VANDALISMS: Our Work is Never Done


VANDALISMS, our ongoing graffiti and street art column, returns to tear up the streets with anarchist, radical, and anti-political graffiti from around the world.

Somewhat of a dilemma we confront each time we start putting together a new Vandalisms column, is that on the face of it we are taking on an impossible challenge. There is no way to compile all acts of graffiti in one column, not even all political, nor specifically anarchist graffiti. We see graffiti every day of our lives, going to work or to a friend’s house. Graffiti is being written constantly, from the smallest of towns to the biggest of cities. What makes the graffiti we’ve gathered here unique is only that someone took a photo of it, that they then uploaded publicly to the internet, we came across this photo on the internet, and we deemed the photo useful in conveying a practice of disorder. Yet sometimes we are struck by the urge to collect every photo of rebellious graffiti that exists and catalog it for the readers of this column. We must resist this urge for two reasons. The first is, as we said, this is an impossible task.

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The other reason is because we feel that the attempt to claim completeness disarms some of the latent potential in these acts. This would, inadvertently or not, draw a line between graffiti we’ve deemed “rebellious” and not. It would also emphasize a quantitative understanding of graffiti. It’s not about counting the two hundred and fifty three anti-fascist stickers you’ve put up in your town, (although, good for you!) but about the way that these little reminders of disorder interact with the world.

That is to say, a lot more dope vandalism has taken place besides what you see here. This is the microscopic tip of an immense, incomprehensible iceberg.

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With each column you might notice (if you read them, anyway) that we probably repeat ourselves a lot. Primarily because there are mostly a few basic points that we want to hit over and over without making you dig all the way back to when we first said something. But if we’re honest, it’s a little bit because we don’t often re-read the old columns either and forget what we said!

Anyway, we’re going to stick with alphabetical cities this time because why not?

Ann Arbor


People in Atlanta have begun a campaign against Amazon’s plans to build a second headquarters (Atlanta being one of several cities they are considering). Check out their website here.



Colorado Springs

East Lansing

We’d like to think that in that last photo our comrades came back and put up a poster, sticker, or tag of their own, but we couldn’t help but LOLing at the fact the master race can’t even get the date for their shitty event right.


Some folks in Maryland seem to have started an Instagram account for sharing photos of graffiti around their area—but it’s private! You can check them out here, if they want to let you follow them.


#MakeMinneapolisDirtyAgain New slaps hitting the streets

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Vandalism promoting vandalism. We love it!

Blue light special 🌀

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One Way: Revolution Fight Sexism & Homophobia

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As a comment above puts it: No place for street art in the streets.But maybe we can make an exception for anarchist street artist Zola:

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New Orleans

New York


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Rock Against Rape Culture x ROSI #omahagraffiti

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Philly Anti-Capitalist has once again published a collection of graffiti photos from around west Philly. The title of the collection refers to an article we cited in earlier columns called “Signals Of Disorder” that has to do with the insurrectionary horizon of graffiti:

“Because the goal of the State is total social control. Because the trajectory of capitalism is towards the total commercialization of public space. Every time we identify another invasion of State and capitalism into the minutiae of daily life, every time we confront that invasion, we are potentially fighting for revolution. As Authority increasingly manages us at the nano level, the can of spraypaint, the rock, the molotov, deserve the same significance as the AK-47.

Spreading signals of disorder accomplishes a number of things. It increases our tactical strength, as we hone a practice of vandalism, property destruction, public occupation, and rowdiness.

It interrupts the narrative of social peace, and creates the indisputable fact of people opposed to the present system and fighting against it.”


We want to date you too! <3



Don’t tell me what to do. #sacgraff #sacramentograffiti #anarchism

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Can’t argue with that!

Damn straight. No exceptions.

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San Francisco

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In case you need some context:

While many people welcome the GoBikes as an environmentally friendly alternative to driving a car or taking mass transit in the city, others see the Ford bikes as a service for wealthy newcomers who displace lower-income residents and strip their neighborhoods of their ethnic and cultural heritage.


In recent months, the bikes have been:

– Drowned — thrown into Oakland’s Lake Merritt

– Knifed — tires slashed at the dock at Telegraph Avenue and 58th Street in Oakland and at Dolores Park in San Francisco.

– Disfigured — slathered with paint in San Francisco’s Mission District.

– Lynched — a bike was hanged in a tree in the Mission.

And now one has been set on fire, according to a Instagram video posted by the San Francisco Examiner’s Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez on YouTube.

#kerbs #sanfrancisco

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St. Louis

Tampa Bay

We recently learned about a Tampa Bay graffiti page, too! Check it out:

Although we can think of a few better authors to suggest…

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