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Aug 11, 17

‘Unite the Right’ Organizers Encourage Guns: “We Want a War”

In a recent podcast on The Right Stuff neo-Nazi podcast network, Mike Peinovich, a white supremacist organizer and also a featured speaker at the upcoming ‘Unite the Right’ rally, joined with another guest, encouraged his followers to bring firearms to the upcoming protest on Saturday, August 12th, in Charlottesville, VA.

The Right Stuff is infamous for using racial slurs and making fun of genocide and the holocaust. They have even popularized their website with photos of ovens and sold oven mitts and, in light of holocaust gas chamber victims having their bodies cremated in concentration camps.

The Right Stuff podcast encouraging neo-Nazis and Alt-Right trolls to bring guns, featuring an oven image, a dog whistle reference to the holocaust.

“Unite the Right has money and very wealthy people behind it, a team of lawyers fighting for it in the courts, and are openly working with law enforcement; the exact opposite can be said of the grassroots opposition that is confronting it.” 

In the podcast, Peinovich discusses that neo-Nazi organizers are anticipating working with the police. He states, “Regardless of the status of the permit, [the police have said] they would be following through on their end. We are also prepared for the alternative. Police are saying they are offering the same level of protection, as if we had the permit.”

But Peinovich went even further, claiming that members of neo-Nazi groups should bring firearms. Peinovich went on to say, “Bring whatever you need, that you feel you need for your self-defense. Do what you need to do for security of your own person, at this point… We don’t want [counter-protesters] to have the impression, that we are going to be showing up there, unarmed…that is not the case.”

Peinovich also issues a warning to AirBNB and any company that would drop them: “We’ve got a legal team. If you come at us, we’re going to make it cost you. We have lawyers, and we have money. Don’t get it fucked up. We’re going to come back at you, and you’re going to hurt, financially. All you have to do is just do nothing, just let it happen.” After gloating that the ACLU is on their side, his guest host commented, “If they can sue some Christians for not wanting to bake a fag cake…”

Charlottesville police seem to corroborate this information. In documents released today, police claim to have spoken to various Alt-Right, militia, and KKK groups. In the documents, police write that hundreds of KKK members are coming and many groups at Unite the Right plan on bringing firearms.

Peinovich encourages his neo-Nazi fans to pay attention to Hunter Wallace’s Twitter feed for dinner plans, where Alt-Right trolls have discussed invading the local downtown area and eating at a Charlottesville Mexican restaurant.

Campaign of Alt-Right Harassment Continues

In lead up to the protest on Friday, August 11th, Christ Cantwell showed up to a local WalMart carrying a gun and had police called on him quickly. He then moved an interview with every ready to give a platform to white supremacists, VICE, to a nearby park.

Local anti-racist organizers also report that churches in the area have been the subject of harassment from Alt-Right trolls and local businesses report that Alt-Right flyers have been left at their establishments.

These events fit into an ongoing pattern of death threats and harassment from the Alt-Right against anyone that publically stands up to denounce them. At the same time, local neo-Nazi organizers like Jason Kessler have stated that they are the real victims and that the city and local government are “working with antifa,” regardless of the fact that he has been working closely with law enforcement for weeks.

Daily Stormer Calls for Violence and War

Around the same time that The Right Stuff podcast was released, The Daily Stormer issued another call to arms for Unite the Right. The article was written by Andrew Anglin, currently on the run from a lawsuit by the SPLC. Anglin politically identifies as a neo-Nazi and in the article, includes photos of SS soldiers. In the leadup to Unite the Right, Anglin along with Richard Spencer, have worked hard to promote the event and get out as many people as possible.

Article from the neo-Nazi and Alt-Right website The Daily Stormer, which receives millions of hits per month. Openly calls for violence and says, “We want a war.”

From the article entitled, When the Alt-Right Hits the Street, You Wanna Be Ready:

Who are We?

Many of us have student loans on degrees that are worthless.

Many of us fought in wars for Jews.

Many of us have struggled with substance abuse.

Many of us are out of shape.

We feel emasculated.

Many of us feel we have never had power.

We crave power.

We lust after power. We want to be part of a group, which will give us power. A group that will confirm our worth as men.

We do not have identities.

We want identities.

We want to be productive. All men want to be productive. We want to build, we want to create, we want to be needed.

We have problems with women. All of us do. We lie to each other and claim that we do not. But we all do.

We are a generation of throwaways, which (((those who write history before it happens))) have slated to be the last generation of Heterosexual White Men.

We are angry.

There is a atavistic rage in us, deep in us, that is ready to boil over.

There is a craving to return to an age of violence.

We want a war.

Both The Right Stuff and The Daily Stormer aren’t pulling any punches, but they are using local organizers like Jason Kessler to obscure and hide their violent and genocidal intentions.

The Alt-Right Are Not Victims, They Are Openly Promoting and Planning Violence

In the lead up to Unite the Right, Jason Kessler and other neo-Nazi organizers have done all they can to portray themselves as victims; at the hands of the City Government, but also from the threat of violence from counter-demonstrators. This is a narrative that they want and this is a lie that they need in order to portray themselves as the underdogs.

In reality, Unite the Right has money and very wealthy people behind it, a team of lawyers fighting for it in the courts, and are openly working with law enforcement; the exact opposite can be said of the grassroots opposition that is confronting it.

The Alt-Right knows that it is because of Trump that they are growing and because police, FBI, and Homeland Security are laying off them that they have the space to grow and organize. Just today, the Governor of Virginia has issued a warning to counter-demonstrators, saying that community members should “stay away,” and that the National Guard is on stand by.

The question is, will we allow them this open space to grow, causing more and more violence as they become more powerful, or come together in our communities and drive them out?

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