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Mar 1, 18

Updates on the Mass Mobilization against Richard Spencer on March 5th

The following is an update on logistics and support for the upcoming mobilization to oppose Richard Spencer and his neo-Nazi followers who will be gathering in East Lansing on March 5th. For background info, go here.

We’re only four days away from Richard Spencer and his neo-Nazi supporters descent upon East Lansing, MI. We need your support!

We’re meeting at 12 at the Lot 89 Commuter Parking Lot on the north west corner of Mt.Hope and Farm Lane. We have a backup location we will communicate the day of if need be.

There’s safety in numbers! We highly encourage folks to come to the demo with a buddy. Some ideas of what to check-in about include: risk level, medical needs, and safety plans.

Food Update: Lansing Food Not Bombs will be providing snacks. We’ll be bringing some water, but please come prepared with some food for the day and water that you’ll need. There will be trash cans located near the food area.

Medic Update: Current weather for March 5th looks like Cloudy, 42 degrees and windy. We’ll be outside for many hours. Please dress warmly (gloves, hat, thick socks, layers, hand and feet warmers) and bring rain gear! Come hydrated, bring extra water and food. If you have specific medical conditions, please care for yourself and plan accordingly (inhalers, EpiPens, medication, etc.). There are limited bathrooms on site, so please plan for that. We will have a tent day of – look for us for first aid supplies, mental health support, physical health support etc. We will be marked with medic patches.

Legal Update: The NLG will be providing a team of legal support for demonstrators opposing Richard Spencer’s visit. This team will consist of Legal Observers on the ground to document civil rights violations as well as civil rights attorneys, jail support on and offsite, and an arrest hotline which will be staffed on the 5th. We’ll be posting the jail support number on Sunday night.

Upcoming Events: There are two Direct Action trainings, one in Lansing, one in Ann Arbor.

East Lansing

Facebook Link:

Saturday, March 3rd from 530-8:30pm. Wells Hall B122 MSU Campus. We’re covering what is direct action, security culture basics, know-your-rights 101 and safety. Food will be provided!

Ann Arbor

Facebook Link:

Registration Link:

Saturday, March 3rd from 1-4 PM. 721 E Huron St Ann Arbor, MI

Map Update: Here’s a more detailed view of the demo area.

Bus Routes: From the north – Route 24 Stop 5645, (on the West side of Farm ln just south of Shaw ln), 25 min walk to pavilion, stops: 11:32 AM, 12:02 PM, 12:32 PM, 1:01 PM, 1:01 PM, 2:01 PM, 2:31 PM, 3:01 PM, 3:31PM, 4:01 PM, , 4:30 PM, 5:05 PM, 5:36 PM, 6:06 PM, 7:06 PM, 8:05 PM, 9:05 PM, 10:05 PM, 11:05 PM.

From the west – Route 20 Stop 2859, (on the West side of Harrison about halfway between Hope and Forrest) 22 min walk to pavilion, stops: 11:20 AM,11:55 AM, 12:30 PM 1:05 PM, 1:40 PM, 2:15 PM, 2:50, PM, 3:25 PM, 4:00 PM, 4:35 PM, 5:10 PM, 5:55 PM, 6:34 PM, 7:34 PM, 8:34 PM, 9:34 PM

From the east – Route 22 Stop 5378 (on the East side of Hagadorn just north of Mt. Hope in front of Waterrbury place apartments) 25 min walk to pavilion, stops: 11:11 AM, 11:46 AM, 12:21PM, 12:56 PM, 1:31 PM, 2:06 PM, 2:41 PM, 3:16 PM, 3:51 PM, 4:26 PM, 5:01PM, 5:36 PM, 6:21 PM, 7:31 PM, 8:41 PM, 9:51 PM

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We are a coalition dedicated to resisting Richard Spencer's visit to MSU as well as confronting oppression in all of its forms.

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