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Feb 15, 19

Upcoming Portland Coffee Not Cops

Portland Police Bureau is holding three community discussions around their pilot body cam program. Liberals across Turtle Island have put their full faith behind these body cams as a way to keep the pigs “honest,” but we’ve seen the evidence. We know that pigs will just turn the camera off when they want to murder folx in our community. The cameras are a minor hiccup, not any meaningful deterrent.

More importantly, though, this is simply another reform for a broken system. We recognize that the police only work to protect the interests of the state. We know that the police, by design, exist to terrorize folx in marginalized communities. We know that the police in so-called Portland, specifically but not exclusively, would rather murder individuals having mental health crises than try to de-escalate the situation. Further, with this week’s latest revelations that PPB has been making friends with Patriot Prayer, we know our community will never be safe while the police exist, no matter how many cameras you put on them.

Free Lunch PDX will be setting up a Coffee Not Cops event at PPB’s first discussion this Saturday. Join us in front of the East Portland Community Center at 740 SE 106th Ave. (right behind Mall 205) from 9 AM – 11 AM. We’ll have coffee, snax, and lots of anti-cop zines. We’ll try to educate a couple bootlickers on the racist origins of so-called America’s police, we’re excited to make inroads with community members who are already suspicious of the pigs, and we hope our comrades are willing to wake up early to show the pigs what we think of them.

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