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Jul 25, 18

Urgent Alert! Rashid Transferred to Sussex!

Rashid was moved on July 10th from Red Onion to Sussex I State Prison in Virginia. Here is how to support him.

It is feared that this is preparatory to another out-of-state-transfer, possibly into the federal system and into a site of extreme isolation.

Urgent demands:

1. No more interstate transfer for Kevin Johnson (#1007485)
2. Release Kevin Johnson from solitary confinement.

The punitive measures and threats have been imposed on Kevin Johnson not because of any violent conduct on his part but because of his relentless exposure of abuses by prison officials, his willingness to challenge those abuses through the legal system, and his efforts to educate fellow prisoners and encourage them to challenge by peaceful means the unhealthy and humiliating conditions to which they are subjected.

We would target the VADOC. One specific target would be the official in charge of interstate compact: Chief of Corrections Operations David Robinson. We can call the main office number at 804-674-3000 and ask to be transferred to his phone line. Robinson’s email address is: [email protected].

Also, write to Rashid at:

Sussex 1 State Prison
24414 Musselwhite Dr.
Waverly, VA 23891

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