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Jul 11, 19

URGENT: Tropical Storm Barry Phone Zap

As Tropical Storm Barry threatens Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas over 65,000 people behind prison bars and in detention centers lie directly in it’s path with no ability to evacuate. Please call in to make sure that people locked down are moved out of harms way!

We need your help applying pressure to ensure the horrors that happened at FCI Beaumont during Hurricane Harvey don’t happen again (Note- FCI Beaumont is in the projected path of Barry). This tactic proved effective last year when we forced North Carolina and Virginia to evacuate prisons ahead of Hurricane Florence!


  1. Immediate evacuation of all prisoners from every prison.
  2. Stockpiling of Water and Food at every facility.

When you get a response tweet @FightXPrisons!

Phone numbers aren’t working? Tweet us with number updates too! 

Keep them talking, ask questions, get details, email us. If you can, record the phone call and email it to us. If it turns out they’re lying, we’ll have voice-recorded evidence. (Email [email protected] and include “Barry” and the Department you called in the email title)!

ALSO- We don’t trust ANY Department of Corrections. Per Jailhouse Lawyers Speak’s advice, “If you know any prisoners in this storm path, it’s important to tell them to fill up any containers or bags with water NOW!! Prisons are notorious for not giving adequate drinking water to prisoners if any at all after the water is contaminated.”

Numbers to Call:

Louisiana Department of Corrections- Tweet at- @Louisiana_DOC

UPDATE [9:05am CST, July 11]: We have a voice recording of a Louisiana DOC employee claiming that Louisiana prisons are being evacuated. The truth of this remains to be seen, press them for details!

Demand Immediate Evacuation of All Louisiana Prisons

LDOC Headquarters- (225) 342-6740 

Mississippi Department of Corrections- Tweet at- @MS_MDOC

Demand Immediate Evacuation of All Western Mississippi Prisons

MDOC Central Office- (601) 359-5600

MDOC Office of Communications- 601-359-5608

Texas Department of Criminal Justice- Tweet at- @TDCJ

UPDATE [12:00PM CST, July 11]- We’ve gotten word that the TDCJ Office of Incident Management is deciding whether to evacuate/stockpile water and food at East Texas prisons. We have a voice recording of them claiming “Texas is not even in the cone any more.” The National Hurricane Center still shows East Texas within the outer edge of Barry’s wind and rain zones. This is still an extremely dangerous situation if the power and water goes out and they do not have water and food stockpiled.

Their number: 936-437-6038

Demand Immediate Evacuation of All Southeastern Texas Prisons

TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier- (512) 463-9988 and (936) 295-6371

TDCJ Deputy Executive Director Oscar Mendoza- (936) 437-6251

ICE Immigrant Detention Centers- Tweet at- @ICEgov

Demand Immediate Evacuation of All Immigrant Detainees

Louisiana and Mississippi

  • New Orleans Field Office- 504-599-7800
  • New Orleans – Community Relations Officer- 504-310-8822


  • Houston Field Office (Covers Southwest Texas)- 281-774-4816
  • Houston – Community Relations Officer- 281-985-0955

Federal Bureau of Prisons– Tweet at- @TheJusticeDept

South Central Regional Office Located in Grand Prairie, TX- 972-730-8600

Demand Evacuations at: 

  • Louisiana- FCI Pollock (318-765-4400), USP Pollock (318-561-5300), FCI Oakdale I (318-335-4070), FCI Oakdale II (318-335-4466)
  • Texas- FCI Beaumont Low (409-727-8172), FCI Beaumont Medium (409-727-0101), USP Beaumont (409-727-8188)

Southeastern Regional Office Located in Atlanta, GA- 678-686-1200

Demand Evacuations at: 

  • Mississippi- CI Adams County (601-304-2500), FCI Yazoo City Low (662-751-4800), FCI Yazoo City Medium (662-716-1020), USP Yazzo City (662-716-1241)
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