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May 6, 16

An Update from the Resistance on Lax U’u’la

From Stop Pacific Northwest LNG

The past few weeks on Lax U’u’la have been filled with activity. The tides have been especially low, leaving the Bank fully-exposed. We’ve been able to see these beds of beautiful, healthy eelgrass, which ensure the survival of all the salmon that run throughout the Skeena. Unfortunately, all that Stantec sees is money to be made and resources to be extracted from Gitwilgyoots territory. Warriors have been consistently defending the Island from Stantec surveyors who are using the Active Pass vessel, and have been trying to finish up studies to falsely justify the destruction of the Flora Bank before the Federal Government makes it’s final decision on the proposed plant.

Every day of the low tides, Stantec attempted to carelessly conduct environmental assessments, at times using physical force to try to get their false ‘data’ – and every day warriors escorted them off the Banks and Island. At one point, Stantec even tried to lie to these warriors, stating that they had permission from Gwis Hawaal to conduct their assessments. THIS IS A LIE. THERE NEVER WAS, AND NEVER WILL BE PERMISSION FROM GWIS HAWAAL TO PERFORM ANY ASSESSMENTS THAT WILL LEAD TO AN LNG PLANT BEING BUILT ON LAX U’U’LA.

While some warriors were out defending the Banks, others were hard at work building another cabin on the Island. In addition to our many walltents and campsites scattered throughout the island, we now have a second beautiful permanent structure to house friends and family, and to continue to monitor and defend against any unwelcome intrusions onto the Island. As a result, the Port Authority, with the help of one of their drones, attempted to deliver a ‘Cease and Desist’, pretending that they have any jurisdiction over unceded Gitwilgyoots Territory.
Only the hereditary people of this territory have authority to make decisions on behalf of their house and tribe. Their hereditary responsibilities include respecting traditional foods and fiercely defending their tribe’s territory. Needless to say, the Port’s absurd statement that Lelu is under their control is being met with plans to build a traditional longhouse on Lax U’u’la. We are currently planning a housewarming and welcoming event on the Island, so keep an eye out for more details about this!If you would like to come spend time on the Island, please private message the “Stop Pacific Northwest LNG” facebook page for screening and information. The salmonberry, huckleberry, and skunk cabbage flowers have all been opening, and we’ve been harvesting and processing cedar for weaving. Spring is a truly beautiful time on Lax U’u’la, and we’re working hard to ensure that it will remain this way for the years to come.
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