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Jan 9, 19

Upcoming Benefit Show For Pueblo Sin Fronteras In Portland, OR

Free Lunch PDX, an autonomous food collective with a praxis rooted both in the Black Panther Survival Programs and the work of Food Not Bombs, has organized a benefit show in so-called Portland to raise funds for Pueblo Sin Fronteras’ work with Central American migrants. We ask you to come out to Cider Riot (807 NE Couch St.) on January 12th to show your support for the migrants and their ongoing struggle for asylum.

As the situation currently stands, tensions are high as Mexican police continue forced evictions and relocations and US military continue to deploy tear gas when too many people get near the “border.” Thousands of migrants are in Tijuana, and another caravan is already forming in Honduras. As climate change, lack of economic opportunities, and gang and government violence converge in Central American countries, the caravans are the safest way for families, women, LGBTQ+ folx to flee. This is a crisis directly caused by American policies, whether it’s our utter disregard for climate science as we “Drill, baby, drill!” or our failed wars on drugs, which are thinly veiled attacks on marginalized folx that do nothing to stop the rampant drug consumption in privileged white communities.

It’s far from hopeless, though. The majority of groups organizing in Tijuana right now are autonomous, volunteer-led efforts, testaments to the power of mutual aid. Individuals are organizing free meals, running schools for children, providing free medical care, coordinating supply runs and drops between camps and shelters, and offering free legal assistance. These groups need all the support they can get. If you are able, even if it’s only for a week or two, we encourage you to head to Tijuana to physically offer assistance. We especially implore individuals with Spanish-language skills or medical skills, but even those without any specialized skills can find work that needs to be done. For those you who are unable to head to TIjuana, show up this Saturday and show your support from a distance.

Funds raised Saturday will go to Pueblo Sin Fronteras, a volunteer-run collective of compassionate humans who’ve been with the migrants the whole way. PSF is made up of many former migrants themselves and activists who reject the idea that anyone is illegal and believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live a safe and happy life. They’re not some top-heavy NGO where only 40 cents of your dollar goes to programs, nor are they a bunch of ‘white saviors” attempting to get their merit badges and social capital gains. PSF is working directly with migrants, providing legal assistance and emergency medical assistance, as well as acting as observers for any police and government violence. All funds donated to them go directly to the migrants and PSF’s efforts to support them, not any administrative costs

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