseudonym, Haarlem Venison, decided to stick his nose where it didn’t belong during the #DisruptJ20 protests. In a heroic act, an anonymous comrade of ours adjusted well-known neo-fascist Richard “Dick” Spencer’s jaw a few inches over. Even Pepe couldn’t see it coming. He got off pretty easy, to be frank. At no point was Dick’s life in danger here, he got cut a massive break and took one on the jaw. Al Stankard the hack journalist/author and obvious crypto-fascist, believed he could be some kind of hero to Dick Spencer. He attempted to record our comrade as he left while also trying to snatch his mask off, berating him the entire time as a “criminal” and even admitting that “yea, hes a neo-nazi, but you don’t just hit people, you gotta talk to them.” HUH?? As a result of this video, online fascists were able to grab a still shot from Al’s video and offer bounties to anyone who could identify our courageous comrade.

Some of Harlem Venison’s ‘works’

Al Stankard: you put our comrade’s life in danger for your self-aggrandizing, typical reach of 15 seconds of fame.  You wanted a taste of the limelight from behind that cell phone, so here’s all the fame and attention you ever hoped for (and more). We see you. You believe your bullshit academic spin on racism (with intermittent acid induced gibberish) somehow separates you from the other white supremacists. You said in your interview with VICE that you saw “anti-racism as bad for everybody,” but you’re about to find out just how bad it is for fascists like yourself.

Vice thinks it’s very important to talk to this man.

Al has written two books under his pseudonym, Haarlem Venison, Death to the World: An Interracial Racist Love Story and LO! A Racist Exile. He is known to travel quite a bit. He is often on the road or rails, professing to be a train-hopper and backpacker. He links up with fellow travelers through blog sites. To the traveling community; keep an eye out for this person. He may even travel with other folks within our networks. It’s also reported that his phone can be unreliable, either changing often or disconnected.

Al did a short interview with VICE, (the picture on the right is taken from that article), about his participation in the National Policy Institute Conference organized by Richard Spencer, where people threw up Neo-Nazi salutes while Spencer screamed, “Hail Trump!” This is his YouTube channel. He is quite an active video blogger, uploading videos in which he recites poetry, documents his travels, and asserts his analysis of various subjects from race politics and the alt-right to philosophy and literature.

Here is Al following our comrade who punched Richard Spencer:

This is Al on twitter:

Here is Al’s horrendously bad website/blog:

IMDB page:

Honestly we have no idea what the fuck this is but Al drops the N-Bomb in some acid trip poetry:


Email from website: [email protected]


A couple excerpts from his Acid Right blog, addressing the “anti-racist establishment“:

Al has a profile on this travelers blog. Showing once again, that the Right is continually stuck in the past. Squat the Planet hasn’t been relevant for at least 7 years. C’mon Al!


In exposing both Al and Charles, both Alt-Right racist white supremacist trolls, we also expose Spencer, because we show what kind of shitty ass people are all around him. Not communities that offer bases of support, information, and membership, but broken, alienated, and fascist men who dream of authoritarian dictatorship.

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