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Jan 22, 18

Neo-Nazi Virginia Tech Employee Mark Neuhoff Continues Online Rants Against African-Americans and Jews

This following report from New River Against Fascism, details the ongoing exploits of Graduate Assistant Mark Neuhoff, a current employee of Virginia Tech University. Despite ongoing outcry, the university refuses to remove or expel Neuhoff, who spoke to It’s Going Down in mid-November about his self-identified white supremacist ideas and the ironic fact that he is married to an Asian woman. Neuhoff became embroiled in controversy when posts from his Facebook account (he denies he was the one who posted them) encouraged Alt-Right trolls to harass a student (who in turn received rape and death threats) opposed to him on campus.

Another year, another semester, and if there is anything that Virginia Tech, its English Department, and Graduate Assistant Mark Neuhoff would want you to do, it is to forget the hard work of students and community antifascists that went into exposing the antisemitism, racism and violence hiding within the safety of their classrooms. Despite Mark’s blatant hatred for anything other than his delusional self, he is still employed by Virginia Tech; however, he has stepped out of the classroom and instead, is writing a class on (get a load of this shit) Free Speech. That’s right folks. Virginia Tech believes the best thing to do with a bigot is to let them design classes on inclusivity. Given Mark’s opinion  that the “Truth is Antisemitic” we have to wonder what truth, if any, is behind his final graduate project?

Luckily for the community, Mark, for some reason can’t understand that most good, decent, honest people are antifascist, antiracist, and do not want him or his wife at their university (she’s now banned) or in their community. So after having taken a short leave of absence for fear of the continued tracking of his Facebook posts, Mark’s friends have once again leaked to us FB posts that show he still harbors all the same hatred, conspiracy, and vitriol of past pseudo-intellectual ramblings, plus a much more outright propensity to violence towards progressives, women, and the people around him.

How Virginia Tech can continue to employ this anti-Semitic piece of shit, let alone allow him to work on creating classes around free speech, when clearly, he has no understanding of the difference between hate speech and free speech, is beyond us. Virginia Tech’s inaction towards Mark has only emboldened his violent rhetoric and seeking out a platform for his message. Mark has given interviews on so called revisionist podcasts and far-right print papers. As a so called leading Higher Education Institution, Virginia Tech appears to completely fail at protecting its students and whatever intellectual discourse that actually occurs there, instead choosing to sell its student body out while Mark openly discusses joining Right Wing Death Squads, lynching previous employers, and the same Jewish Conspiracies celebrated by the most violent individuals in history.

We are truly worried about the safety of those individuals in which Mark has to share a space. These threats are no joking matter given that last year White Supremacists and Far-Right identified individuals killed more Americans than any one single group [other than the State] in 2017. Mark shows all the signs of being among the worst the Far-Right is has to offer. It doesn’t matter if he calls himself a Paleoconservative, Monarchist, or Traditionalist, because when the ideology is stripped bare, it is all the same. Violent, evil, hate speech.

Given Virginia Tech’s infamous history with male violence, we cannot fathom that Free Speech is behind allowing Mark to continue to receive free tuition and a paycheck at the expense of donors, other students, and the State. How can anyone justify the murderous ramblings of butchering perceived enemies and reducing women’s “value” to nothing as Free Speech?  By allowing Mark to remain, Virginia Tech’s Administration has only emboldened him and demonstrated, once again, that we cannot and we should not depend on the State, bosses, presidents, police, or hierarchy to keep us safe. Not only does Mark need to be fired for this continued bullshit, he needs to GTFO of our community! We need to make sure that he knows that his ideology is not welcome here in the New River Valley.


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